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  1. JT Quinta

    Looking for a 21' Hewes???

    https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/boa/d/north-palm-beach-21-hewes-redfisher/6858725712.html Winner winner chicken dinner. Just thought I'd give anyone interested a heads up!
  2. JT Quinta

    Key Largo Mahi Mahi

    Nice to see the young ones getting hooked up in the sport.! No Dolphin but Kingfish was a good last week.
  3. JT Quinta

    18HPX Palm Bch boat show special

    2007 MA 21 boat, motor & trailer.
  4. JT Quinta

    21 MA battery addition

    Call him up..., really nice guy to talk to. I think they’re around $300/$400 depending on size.
  5. JT Quinta

    21 MA battery addition

    Also, Jack Wells has a nifty device that solves all of these problems. https://www.wellsmarinetech.com/bassmaxx1.html
  6. JT Quinta

    21 MA battery addition

    I have three batteries under the front seat for the 36V trolling motor. If you wire the 3rd trolling battery with a separate battery disconnect switch between the High 2 and the Low 3 battery and run that to the main battery switch 2 you now have the ability to run two batteries in parallel and or use the #3 as a backup starter battery. What you CANNOT do is run "battery 2" or "both" on the main motor switch while energizing the trolling circuit.
  7. Running and gunning past Carysfort in Key largo. Vertical jigging in166' on a beautiful day. Love these boats! 20190320_153906_64122889757877.mp4
  8. JT Quinta

    Poling Platform Install help

    IMO: The load is nearly vertical..., I just installed my poling platform and used SS screws throughout all of the mounting points with no backing plates. You just do not need them. Make sure to seal the pilot holes well and then the mounting screws as they go in. If you want to use bolts and washers on the lower mounts go ahead but 8 screws will suffice. Also, don't pull any water skiers or tubers using the platform as an attachment point. Things can change quickly then.
  9. JT Quinta

    Cool option for 2-stroke Merc Optimax owners

    Nice post ! Twin 225 Opti’s here
  10. JT Quinta

    Power Washing

    Reject is good stuff. No wax needed
  11. JT Quinta

    SeaDek install in the morning

    Very clean looking deck. I was considering..., but the boat is in the sun and I don’t need the hassel of a cover. The upkeep is problematic.
  12. JT Quinta

    Is one battery enough?

    Hey Guys...., this is where you need to go to solve the battery problem. I didn't buy his system because I had just added the extra (4th) battery before I found Mr. Wells..., what a nice guy too. http://www.wellsmarinetech.com/ His product actually switches the batteries from series connection to a parallel connection and back with the flip of a switch. You could actually get away with 3 batteries and operate the boat and the trolling motors on a 36V system. I would a add the 4th battery anyway and double the amp output on the boat starting battery. I have not seen anyone solve this issue in this way.
  13. JT Quinta

    Wanted: Hewes Redfisher 21 or Maverick 21

    Dobey1..., good point on the later year 21MA’s..., I have also read that the bay boat explosion started a new trend about that time too. I bought the blue 2007 with a 250 HPDI & about 500 hrs..., Going with a new 250 SHO is the ideal option but to spend that kind of $ is a little far fetched when I have a perfectly good running HPDI that only sees REC 90, old owner too ran that fuel also. Now, if I could get $9/$10k for it I would consider this 4 stroke option and be done with it but I’m old school. Let me say that I have run on alot of flats boats in biscayne bay and the keys over the years but this 21 MA hull is really smooth, dry, responsive and an aircraft carrier lid to fish on. I am really impressed. I also have a ‘04 Seavee 29’ with twin 225 Opti’s and would not trade that offshore (yet trailerable) boat for the world. It’s so true that no one boat can do it all which is why you should own at lease 2! You also don’t need to break the bank to do it..., just find the right project and jump on it fast! Also, helps to not be married & have the kids grown up. BTW how do you Ike the TRS in comparison?
  14. JT Quinta

    My 21 MA

    Old post revived. I have an ‘07 21 MA VZ250 vmax. The old prop was a Yamaha 3 blade SHO 23 pitch. The numbers were 63+ mph @5400 RPM with 4 batteries & 1/4 tank of fuel..., all bait wells empty, trim plate 2” up, 1 person in the boat, no windscreen and a poling platform. Same day changed out to a Solas 4 blade 14/21 pitch & the numbers surprisingly went higher to 64+ mph at 5600 RPM and noticably better pop to plane. Also, Cadillac solid ride (much more stable at higher speeds) at 40 mph and the boat handled much better with the Solex. I also noticed that the jack plate could run higher w/o losing water pressure to the engine. Only thing unusual about my 21 MA is that the previous owner replaced the 4”/6”jack plate with a 10” setback jack plate. Thx guys for prop discussion & advise given.
  15. JT Quinta

    Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    Love the idea of a Maverick bay boat. What are the odds that it will cost $54,940 like my MA 21 was in Jan of 2007
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