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  1. PFD Re-arming cartridge

    I have a nice Type II model from Cabela's that cost $119.00.
  2. PFD Re-arming cartridge

    Just got a new PFD vest with the auto-inflate CO2 cartridge. Since I've never had or used one of these devices before...how many times will it inflate before I have to "re-arm?" I hope it's not "1 and done" like my bear spray! Thanks for any input
  3. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Where can you buy the Amsoil synthetic?
  4. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    BTW... 150hp
  5. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Hey a quick question, what do you think is the best oil to use with a 2008 Yamaha two-stroke Vmax? It would seem Yamalubewould be the best but some people swear by Mercury lubes. Thx
  6. Sell or trade 2008 150hp Yamaha Vmax?

    I have decided to keep the 150hp Yamaha. Thx for your interest.
  7. Best Wire Gauge Size

    Great, thanks.
  8. Best Wire Gauge Size

    What’s a good, all around wire gauge to use for trim tabs, bilge pumps, etc? I have lots of corrosion in my bilge wiring and need to slowly start replacing. Thx
  9. Porpoising Redfisher

    I guess since I’ve dialed the Solas in for now, I’ll keep it. I’ll go Powertech OFX when I have the need. Thx
  10. Porpoising Redfisher

    Thanks to Marcus and ALL those who chimed in. Feels like family!
  11. Porpoising Redfisher

    What would be a fair price for it? I might be interested...
  12. Porpoising Redfisher

    Spoke with Marcus at Powertech this week and he gave me an exercise: Do 4-5 trials with my boat w/o using any trim tabs at all. Start on Jack Plate setting "0" (all the way down) with trim tabs all the way up (don't use them AT ALL!) and put the throttle tilt/trim switch in the all the way down position. Do a hole shot and go all the way to wide open and chart top RPM and Speed results. Do the same thing at Jack Plate settings of 1-4 and chart the RPM's and Speeds for all trials. After doing the trials, go back and go wide open again but this time use the throttle trim/tilt switch to adjust the results. What a difference! I found my fastest speed with in the Jack Plate position 3 with the engine trimmed up just slightly. I wasn't even using the Jack Plate before because of the bouncing I encountered at even 3300 RPMS. I thought I was going to throw myself out of the boat! Turns out I have a very fast boat (56mph @ 5800RPM's) that likes to run. The porpoising at mid-speed (28-34mph) is just something I have to get through. And my ideal cruising set up is Jack Plate setting 1, 4000 RPM's and 38mph. Now, which new prop to buy to really seal this deal...need you one more time Funky Monkey! Thanks to Marcus at Powertech for helping me understand how all these components work with each other. I feel so much more confident now.
  13. Porpoising Redfisher

    Good advice, I am floored by all the knowledge and help on this site. Happy to be here and THX!!
  14. 18’ Redfisher Swim Platform

    I just got a quote for $650 up here in Jacksonville for an all-SS platform with a 3 step, telescoping ladder.
  15. Porpoising Redfisher

    I have a large blue main/starting battery in my starboard aft hatch that almost all peripherals are connected to. I have 2 full size batteries solely for my trolling motor under the console seat as far forward as space allowed. They are just forward of midship and if anything should’ve reduced overall stern weight but who knows. At present, I’m not storing much stuff in my large front hatch (2008 model RF) but I hate to give up space if I don’t have to as space is valuable in my year/model. Moving the TM batteries would require substantial wiring at $100/hr but if that is or is a part of my needed “fix,” I’ll do it. I’m heading out Friday AM to test and chart my RPM’s and speed using just my tilt/trim and jack plate per Marcus’s suggestions. His prop advice will be based on my findings. Wish me luck, hope I don’t porpoise/bounce out of my speeding Craft.