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  1. Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    Alright, already! Went to the Youtube as someone directed, and in the brief view of our area saw clearly how some guys were flying through waters where I tiptoe. I was sold. Just placed my order. Thanks!
  2. Transducer guard

    Only transducer guards I saw when googling were for trolling motors. Dunno a thing about them, but I'd be real suspicious of disrupting water flow over the transducer if you tried it for the hull mount. Interested in what you hear.
  3. Christmas Wrap

    Oh yeah, but experience too. I'm a has-been commercial fly tyer (long ago), but still have a few chops. Excluding time for epoxy to set, I tie Deceivers and Clausers at the average rate of a dozen and hour. Son-in-law spent two long days on some chores for us, so I figure he has another gross of flies coming before we're close to even with the board!
  4. Christmas Wrap

    My wife has dubbed the first photo Christmas Wrap. Come to think of it, I'd get my hopes up receiving a gift wrapped like that! Our son-in-law will be spending several months in Central and South America, and he really wants flies for the trip. Sooooo, with Christmas on the horizon it was time to sit down at the vise. I'd intended to tie a gross, but upon arranging the flies for the shot I discovered I shorted him by a few. Time for counting lessons, for sure! A brief trip back to the vise will fix that. The larger Deceivers are 3/0 and the smaller are 1/0, while the Clausers are all 1/0. The Deceivers are variations, including heavy heads for deep sinks. All are tied "bomb proof" style with epoxy in all the right places. The second shot is his new fly box with a few tools tossed in for scale.
  5. Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    My question too. When I was testing my 4-blade FMM recommended raising the jack plate about an inch. Made a big difference, and I haven't found a better setting.
  6. Charlotte Harbor

    More accidental than targeted for us. But I have to say we haven't caught a one this fall after the red tide. And looks like more red tide creeping around.
  7. Great name for a boat! Reminds me of my dad's boat. He was forever forgetting to raise the I/O unit before leaving home, and there was a gutter about 100 yards away he had to cross. Can't tell you how many lower units he replaced without getting close to the water. He remembered better when my brother and I put a name on the stern: HUNGTOOLOW Embarrassed him bad, but he quit replacing lower units. Then my sweet granddaughter got in the act on her dad. We picked up a new boat back home in AK, interesting enough a Hewescraft aluminum rather than a Hewes (no relation), and my wife really wanted yellow. Yes Dear!!!! Granddaughter came into the picture cuzz her dad uses our boats lots when he's home from his pro mariner job on the high seas. He's decidedly superstitious about bananas on boats, so a yellow boat was borderline for him. Granddaughter named it and spent a couple of hours getting the name on the stern: Miss Chiquita!!!!
  8. Great Morning!

    Oh yeah. When they get shoulders on them, they can really tug! Well done.
  9. New SHO motor height

    Hookay.... Hopefully in the following mix of #'s are those most useful too you. From the lip of the mounting ledge on the 115 SHO to the top of the cowling is roughly 27". At max just before full tilt it's approximately 35". Transom to the bottom of the platform in my 2017 RF18 is 41". But the more important measure for me, the jackplate at lowest setting puts the mounting ledge 3" above the transom. With the jackplate all the way down, I've got 3 3/8" clearance between the cowling and the bottom of the platform when tilted. If I tried it with the jackplate all the way up, I'd be buying a new cowling.
  10. New SHO motor height

    If you can wait til tomorrow, I plan to finally get around to reconnecting my batteries, (been a busy fall) and I can measure then. I'll also give you platform height. I do know this- With the jackplate all the way up, it's a no-go.
  11. Gas shock brackets

    If not stainless on even new boats, it sounds like a good mod sooner rather than later. Bookmarking this thread and the links. Thanks!
  12. 2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    Whole lot of useful talk about repowering a RF16 in this thread. No clue how either would compare to weight of your 2-banger, but several of my buds are running 4-banger 115's on boats heavier than yours and happy. That is, till they rode in our RF18 with the 115 Vmax SHO.
  13. Power Washing

    Careful around any stick-on lettering like your registration # or boat name. Power washers were made for knocking them off.
  14. Redfisher 16 - Garage Storage Length/Width/Height

    Ours is a RF18, but I got curious and measured. The #'s at each end will still be useful to you in spite of differences in boat length. Actual boat length of the RF18 is more like 18'10". Trailer in front of the bow on ours is 44" The Atlas jack plate sets the motor (Yami 115 VMax SHO) back 6", and the motor sits back from the jack plate around 26" for a total right at 32". Overall length of our RF18 on the trailer is 26'. Subtract a couple of feet for your RF16 and you're back to 24', maybe more like 23' if it's a true 16' long, and 22.5' without the jack plate.
  15. Another new pattern attempt

    Good. Along with the bit of buoyancy in the deer hair, it should stay oriented even when stripped. That's been the biggest test of my crab flies, cuzz the fish sure don't seem to like it when they flip.