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  1. Northfl

    Group 24 batteries

    I have a pair of them under my console. Havent used them all day as i generally dont fish all day long. So far i havent had any problems with them. Fished for most of the day and didnt plug them in that night, went the next day and the battery indicator still showed 3/4 charged. Maybe this helps
  2. Northfl

    sold- FOR SALE 2016 2400 TRS

    Ok just checkin
  3. Northfl

    sold- FOR SALE 2016 2400 TRS

    So is it 56k or 66k??
  4. Northfl

    An addition to your boat tools

    Fishing a bass tournament when i was younger, we were throwing rattle traps at schooling bass. Buddy hooks one and right at the boat it threw the trap. Both hooks hung in my buddies calf. He calmly clipped the line and tied on another. I said you gonna do something with that??? He replied. We are on the fish and they are biting, will get to it when they quit biting. Fortunately they werent in deep so it was pretty simple removal.
  5. Northfl

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    Mine did that the first time i powered it up on the top of the head there is a button that reads “pair”. Hit that and no problems since.
  6. Northfl

    Clogged drain holes under seat cushion

    Not sure of the drain configuration, maybe a call to maverick can get you some info on it.
  7. Northfl

    Clogged drain holes under seat cushion

    Question? Is this a new to you boat or have you owned it since new? If a pressure washer wont blow through and nothing else short of that has worked it makes me wonder it there isnt a kink or something in the hoses. Did this just happen?( the not draining)?
  8. Northfl

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Little slime action sunday morning. Nothing to speak of today for sure
  9. Northfl

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Man you gotta take care of the stuff better than than that. At least put it on the deck where it wont be as prone to falling off.
  10. Sent the post to a friend thats looking for a 21
  11. Northfl

    Insurance for new boat

    I have progressive also for the last 13 yrs. super easy to work with. Both on auto and boat. I have some jam up insurance on boat with towing and prop and propulsion coverage on the boat. Hopefully i never need any of that but good to have. Also have a coverage if the trailer goes kaput and i am more than 50 miles from home they pay 100.00 a night for hotel and 20.00 a night for food. Never used that yet hopefully never will
  12. Northfl

    RTIC Deals

    Yeah thanks. Just ordered a hard case, the lil side pack thingy , a couple of tumblers and a half gal jug
  13. Northfl

    Floating Grass Clogging Intake

    Same thing happened to me monday out of steinhatchee. Did it once last year also. Only once in two days each trip. We got our limit of 8 gallons Tuesday before the bad weather hit fortunately. Wife and i got almost our limit before heading in to meet our friends on Monday. I wish there was a way to deter the grass issue for sure.
  14. Northfl

    Clogged drain holes under seat cushion

    You tried a shop vac to *** them out? May work.
  15. Northfl

    Craigslist Ad // 1900v -$16k // Not Mine

    He has a few ads of the boat on there. Not sure whats up with mo answer. If someone gets ahold of him and needs me to swing over and look at it i am in the area and will be glad to
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