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  1. bcastleb

    Livewell work on a HPX-T

    Hey does anyone have any experience working on the livewell on a 17 HPX-T, mine isn't working and I'm hoping there is an easy way to access it rather than going in through the hatch on the other side. I can't imagine getting my self into that confined space. Thanks.
  2. bcastleb


    Yeah, I saw that thread. My console is smaller, I don't know if all HPX-T 17 are smaller but I've tried to figure every which way and there isn't but a couple of things that'll work. One being a lithium battery and I'm not ready to drop that much $$$. I looked at getting a smaller cranking battery but not sure if the amps would be enough, can't find one that measures up to what Yamaha suggests. I'm going with a 12v off of a transom mount, actually a deck mounted bracket, the plate was already there. Going to see how this works first.
  3. bcastleb


    Just spoke a guy from Maverick and he told me that it is factory, a layer of pvc and some other board. They put it in to be able to store things on top of the fuel tank.
  4. bcastleb

    Trolling motor question

    How long have you had your lithium battery? Have you had to replace it yet?
  5. bcastleb


    This is my front hatch, it looks like someone has mounted a cover of some sorts over the fuel tank. There's not but about 5-6 inches of clearance between the lid and the floor.
  6. bcastleb


    Hey guys I’ve got another question about trolling motor options. I’ve got a 2008 Maverick HPX-T 17ft and I can’t seem to find a good place for 3 batteries for a 24volt system, I can fit 2 under the console. I looked into smaller batteries but with that I won’t have as much power or won’t last as long. I’m definitely not ready to spend the big bucks for Lithium batteries yet either. So I’m hoping someone with the same setup or similar can tell me how well a 12volt system works. I fish the flats in the big bend area and creeks. Thanks for any help.
  7. bcastleb

    Trolling motor question

    Ouch! That's high, I think I'm going to try the Blue top Optimas. I'm going to try and mount my two trolling motor batteries under my console and move my cranking battery. The problem is where am I going to put it. I have a back compartment but I don't want to drill into the floor. There is a dry storage area under my seat but it doesn't feel sturdy enough to hold a battery good.
  8. bcastleb

    HPX-T ideal motor height

    Low water pickup, can be factory installed but you can also use different companies, I know Bob's Machine Shop does them. Basically it adds holes to the cone of your lower unit or a lower vent hole so that you can run with your motor higher and still get good water pressure.
  9. bcastleb

    HPX-T ideal motor height

    Do you low water pick up on your motor?
  10. bcastleb

    2007 Maverick Mirage HPX

    How well does the 55lb trolling motor push the boat?
  11. bcastleb

    Trolling motor question

    Thanks guys, I feel the same way about making sure I have enough. I've got to figure out battery placement, but I think the 24v will be worth it. I saw another post where someone put all 3 of their batteries under the console, but there's no way they'll fit under mine. I'm going to have to put them in another compartment. or put them under the console and move my cranking battery. Anyway thanks for the advice.
  12. bcastleb

    Trolling motor question

    Just purchased my new to me 2008 17 HPX-T, it doesn’t currently have a trolling motor. Trying to figure out how and where to mount batteries. I read a similar post on here about where to mount them, but anyway my question is if there is anyone with one, is it a 12 or 24 volt? Judging on how small the boat is I was curious if a 12v would be enough.