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  1. Black & Purple

    That's a great looking fly! Thanks.
  2. Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    It was like that all winter in the southern part of the Sound. Had to travel almost to Port Charlotte to get out of it, and even around Burnt Store some days you couldn't see bottom in 4'. Down south we've taken to calling it Sugar Water.
  3. Black & Purple

    That's a score! Last winter I got one on a black and purple toad while anchored for tarpon, so it makes sense your Zonker would score. Do you have a pic of the fly?
  4. Sheepshead

    Man, sheep are tough. Only time I've had any luck with them was using "clear" materials with tan pen stripes for clear water, tan much like your second one in the typical Pine Island Sound sugar water. Only back in the shadows of the mangroves have the darker versions worked for me, but dark brown rather than olive. Gotta try olive next, and thanks!
  5. Almost that time

    It was more than 10 years ago, but last time I fished Titusville the reds went pretty goofy for chartreuse bunny leeches much like djohnson's and chartreuse Zonkers. Can't say that's the hot ticket these days, but it would be the first color I tried.
  6. Almost that time

    Outstanding! Thanks.
  7. Almost that time

    Great looking pattern! Rabbit/actic fox/brown hackle?
  8. Repowering LT18?

    We carefully considered a 150 VMax SHO when we bought our RF18 last winter. The folks at FMM actually talked us out of it in favor of the 115 VMax SHO. They reported that trim tab adjustment was just too critical and had to be readjusted too often for their tastes as speed and sea state changed. I had money in hand to buy the 150 and they were cutting their own sale in telling us that, so I tend to believe them. Dunno what that has to do with your particular boat and motor choice, but it's something to think over. BTW- We have a 4-blade stainless on our 115, and hole shots are more than impressive. It's pretty easy to hit 48MPH when trimmed out with two people and a full load of fuel.
  9. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Some refinements: With loops on heavier leaders, I always draw them tight with pliers on the tag end. That helps a lot, but I've shed big fish now and then to failure of most loop knots. My insurance policy these days is a little dab of Loon UV Knot Sense on any loop knot. Zap. Done. No more worries. Easy and quick, and it really works.
  10. Trolling motor size

    That's what we put on our Redfisher 18. Works like a champ and never any sense that it wasn't enough for wind or currents.
  11. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    I'm using a Uni for general purposes, but always a loop knot for jigs and plastics. And wet the heck out of either one before you pull it tight!
  12. Fall is near

    I got my first at West Wall Outfitters in Punta Gorda. Here is the direct source of Congo Hair, but you can find it now in a few local shops. Click on the Synthetic Hair section. Go to the Fly Tying Gift Boxes at that site to buy selections for even greater savings. Their alternatives to Flashabou and Krystal Flash are way cheaper than the standards too, and in many cases better. If your local fly shop isn't stocking the stuff, twist their arms. FTD has a dealer program that's quite good.
  13. Fall is near

    Good thinking, I bet. It certainly helps the bars be more prominent. Hadn't looked at it that way, but I'll be sure to try it. Thanks.
  14. Fall is near

    Dandy! You can bet some of those will be coming off my vise. Have the fish given you any reason for using black thread rather than brown?
  15. Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    A month old now, but friends down that way got into some great fishing way up in Charlotte Harbor. Dunno the locations, but the fishing pics were eye openers. Other friends at the time were posting pics of nasty fish kill down toward Redfish, so I dunno what's left.