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  1. Glenn

    New RF came home this week.
  2. Best trailer for 18’ Redfisher

    Those are great trailers!
  3. Best trailer for 18’ Redfisher

    Hello, as I’m sure you know there are so many boat trailers out there to choose from. I look for a sturdy trailer that allows the rig to fit in my garage (height & length). I just took delivery on my new RF18 and I ordered the same trailer I had under my 2013 RF. I use a Continental AS1830. When ordering it is critical that the dealer orders the “AS”. The “S” means “skiff”. With the skiff trailer the boat sits down low between the fenders. It is a wide trailer but by placing the boat low it fits in most standard side garages (height wise) and it also means it doesn’t require deep water to launch/retrieve the vessel. Lastly when I look in my rear view mirror I can see the skiff I’m not looking at the hull. Continentals are made in Clearwater and you can order it with a swing tongue, aluminum or galvanized rims and hull guides. I also like my skiff to sit on flat bunks. Not the most expensive, not the fanciest but sturdy and it tracks true running 70 down the highway. I’m sure the trailer the other gentleman recommended is a fine trailer. In looking at their website they look like a premier builder. Good luck in your search and good luck with the new skiff. Hope you love it.
  4. Is one battery enough?

    Thanks YankeeRedfisher, good to hear all 3 batteries fit in console, already looking at TMs. Might have to wait a bit though to get a gps minkota - kind of pricey
  5. Hi Guys, I have a 2018 Hewes RF on order. I want to add a couple rod holders to the polling platform supports. They are rather large support legs. Does anyone have a 2013 or newer RF and can tell me what size rod holders I will need. If you bought/installed a couple where did you get them? Thanks, Glenn
  6. Hewes Redfisher 18 2014

    Hello Mdemott, nice rig sorry to see you sell it. I had a 2013 RF 18 and also had a heath issue that took several months of PT so I sold mine too. Now 2 years later I have a new RF on order. In fact I went on the Maverick tour just yesterday to see my boat being bult. I can't wait to get bacck on the water. I hope you don't end up doing the same as me. Wish I had been more patient, it would have been much cheaper. Best of luck. I've had both shoulders done and it wasn't that bad.
  7. Is one battery enough?

    thanks Guys, I think the peace of mind is worth the added weight etc...
  8. Is one battery enough?

    Thanks mdemott, I think I'm going to go with just one battery for starters as I don't plan on a power pole or trolling motor for now. Like the idea of the portable charger though and in my area we use Seatow giving me etra insurance. Thanks for your input. Glenn
  9. Is one battery enough?

    I want to thank you Guys for your responses. I like the "portable jump starter" idea from Bernie and Wthree3 then I'm not carrying the added weight around. I do see value in a dual battery system if I was going into remote areas. Thanks again, great site, Glenn
  10. Is one battery enough?

    Thank you for your response. I do not plan to have a power pole and figured if I ever add a trolling motor then I'd have to add 2 batteries for that correct?
  11. Is one battery enough?

    Hi Guys, question for knowledgeable battery folks. Just ordered my new RF18 and it comes with 1 battery. I plan to run a GPS/FF combo and live well frequently. Do I need a 2nd battery or will 1 do? I usually keep my battery on a trickle charger as the boat sits in garage when not in use, is that enough? What would a battery charger do? Does a battery charger hold energy and charge the battery while it’s in use? (Boat is coming w/SHO115 if that makes any difference) Thank you for your input
  12. Tampa Tripletail

    Those are some slobs! Nice TTs
  13. 5989195b63ba9_ScreenShot2017-08-07at9_16_44PM.png

    You boat really looks sharp!