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  1. Thanks Gary . I definitely like the way the motors hanging on the bobs ultralight jackplate . Just got my prop in . Exited to finally see everything coming together .i mounted it all the way down to see how it reacts for the first test run .
  2. Hey guys sorry late to update . Joe took your advice and didn’t get the 4blade talon ss . Figure I’ll wait a little till I really get a feel for the boat and just bought a 3 blade talon ss 19p like Gary has and hoping it works out good for the first prop I buy . Prop comes in wensday. Finally got some progress done this weekend with my cousin , we through the motor on and ran some wires . Did a lot of mocking up see how everything’s gonna fit on the console . Boats getting there little by little . Still gotta finish rigging and install new Lenco trim tabs kit , new ipilot trolling motor and install my new simrad go7xsr gps Can’t wait to get on the water and catch some fish 🎣. Thanks for the words of advice ..
  3. I think it’s a long shot but I’m gonna give it a try if I can get my hands on one .Dale , I checked the link above but only saw the 3 blade talon ss not the ss4 blade . I figure if it dosent suit my needs I’ll be able to sell it fast being that I can’t find it anywhere online and there’s a lot of people who wanna give it a try . Thanks again everyone for your input . Gary (geeviam) , you’ve got me pretty convinced it’s a good candidate for our boat .
  4. RedfisherSHO

    2008 MCclain Aluminum Trailer

    Where you located ?
  5. So what’s your guys input on the new Yamaha talon ss4 . Any info ? I’m tempted to try it
  6. Thanks for your input bud . Defenitly gonna go with a 4 blade since I fish skinny a lot but think I’m gonna do same thing as geeviam( have two props for different occasions ) . When I wanna go out the port and run the coast It’s be nice to get a few extra mph. Plus Everyone likes 😎speed I know it’s not a speed boat but wanna see what kind of speed I can get out it .
  7. Thanks Gary Ive read some of your previous post on your prop setups and pretty much had my mind set on the 17p. Gotta say thanks for all the helpful info you have out here , by comparing our setups I think it would be my best bet . I really just wanna hit the 50 mph mark and still be able to get up on plane quick when I wanna get out of the flats or shallow channels . Super pumped to get it on the water already but I’m still a few weeks away from that . It’s a work in progress but definitely getting there . Do you know if there is any difference from my hull to yours ? I’ve heard rumors the first cad hulls made after the lappys were faster boats and had less purposing issues etc . ?? I’m not sure what to beleave cause can’t really find much difference between the two besides the bigger center console and bench seat setup . Is there any major weight difference? thanks for the knowledge.
  8. Doing a 2000 redfisher 16 repower with a Yamaha 115 sho vmax. Bobs 4”setback ultralight jack plate ,-5 ‘ transom wedges . Wanna run the new mercury spitfire x7 4 blade just looking for some feedback / help on pitch . ?? I did some research saw some info about someone on here that has the newer Hull and read some stuff about my hull being a little diff / faster than the newer ones .my boat is not a lappy I think it was one of the first cad hulls made . Any help would be nice . Boats a work in progress but all the parts are all finally in and it’s nice and clean ready for new everything. Really excited to get out . It’s my first hewes boat and I chose to build one from a older to do everything how I want it with new power .. Thanks Evan