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  1. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Hi Tom, The 4 blade 18" pitch prop did the trick. Hole shot is much improved. I can get up on plane in a couple boat lengths. Top end dropped from 48 to 43 but that's ok. Boat handles like a dream, stays hooked up on sharp turns and on plane at lower speeds. Hope you're still having fun in NC Glenn
  2. Getting Deeper

    Funny you mention the Keys Troy. We will be in islamorada August and October. We usually spend about 40 days a year fishing in islamorada
  3. Deadrise on LT 18?

    deadrise is 13
  4. Glenn

    New RF came home this week.
  5. Getting Deeper

    Yikes Troy! I need to follow you out one day. Nice haul. I've noticed the Snook fishing has slowed considerably on the flats in recent weeks. It's been pretty flat, guess I need to venture out of the pass a little. Thanks for sharing the pics Glenn
  6. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Hi Tom, I'm so envious regarding the trolling motor. I go in for my 20 hour tomorrow and wish I was adding the TM. Is that the 24V w/gps? If you don’t mind, what prop are you running and are you happy with it? I’m currently using a 3 blade 13 1/8 X 19” pitch and while top end is excellent at 47 mph the hole shot is not good so we’re changing it out for a 4 blade 18” clever style. Nice chatting with you. Glenn
  7. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Hi Tom and welcome. Have you considered taking the factory tour? I was able to take the tour earlier this year and was actually there the day my hull & deck came together. Got to meet the Guys that were building my boat. Charlie Johnson at MBG does a great job not only with the tour but as a resource afterwards. He's a great ambassador for the brand This is our 2nd RF18, we had a 2013 and now the 2018 I can't believe the improvements 5 years made. We love our new RF and we loved our previous RF as well. Best of luck to you, Glenn 2013 2018
  8. Livewell Stand Pipe

    Hi Funflats, I received the strainer from Amazon (thank you for the Link) and I have a factory standpipe. Where did you get the adapter that attaches the strainer to the standpipe since they are a different size? Thanks agin for sharing your invention, can't wait to try it Thanks, Glenn
  9. Livewell Stand Pipe

    lol, It looks like kind of funny, but you're a good engineer
  10. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    When I first started reading this thread I was having trouble following the theme these since our MBG boats come with high performing Engel coolers but then I allowed myself to get sucked in. My wife and I have been long time NRA members and as such we’ve seen the NRA's propaganda machine do just about anything to stay in the news and stir up controversy. Many of those Yetis the NRA auctioned off were donated by the company or provided at a significant discount. We own several Yetis (though we personally prefer our Engels) and my company does a lot of business with Yeti and they have never been anything but professional to work with. I also can understand why it doesn’t serve Yeti any purpose to try to further clarify their policy to an emotional audience or publicly banter with the NRA who thrives on publicly airing their strong opinions rather than work to resolve issues professionally with long term vendors. (Hopefully Engel will stay away from the NRA). The NRA recently lost us as members as we have seen enough of their bad behavior in recent years. We cut up our NRA cards, wrote them a letter and will no longer renew our memberships. Thank you MBG for providing a forum for your members to express themselves, now back to boating and the MBG products we love so much.
  11. Livewell Stand Pipe

    That looks great, hope it works, then you can sell some of us one. Stock one clogs up with pilchards and shrimp all the time Thanks for sharing your invention
  12. Best trailer for 18’ Redfisher

    Those are great trailers!
  13. Best trailer for 18’ Redfisher

    Hello, as I’m sure you know there are so many boat trailers out there to choose from. I look for a sturdy trailer that allows the rig to fit in my garage (height & length). I just took delivery on my new RF18 and I ordered the same trailer I had under my 2013 RF. I use a Continental AS1830. When ordering it is critical that the dealer orders the “AS”. The “S” means “skiff”. With the skiff trailer the boat sits down low between the fenders. It is a wide trailer but by placing the boat low it fits in most standard side garages (height wise) and it also means it doesn’t require deep water to launch/retrieve the vessel. Lastly when I look in my rear view mirror I can see the skiff I’m not looking at the hull. Continentals are made in Clearwater and you can order it with a swing tongue, aluminum or galvanized rims and hull guides. I also like my skiff to sit on flat bunks. Not the most expensive, not the fanciest but sturdy and it tracks true running 70 down the highway. I’m sure the trailer the other gentleman recommended is a fine trailer. In looking at their website they look like a premier builder. Good luck in your search and good luck with the new skiff. Hope you love it.
  14. Is one battery enough?

    Thanks YankeeRedfisher, good to hear all 3 batteries fit in console, already looking at TMs. Might have to wait a bit though to get a gps minkota - kind of pricey
  15. Hewes Redfisher 18 2014

    Hello Mdemott, nice rig sorry to see you sell it. I had a 2013 RF 18 and also had a heath issue that took several months of PT so I sold mine too. Now 2 years later I have a new RF on order. In fact I went on the Maverick tour just yesterday to see my boat being bult. I can't wait to get bacck on the water. I hope you don't end up doing the same as me. Wish I had been more patient, it would have been much cheaper. Best of luck. I've had both shoulders done and it wasn't that bad.