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  1. We put the 115 SHO on the new Redfisher 18 we bought back in December. The shop let us try it with a 3-blade (don't remember which) and a PowerTech PTR4 (PTR4R16YM90) 4-blade. The 3-blade topped us out at 53mph with everything set just right. The 4-blade dropped us to 48MPH, but with much better hole shots and planing at lots lower RPM. We do a whole lot of shallow fishing, so of course we went with the 4-blade at the cost of 5mph at the top end. Dunno how our 18 compares to your 16, but I'd sure give thought to a 4-blade if your top speed is a little negotiable.
  2. Info on repowering a 98 Hewes LT

    Dunno how that compares to our 2017 Redfisher 18, but we got ours with the 115 Vmax SHO and 4-blade SS prop. Rode in the same boat with a 150 VMax SHO, and didn't like it much. One ride with the 115 was enough for us to reach for our wallets. Great hole shots and acceleration with not much loss of top end. Got to try the 115 with both 3-blade and 4-blade, and it was an easy choice. The Redfisher stays on plane at lower RPMs with the 4 than the 3, too. If you gotta go new, don't write off the 115 SHO until you've had a chance to ride one in a comparable boat to yours.
  3. Trolling motor length

    I have a 54" shaft on our 18. Plenty long enough. In fact I've never had it extended full length, always about a foot short of that. Not operating in big chop probably helps that a lot, but I'm pretty confident it will be plenty in any kind of water I care to fish.
  4. Simrad vs all the rest

    Yup. Simply powering down the Simrad and restarting it won't do the job. Stop, shut the boat down, shut off the battery, repower it, and when you repower the Simrad it says it's detected the Navionics chip and asks if you want to use it. Weird, weird, weird..... Got the guys in the shop (long time Simrad shop) scratching their heads too. They've never even heard of anything like it, so likely a wonky unit. Testing to follow.
  5. Simrad vs all the rest

    Talking to the shop where I bought it right now. If they can't sort it I'll go right to Simrad. Pretty wonky. I've used Simrad on large offshore boats for the last 30 years with the kind of happiness that sent me to them for the little boat.
  6. Simrad vs all the rest

    Not a lot of options with the trim tabs right there. The bigger issue sending me to another brand is the Navionics rodeo.
  7. Simrad vs all the rest

    Long time lurker, finally moved to reply. We got the GO7 XSE with Total Scan and the Navionics chip on our new Refisher 18 back in November. Water temp on ours displays on the sounder screen, but not the chart screen. Frankly I HATE the touch screen. If you're under way with even a little bounce, you have to brace your hand before even touching the screen. All kinds of wonky things happen with a double tap, and heaven forbid you hit it in the wrong spot. You can figure out how to get back to where you want to be with a little bit of practice, but you have to learn how to recover from lots of unplanned screen changes. Other issues, the unit seems to lose faith in the Navionics chip if you tap the screen wrong, switching to some half-baked blocky intermediate screen with every island a square or triangle, no soundings, and darned little else on the nav screen. You have two options. Simply shutting down and restarting the GO7 won't reboot the Navionics chip. You literally have to shut down and depower the boat to get a startup screen that lets you go back to the full features of the Navionics chip. Other option is to simply go to the base charts installed on the GO7. Not a happy camper with that at all. Then there's the transducer. It's real cranky about any kind of interference around it. Drop the trim tab a little and you lose bottom. Scratch your nose wrong and you lose bottom. It eventually finds bottom again, but it's likely to spend some time telling you that you're in 220' of water before it gets back around to the true couple of feet you're really in. I'm about two shutdowns away from tossing it.