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  1. DavisIslander

    Gasparilla Boat Invasion; ahhh NOPE!

    it's gotten very crazy over the last 20 years Capt Troy! Last year I saw a beautiful Dusky get whacked so hard the cowling broke in half. Bouncing boats off the rocks along Davis Islands, shudder. No thanks, I'll watch from the Jetties and drink (Heavily)!!
  2. DavisIslander

    Gasparilla Boat Invasion; ahhh NOPE!

    February 2nd will be the annual "Gasparilla Boat Invasion" and parade. I live on Davis Islands and we usually walk down to Seddon Channel and watch the boat invasion. It's painful to see boats "bumping and grinding" into each other. I like the wenches on the boats but would never consider being part of this water nightmare. Now that I'm a happy boat owner, my lovely bride asked if we could go out and participate. I could only smile at her and say NO! How many of you participate in this invasion and any horror stories of gelcoat damage?
  3. DavisIslander

    Redfisher 16: 90 vs. 115 HP

    Ditto on Family Boating Center. Great folks that know their stuff!
  4. And once again the Gasparilla Pirate invasion is upon Tampa. 2/2/2019. Every year we walk down to Seddon Channel and watch the boat invasion. Now that I have a boat (again) my lovely wife asks me why we don't take the boat out and I just smile at her. Not on your life. Do any of you folks participate in the boat invasion?
  5. DavisIslander

    Garmin screen HOT to touch

    Thanks Coto! Called them and they stated it's perfectly normal for the screen to get hot, especially down here in Tampa! Cool Beans!
  6. DavisIslander

    Garmin screen HOT to touch

    Recently installed my new garmin and I love it! Problem is the screen gets very hot, hot to the touch! Is this normal? Or should I turn down the intensity? Thanks, Been fishing a lot and happy!
  7. DavisIslander

    East Tampa Bay?

    Plenty of fish east by the spoil islands. Additionally tons of pompano and snapper around beer can island, etc. Forget it on the weekends, tons of "pleasure craft" and eye-ball liberty!
  8. DavisIslander

    Last nights dinner

    Fun afternoon on the water!
  9. DavisIslander

    Lost my pedestal screw top

    Thank you Tarpon1215! Very nice of you. Address sent - I appreciate it!
  10. DavisIslander

    Lost my pedestal screw top

    I'm loving my boat folks; absolutely loving it! Got it all nice and dirty the other day with fish guts and such. Great! I my haste to put my pedestal in, I kicked the cap over the side in 20+ feet of water. Dummy! Any suggestions on where to purchase a new one? Thanks
  11. DavisIslander

    Loving my RF18

    Been fishing and enjoying this beautiful boat! Thank you again everyone.
  12. DavisIslander

    Best Battery Charger?

    This past weekend! My son and a 38 inch Snook!
  13. DavisIslander

    Best Battery Charger?

    Any suggestions on what you have and what you like? Schumacher keeps coming up from conversations.... It's a fun boat and I love fishing on it! 12 volt starting battery, 24 volt trolling motor system.
  14. DavisIslander

    Strange noise at slow speed

    Thank you! Did today and it was AWESOME!
  15. DavisIslander

    Strange noise at slow speed

    Am I hearing things? Once I increase rpm’s it disappears. 12D2DED8-59CD-47E3-8281-63641EF2EFAA.MOV