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    sorry I'm responding so late. I have been busy and not on the site in a while. This past Saturday I caught several snook just off the flats. I like moving water adjacent to a flat. By now youve probably begun dialing in on them. I only use live pilchards as well. I dont use artificials but I know a lot of folks around Tampa Bay have success with them. Best of luck.
  2. GlennF


    New RF came home this week.
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  5. GlennF

    2017 Hewes 18' Redfisher w/ 150sho

    Mike, very nice rocketship. Sorry to see you are selling it. One of the nicest RFs I've seen. Makes me want to go into the garage and get to work on mine. I can't see why it's priced so low. I paid more than that for my 2018 w/115 SHO and less bells and whistles. Best of luck selling it.
  6. GlennF

    Is one battery enough?

    Hi Geeviam, Where's your poling platform? Looks cool without it. I am clearly not as technical as you, my dealer installed my Rhodan, batteries and charger. Thanks for sharing your setup. You have a nice looking boat, Glenn I have 2 batteries in the console plus charger 3rd battery (starter battery) is in bow hatch plug to charge batteries is in right side of console under rod holders I like the flush mount plug for TM in bow cause I'm known to be clumsy t
  7. GlennF

    Is one battery enough?

    I'm all set now. Ended up with 3 batteries, a charger and a 24V Rhodan trolling motor. My thanks to everyone that responded. Just returned from Islamorada. Ran the boat back to Flamingo, boat ran like a champ. Glenn
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  11. GlennF

    New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Hi Tom, Hope all is well with you and your rig. We ended up going with the Rhodan version of the ipilot trolling motor. Just returned home from Islamorada, while we were there we had a chance to run back to Flamingo. Boat made the long run like champ. It was a bit windy and crossing some of that open water makes me really apprechiate the larger heavier Hewes vs a Maverick. Yet it still carved through Tin Can Channel as nimble as a smaller boat. Hope you are gettng good use from yours. Glenn
  12. GlennF

    New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Hi Tom, The 4 blade 18" pitch prop did the trick. Hole shot is much improved. I can get up on plane in a couple boat lengths. Top end dropped from 48 to 43 but that's ok. Boat handles like a dream, stays hooked up on sharp turns and on plane at lower speeds. Hope you're still having fun in NC Glenn
  13. GlennF

    Getting Deeper

    Funny you mention the Keys Troy. We will be in islamorada August and October. We usually spend about 40 days a year fishing in islamorada
  14. GlennF

    Deadrise on LT 18?

    deadrise is 13
  15. GlennF

    Getting Deeper

    Yikes Troy! I need to follow you out one day. Nice haul. I've noticed the Snook fishing has slowed considerably on the flats in recent weeks. It's been pretty flat, guess I need to venture out of the pass a little. Thanks for sharing the pics Glenn
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