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  1. DavisIslander

    What can you keep nowadays?

    Davej you are entitled to your opinion of the Bay. In the 20+ years I've been fishing out of Davis Islands I've yet to see a diseased or deformed gamefish. I've eaten them with no issues whatsoever. They have been healthy and delicious. We agree to disagree and thank you for the tip!
  2. DavisIslander

    What can you keep nowadays?

    They are delicious!!
  3. DavisIslander

    What can you keep nowadays?

    I enjoy catching and making fresh fish and presently in our area, my three major species are off limits. Reds, Trout, and Snook. I didn't like to keep many Snook anyway, once in a while. I know we get tripletail, mangroves, the rare bluefish and Spanish, but my question is...on the "Best Coast, Tampa bay what else should I be targeting? It's too late for Cobia, not a big fan of shark, not a sailcat subscriber so? Any suggestions? Thanks, Been jumping the Tarpon nicely, but again - fun to play with, not to eat!
  4. DavisIslander


    Tight Lines and save a few fish for the rest of us working blokes! Congrats; well earned!!
  5. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    West Marine is having a sale on the Jumpstarter 700amp for $60 bucks. Couldn't say NO and it's charging right now in my office. Curious that they state in the directions to never clamp directly on the negative battery terminal. It's a fiberglass boat, where the &^&$ do I connect it then? I know the possible risks of spark but it's in a clean environment. Oh well...just glad I have one now.
  6. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    I can only WISH I was retired! I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1999! You think my ball-n-chain would let me fish everyday and drink beer??? Laughing...a few more years to go!
  7. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    Good one Spence! Being DRUNK all the time I sometimes forget these things!!!
  8. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    Exactly! Hmmm auto isolation is a good thing, I do not want to be in that situation ever again. click click
  9. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    It was set on BOTH so both my starting battery AND my trolling motor batteries were being used (drained) while gallivanting around the Spoil Islands, Beer Can island, etc. Not a good thing.
  10. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    When I said I killed them, charging them brought 'em back to life. I haven't replaced them yet (knock on wood)...just need to be aware of which ones being drained with the trolling motors. I'm glad you made it back safely - nothing worse than seeing your ramp five nautical miles away with a dying trolling motor and the current getting ready to switch!
  11. DavisIslander

    Yall be careful. . .

    That's terrible. My wife is always saying, we should move to the "Islands" and I keep reminding her of the crime rate.... Tragic, my condolences to you and everyone that knew these two fellow fishermen. Sad!
  12. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    Love my boat, been using it frequently but I've killed the batteries twice since I purchased over a year ago. Luckily got a jump the first time from a fellow fisherman. Never could figure out why, until I finally stopped and looked. So...took my RF18 out Monday and ran ran ran far from home here in Tampa Bay. Davis Islands ramp to way past Beer Can Island. Used the trolling motor all day and chased big brown cobias, lost a nice 40incher at the boat (***). Jumped a 5 foot blacktip on a big topwater plug (released at boat). When it came time to head back to the ramp, that painful sound no one wants to hear, "click click"! D E A D dead battery. I'm running a 24volt trolling motor system and a starting battery. I have a Guest switch with a Guest 10amp charger. See picture of the switch, anyone tell me what's wrong with it?? I know now, It's set to BOTH and what happens when you do that? You DRAIN BOTH. (1) is starting battery, (2) is 24 volt system. Even their manual states "both" position parallels batteries for emergency use. Don't be like Steve and not pay attention to your electrical system. Thankfully, SeaTow came out and we were able to jump it. Learned a very important lesson - KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT. Thanks
  13. DavisIslander

    Busy weekend

    Congrats, well done guys!
  14. DavisIslander


    What's a RED look like in the cooler? yeah
  15. DavisIslander

    Windy Sunday

    I was scheduled to go out but with the wind howling at 30kt from the south, I said no way.... 13 on a pontoon was a disaster waiting to happen; I wish these fools would learn before someone drowns (again).
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