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  1. BrownBear

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    Whole lot of Suzi's on boats back home in Alaska now- the full size range. Folks absolutely love them, but that's on the strength of them also being sold by the shop with the best maintenance in town. Yami's have fallen a little out of favor to the Suzi's, mostly because they lost their ace wrench twirler. To the Suzi shop. Honda's and Merc's are so scarce you feel like taking a picture when you see one. Because of rotten shops. See the common denominator?
  2. BrownBear

    New Weedless

    A little refinement will probably help my description: Throw right at those big boys cruising 5' out from the mangroves, and the refusal is the best you can hope for. More often they just do a high speed split. The "secret" was to cast into the mangroves 20'-30' in front of them and wait for them to get close. When they were 5'-6' from your line, start stripping fast so your fly zoomed out in front of them and across their path. BOOM!
  3. BrownBear

    New Weedless

    Coming through great, and wow, that fly will sure get the job done! Outstanding fly. The weedless ones we fished two days ago were all white, but really came through for us. Big snook were cruising about 5' off the mangroves, but wouldn't even turn to look at flies tossed right to them. But toss it past them way back under the mangroves, and they'd pounce the moment it came out into sight. Saved the day and saved a whole bunch of snags.
  4. BrownBear

    New Weedless

    Your link isn't coming through on my machine. Looking forward to seeing what you came up with!
  5. BrownBear

    tackle storage suggestions??

    Much the same here, but it's more for convenience. We bounce back and forth between our Redfisher and SOT kayaks and the gear follows us. Purty darned handy in both platforms.
  6. BrownBear

    Are Redfishers self-bailing???

    On our first (2018), but no issue. Get 2 guys aft on one side while at rest, and a little comes in. But right the load or get under way and it's dry.
  7. BrownBear

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    And in my experience, that's a royal PITA. Never "GO-ing" there again, no matter the screen size. Any little touch as I'm turning the wheel, any little bounce while I'm trying to touch the screen, and at the very least you enable the cursor, sometimes changing screens entirely. @#%^##%^ No more touch screen for this kid. Period.
  8. BrownBear

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Yeah. 7" cuzz that's all that will fit my console. Love to have bigger, but content to be doing my zooming. Hit another area today I'd never been in without a hitch. Same bud with me, and he said he'd never dared try it.
  9. BrownBear

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Once I put FMT onto our Simrad, buds got to watch it in use. So far 4 Garmins have been replaced, one of them less than a year old. Just yesterday the latest selling his Garmin watched me work my way into an area using the outstanding aerial photo background (no FMT tracks in there). We went in, worked all over the place without touching bottom, then came out clean. He said in 10 years of going there he was still hitting bottom on every trip. Garmin for sale.
  10. BrownBear

    Corroded head bolts

    Are you docking the boat rather than getting it out of the water? Stray electric currents in water, fresh or salt, can lead to electrolysis on or in engines. Dunno what to recommend for bolt replacement, but if you're keeping it at a dock I'd sure drop the probes of a multimeter into the water and check for the smallest currents. Lotta nastiness can develop inside an engine with electrolysis.
  11. BrownBear

    Forum doing strange stuff

    Testing. Testing. Testing. You got it! Thanks
  12. It's pretty close to a sure bet that we eat more fish than anyone you've heard of. Haven't had the pleasure of trying either, and probably never will. But that's cuzz we have so much else to choose from that we like. If a guy didn't like anything else or couldn't get near anything else, I'm not going to begrudge him a few meals. But if it's going into the dumpster after freezer-burning for a year in his freezer, I got a problem with him.
  13. BrownBear

    Severe cavitation

    That's with me (230#) and my wife (claims 150# and I ain't asking questions!), a full tank of gas, anchor, all standard safety gear and nothing close to 50# of tackle. The tech at FMM told me to set the jack plate 1" up, lift the trim tabs all the way up and start with the engine trimmed all the way down. Then take it up to full speed and start adding engine trim one little "knock" at a time on the trim button on the throttle. Kinda fun to watch as with about every other knock on the tilt/trim on the throttle the RPMs would go up a little and the speed with it. Started out with max RPM and engine all the way down at only about 5400 and speed not much over 40, but as the tilt increased and we started seeing a little rooster tail things really started to happen. Dunno enough about this kind of running to know how right that is, but if I feel like I need max speed (almost never) I'm reaching for that little tilt button. Most of the time we're only running at 30-35 and paying more attention to the water around us than trying to get anywhere faster or impress an audience with speed.
  14. BrownBear

    Severe cavitation

    Great news! Atsa way it oughta be all around, both on the boat and in the shop. Dunno if it means a whooping thing, but the great techs at Ft. Myers Marine said I'd get peak performance with the same jack plate up about an inch on my identical boat with a Yamie 115 VMAX SHO and a 4-blade. For frame of reference with yours and the 115F with a 3-blade, I'm not getting 47-48 mph until I hit 6k.
  15. BrownBear

    Severe cavitation

    That's totally outa whack. My transducer is mounted on the transom between the well and the tabs, right in line with that strake or rib running under the hull. No issues, even though it's a biggun. I have a 4-blade and I can make mine cavitate with the jackplate all the way up and the trim tabs down a lot. Kinda developed a "feel" for it on starts in real shallow water, stopping the throttle just short of cavitation and once on step, raising the tabs and maybe dropping the jackplate a little. But go to full throttle before raising the tabs and it's instant cavitation.