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  1. Found a 2000 1810V Pathfinder with a 2000 115 Yahama 2 Stroke for $10,000. Is this a good deal or bad deal?
  2. Jax2Fish

    Boat search

    Nice boat but I wasn’t planning on paying $40,000 on a boat.
  3. Jax2Fish

    Boat search

    Does anyone know if a 2005 Pathfinder has an aluminum or polyurethane tank?
  4. Jax2Fish

    Boat search

    2005 2200 with 2005 Yahama F150 (550 hours) - $24,000 vs 2001 2200 with 2006 Merc Opti Max (190 hours) - $19,000 With options similar what’s the better value?
  5. Jax2Fish

    Fair price for 1999 2200v

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Jax2Fish

    Fair price for 1999 2200v

    On a boat search. Found a 1999 Pathfinder 2200V with a 2012 Yahama F150 4 Stroke (230 hours). It has a Minn Kota ipilot and new $800 Garmin. Rig is in good shape. Alum Tandom trailer is in good shape. Firm on $21,000. Is that a fair price? NADA values the boat, motor, and trailer at $17,000.
  7. Jax2Fish

    1999 Pathfinder 2200v gas tank

    What about a 2007 2200v? Does it have a plastic tank?
  8. Jax2Fish

    1999 Pathfinder 2200v gas tank

    Thanks, but does anyone know if the 1999-2200 has a plastic or alum tank?
  9. Does a 1999 Pathfinder 2200V have an aluminum or polyurethane (plastic) gas tank? Are gas leaks common with this boat from the sending unit, filler hose, etc.?
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