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  1. 2002 Yamaha Oil question

    So far Penzoil is looking like it has a lead....out of curiousity, is the reason for not prefering Yamalube....the price?
  2. 2002 Yamaha Oil question

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a good week. I have a question regarding Oil for my 2002 Yamaha VMAX. Should I stick strictly with Yamalube or can you use something like Penzoil for 2 strokes?
  3. 2002 2200v ReWire

    Thanks justfish!
  4. 2002 2200v ReWire

    Fishmanjj, I was able to connect with JEM last week, but he had a lot more done to the boat so it would be hard to break down a price for it. I imagine a rewire should be a couple grand...just putting a feeler out. thanks, randy
  5. 2002 2200v ReWire

    Hope everyone had a safe memorial weekend. Looking to the next project on the boat and it will most definitely be wiring the boat. Curious to see what the bill would look like. I have read great things about Master Repair and if anyone could share those numbers that would be awesome. The boat is still operational, but I’m looking to give it another 20 years. thanks, randy
  6. VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    So here Is what my dad ended up designing and a few pics of it installed. All aluminum, with a coating of i need to find out. No more rust!
  7. Yamaha Round Gauges

    Hope everyone is having a good Friday. I picked up two new gauges to replace bad ones on the 2200V we picked up. I think I know the answer but figured I would ask anyway. Is there a way to program in hours in the new gauges? Previous owner has the hours from the original gauges and I would to add them all up and "plug" them into the new gauges. Thoughts? -Randy
  8. VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    So here is what we got to work with....I showed my dad the SS one....and he told me he can fabricate it (he’s a welder by trade). Once he builds it, i will post some pics up added a picture: 16 years of rust
  9. VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    Question for you guys. I have a lot these days picking up a “new” boat. The boat came with a 2002 VMAX 150. The oil tank in the Rigging compartment is sitting on a rusted out tray. Anyone know if there is a replacement for this, plastic maybe? Or what looking to see what you guys have done. thanks in advance, randy
  10. Gasoline Fumes

    Thank you everyone! Definitely better provides some peace of mind
  11. Gasoline Fumes

    First off love this forum and how everyone chimes in giving great feedback. Question about our boat 2002 2200V. I know from the previous owner he said that they gasoline tank is not aluminum. It was something else that was offered during that time period. We have checked for leaks but haven't seen anything. Im curious if these tanks "breathe" or something to that effect. As a precaution we open up the rigging compartment to air out the fumes. Thoughts? Thanks! Randy
  12. Compass

    Thanks guys!!!
  13. Compass

    Question for you guys. My old man wants to put a compass (he is old school) on our 2002 2200V. Any recommendations? Would love to see what you guys are running.
  14. 2200V with 150SHO

    Only issue with the Etec....its harder to sell a boat that has one on the back...
  15. Hatch cylinders

    That looks pretty bad ***. Definitely going to look into doing something like that.