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  1. geeks2you

    2002 PF 2200 fuel filling issue

    I'm my 2002 2200v, I have a problem with the fuel overflowing and pouring out of the vent port on the side of the Hull. It sprays out of the vent port almost the entire time, no matter how fast the pump nozzle is pushing out the gas. Also, when I hrmear the fill tube filling up, it back flows about 1-2 cups of fuel out the fill hole. It sprays all over the deck and down the hull. I have filled the boat about 5 times since I bought it last year and I cannot figure out how to keep it from overflowing. Any suggestions or pointing to an issue would be helpful. Thx
  2. geeks2you

    Rabud Scuppers

    Still have these after Rocketman's IM?
  3. geeks2you

    2015 Real X 23X Trailer for Sale (Reduced)

    *** where were you 1 month ago! Spent $3000 instead on a Rolls Axle.
  4. geeks2you

    WTB - Aluminum Trailer

    Shameless plug: https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/tro/d/tampa-ezloader-trailer-18-22/6814449365.html Located in Tampa
  5. I had the same issue with the cavitation and total lack of steering control. I swapped to the PT OFX4 model recommended by PT engineering and it is a completely different boat. Jumps out of the water and can throw you back when you punch the throttle and corners perfectly. I had my prop ported as well for my yammy
  6. geeks2you

    Sell or trade 2008 150hp Yamaha Vmax?

    What are you looking to get for it? I am looking for a newer version of my same engine. Can you post the mode code? (vz150TLRA, etc.)
  7. Still working with my new to me PF 2200v... Where do you mount the transom transducers on the hull so they do not pick up the cavitation at speed and flip out? Have a Garmin 770 on my boat in a standard placement at the lower chine, but at any speed it loses signal from all the turbulence of the cutout at the stern. Wondering if I mount the transducer up closer to the trim tab mount location out of the turbulence of the hull cavity cutout if I can get a signal at speed. Have a 2nd Lowrance Hook2 that I want to hookup for side scanning, but want to be able to get a depth reading while at high speed. I will post pics of the current location tomorrow when I grab the boat out of the racks for Sunday fishing.
  8. geeks2you

    Lenco Actuator 15054-001

    There is a code stamped on the actuator barrel. If you call Lenco, they will tell you which you need. Just replaced an old one on my 2002 2200v 2 weeks ago
  9. Bought a "new to me" 2002 2200v. Have a problem with 1 of the cooler anchor points on the deck in front of the console. It has dropped loose from the deck surface and is sort of falling into the deck. The biggest worry is that there is a large gap the is open for water to leak into the fiberglass floor as well as into the bilge. I looked this weekend and the water was pooling on top of the fuel cell and it looks like it it has rusted the fuel gauge wires, which is not working currently. Can I just epoxy the anchor point back into place and then seal and small gaps around the hole perimeter? Anyone else had this issue?
  10. geeks2you

    2000 pathfinder 22

    Where is the boat located?
  11. geeks2you

    1993 Master Angler 18' $8500

    sure wish I had my bonus money now. this is the boat I am looking for right now to buy in the next month or so. I will be watching....
  12. geeks2you

    2006 Hewes RF 21

    I'm starting my research phase to buy a Mav or Hewes, so sorry if this seems basic. Why such concern for the repaint? Are there issues on these that you would need to hide, other than a possible damage repair?
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