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  1. Vapor Trail

    2600 Through Hull Transducer

    I think it's all straightened out. Seems they sell a lot of high end boats and this is nothing new to them but I'm skeptical by nature, been burned too many times. They said it's done so we shall see Saturday!
  2. Vapor Trail

    ordered: Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    The fiberglass hardtop is designed for small radars like domes. There is a square mounting pad formed into the top. Many have radars but they are the dome style. I've never seen one with an open array. I don't know that it could handle that much weight or would look good , probably not. The domes aren't great for finding birds but sufficient for navigating at night and in fog.
  3. Vapor Trail

    2600 Through Hull Transducer

    There was a dealer problem with my new build and the Airmar transducer didn't get installed on my 2600 TRS. Is it possible to put one in now in front of the front step and does anyone have a picture or location of where that should be? I'm worried because when you open all the hatches you can't see any of the inner fiberglass.
  4. I don't have a problem with people who keep a few fish here and there for a meal for a family but some of the pictures I see are disgraceful. The offshore people never let anything go, stacks of wahoo and huge coolers of everything else. I've seen pictures of the inshore people in Louisiana filling the boat up the trout you cant even see the cockpit floor. It's disgraceful.
  5. Vapor Trail

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    People buy the Rhodan because it has an 84 inch shaft, 120 foot pounds, and linex'd at the bottom
  6. Vapor Trail

    2600 TRs question

    Bump for the same question. Anyone use two 12" screens?
  7. Vapor Trail

    2600 Trolling motor Shaft Length

    Thanks guys
  8. Vapor Trail

    2600 Trolling motor Shaft Length

  9. Vapor Trail

    2600 Trolling motor Shaft Length

    Has anyone got any advice about whether to get the 60" or the 72" length trolling motor for the 2600? We do general inshore and some offshore too.
  10. Vapor Trail

    Oyster Rash

    Dang what do you guys do (hit) to make it look like that. I’d be freaking out with one scratch
  11. Vapor Trail

    Battery and disconnect question

    That's good to know, I'll look into that. I've been doing some research and the live well pumps draw 5 amps each and the MFD draws 5 amps. I'm not sure about the stereo. I read the owners manual for the boat online and it looks like you can have the switch set to battery 1 or 2 or 1 & 2 so there are good options there. I think the thing to do is when you stop running switch from battery 1 to 2 and if it runs down you can switch back to get started. That's a lot of drain so I don't think a battery would last long like that. It seems like I read somewhere that the Boatronics guy in Jax had a system that would convert the three trolling motors over to 12 volt on a switch for radio, live wells, electronics etc. I'll check into that.
  12. Vapor Trail

    Battery and disconnect question

    I've never owned a boat with dual crank and house battery before and was wondering which batteries I should have. I know the cranking battery should be AGM starting battery and the trolling motor batteries will be AGM deep cycle. I'm not sure if the "house" battery should be starting/dual purpose/deep cycle because I don't know with the switch situation what draws off of that battery and if it is in use during cranking. I will be using the stereo, live wells, and 15 inch MFD with the motor off for hours at a time. Will the house battery be running those items? Will the house battery charge from the 4 bank charger or the motor? If it drops often because of this use it might need to be a deep cycle but I've heard deep cycles can damage engine charging systems? Help! 2019 2600 and Verado 350.
  13. Vapor Trail

    Ameritrail Trailer prices

    Sport Trail won’t talk price, you have to go through a dealer
  14. Vapor Trail

    New 2400 TRS Live well pump(s) failure

    Do you have 3 live well pumps for three live wells? I ordered a 2600 with two 36 gallon live wells and it looks like in the pictures it has one split between them. I use live bait a lot and I expect the system to be designed properly with as much as they tout their live well systems on YouTube.
  15. Vapor Trail

    Yep..it’s in full mode

    What area?