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  1. H2O Leaking In Hatch Hardware

    Excellent, my thanks.
  2. H2O Leaking In Hatch Hardware

    My new boat (to me) is 10 years old and leaky in multiple locations. One leak I didn’t expect is directly thru the hatch handles when it rains. The incoming water finds its way down into the bilge and necessitates dumping water to start the boating trip. FRUSTRATING! Is the solution just new 4200 in the mechanism? It looks like something similar was originally use there. Btw...I am so fortunate to have you all guiding me in my journey to get this flats boat right. I had a 21’ Mako CC for 25 years and didn’t have nearly this many little headaches to work thru. I guess the previous owner didn’t invest much time keeping up with all of this!
  3. Trim Tab Inline Fuse?

    Ah, both my trim tab switches are not working and both were before I started exploring. Note to self...STOP FIXING STUFF THAT AIN’T BROKE!!!
  4. Trim Tab Inline Fuse?

    I’ve been on the hunt for mysterious water coming into my Hewes RF 18’ bilge. I detached, inspected for leaks and reinstalled both trim tabs with lots of 5200. No major problems and went smoothly. BUT, I might have messed up one of my TT switches while inspecting it (can’t control my curious nature, previous owner had L-R switches backwards). While looking at it, a fuse blew and I replaced it but still won’t come on. Is there also an inline fuse somewhere that might also be blown? Thx for any thoughts.
  5. 2018 RF bait catcher

    Like the rubber seal around the well.
  6. Dri Dek in Cockpit?

    My 98lb black lab is my fishing buddy but she slips all over the cockpit whenever the boat moves. I have purchased 30 - gray 1' X 1' Dri Dek interlocking rubber panels and plan to cover the floor of the cockpit in my Hewes 18' Redfisher. The boat's hull is deep blue and white with a shiny white cap and the panels look great. Anyone tried this before? I can't swing the price of SeaDek right now. People at Dri Dek ($4.25/panel direct from them vs. $6.25/panel at West Marine!) were very helpful with quick 1 day delivery, price and installation advice. Thx in advance for any thoughts
  7. I had been experiencing some water leaking into the bilge (need to run bilge pump often!). During some dock time this week, I decided to pop open my rectangular rear bilge cover to see if any incoming water was noticeable. I was shocked to see a little current of water coming in from what appears to be the port side trim tab area. I mean, I could literally see the flowing in of the water at a rate that would sink a boat in maybe less than an hour? Scary! I haven't had time to open up the flush mounted trim tab cover to check yet but I wondered if anyone has been through this before. I was told by a MBG representative that leaks coming from trim tabs are not uncommon. I'm fairly handy and I'm hoping I can fix whatever I find by myself with either MarineTex or some other combo resin product. Maybe a good idea to renew any corroded or nearly so butt connections. Thanks for any advice!
  8. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    I too am getting lots of water below and decided to check it out while in the water. WOW... a steady stream of water is trickling in from what appears to be my port trim tab! I’m going to inspect the site as soon as this Florida rain backs off a bit. I also removed and reset my plug with fresh 4200 just to rule that out too.
  9. I have a brand new Westlake Trailer Tire for sale. It was only used once to get me 6 miles to the nearest Pep Boys for a replacement. It is perfect and is the size ST205/75R15. I'm in North Florida (Jacksonville) and my number is 904.910.7575. Grab it now for $45.00. Let me know if your interested.
  10. Stainless Steel Care (Dos and Don'ts) per Gemlux

    This post is old but I wonder how I can restore the look of my steering wheel. It has some rust stains and looks pretty worn. Any ideas?
  11. I removed the “cheese grater” cover from the sea chest on the bottom of my Redfisher 18 to inspect for leaks. *** if I can remember how it goes back on! If someone has a photo to reply to this issue I’d really appreciate it. I can’t remember if the little raised parts go up into the sea chest or if they stick out to scoop water and direct the water inward.
  12. Does Anyone Use A Float Switch?

    Thx, buying a FS tomorrow!