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  1. DavisIslander

    WOT rpm's and Max Speed Question

    Thanks Guys! I plan on keeping this motor/boat for a long time - "until death do us part", so in 2020, I'll make the investment in a newer (More appropriate) prop. As it stands now, gas mileage is super and hole shot excellent, but with less than 400 hours on this 04, no need to add constant strain. I will definitely do that! Too much strain is NOT a good thing, especially with the frequency of me taking this baby out. Thanks all!
  2. DavisIslander

    WOT rpm's and Max Speed Question

    15 more mph? Wow! I'm not sure how to accomplish that - gonna take more than a new prop. *** - 45 is eye-watering speed.
  3. DavisIslander

    WOT rpm's and Max Speed Question

    Exactly! Nothing to worry about here, I love my boat and it's perfect for me!
  4. Having a great time with my 04 RF18 and my mis-firing went away (knock on wood)...hopefully. Hauling back to the ramp the other day I checked my rpm's and speed and I thought it was great. '04 115 4 stroke with a no-name 4 blade SS prop. WOT is 4600 with 33mph. However, reading over the WOT literature I'm seeing it should be 5000-6000 for my model year engine. Does it really matter? I always back off slightly and still cruise at a wonderful 30+. I'm not buying a new prop until I need one (knock on wood again) and everything else is ducky!http://mbgforum.com/forum/73-hewes-prop-discussion/?do=add# IMG_1042.MOV
  5. DavisIslander

    bilge hatch access

    Hey Bubble Head! Any updates you'd like to share? I like the Plexiglas idea.
  6. DavisIslander

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    Yeah, my 8wt is too big, definitely! I can just imagine a 5 or 6 wt with these choppers! Sounds like a blast!
  7. Hello all! Love my RF18 and F115, however... 2004 Redfisher 18 2004 Yamaha F115TLRC with 315 hours on it. Last 100 hr service was 240 hours just prior to purchase in Feb 2018. I have 315 hours on it! Back in Nov 2018, it started to sputter first at high speeds and then completely died and couldn't start. Had to shell out big bucks to have the tank drained/cleaned, VST screen/filter, etc. replaced. Been running great since then until last weekend. Cruising along at about 35mph it started misfiring, jerking, as if I wasn't getting a solid bang from all four cylinders. Felt like it may be a short, or perhaps the fuel issue (again). No issues starting the motor, fires right up! At idle it purrs, runs great at lower rmp/slow speeds. It's odd, but it's only happened immediately after filling up the tank in both cases. Only use non-ethanol and I add Ethanol Shield fuel stabilizer. Checked fuel/water separator and it was clean. I'm thinking maybe I should put in some quicksilver and run it in the yard, other fuel additives? Suggestions? Course of action? I'm stumped! Thanks all!
  8. DavisIslander

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    How many cutoffs? I'd imagine you have a heavier leader. I may just break out my 8-wt and give them a shot! Thanks for the info. Tight Lines!
  9. DavisIslander

    What can you keep nowadays?

    Davej you are entitled to your opinion of the Bay. In the 20+ years I've been fishing out of Davis Islands I've yet to see a diseased or deformed gamefish. I've eaten them with no issues whatsoever. They have been healthy and delicious. We agree to disagree and thank you for the tip!
  10. DavisIslander

    What can you keep nowadays?

    They are delicious!!
  11. DavisIslander

    What can you keep nowadays?

    I enjoy catching and making fresh fish and presently in our area, my three major species are off limits. Reds, Trout, and Snook. I didn't like to keep many Snook anyway, once in a while. I know we get tripletail, mangroves, the rare bluefish and Spanish, but my question is...on the "Best Coast, Tampa bay what else should I be targeting? It's too late for Cobia, not a big fan of shark, not a sailcat subscriber so? Any suggestions? Thanks, Been jumping the Tarpon nicely, but again - fun to play with, not to eat!
  12. DavisIslander


    Tight Lines and save a few fish for the rest of us working blokes! Congrats; well earned!!
  13. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    West Marine is having a sale on the Jumpstarter 700amp for $60 bucks. Couldn't say NO and it's charging right now in my office. Curious that they state in the directions to never clamp directly on the negative battery terminal. It's a fiberglass boat, where the &^&$ do I connect it then? I know the possible risks of spark but it's in a clean environment. Oh well...just glad I have one now.
  14. DavisIslander

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    I can only WISH I was retired! I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1999! You think my ball-n-chain would let me fish everyday and drink beer??? Laughing...a few more years to go!
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