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  1. Vapor Trail

    Minn Kota Heading Sensor Puck

    Mine is mounted on top of my T top and I don't have that problem. It could be interference from some other metal item also.
  2. Vapor Trail

    Cracked T top

    It's probably cheaper to buy a new frame than strip the powder on that one, weld it up, and then re powder coat it. I recognize the danger and problem with powdered pipe work but to me it looks so much better so my boat has it too. I don't care how much trouble it becomes.
  3. Vapor Trail

    Cracked T top

    Its a tough call for them. Expensive fix to do it right and 381 hours is a quite a few hours
  4. Vapor Trail

    26 HPS Dash Dimensions

    The TRS has a larger dash but may also include some features you don't want
  5. Vapor Trail

    Amplifier Wiring

    My installer wired my amp directly to the head unit and it goes off and on with the head unit like someone stated above. Both ways will probably work but I'm not sure which is better. It seems if it is wired to the main power switch and the stereo is not on the amp will be on anyway?
  6. Vapor Trail

    Pathfinder offshore

    Scary. I don't even have a radio but never venture out of sight of land either.
  7. Vapor Trail

    Cracked T-top

    I have the same top and the first time out, especially with rods in the holders I couldn't believe how much it sways back and forth. I'm not sure how thick the tubing is but it is a larger OD than a lot of manufacturers use. The welds look good too. In my opinion (and I own a fab shop) a repair weld there will be a temporary fix. Please respond back when you get their response so we know what to expect when this happens to us.
  8. Vapor Trail

    Bass Seat Plate

    There's no reason to buy a seat from anyone but LLebroc because they already make Pathfinder seats so they have the matching materials. They are not expensive and there are a lot of styles to choose from. Springfield makes the stainless bases. The posts are 3/4" kingpin from SwivlEze or Springfield. They are aluminum and any will work that don't have the extra reinforcing ring around the bottom. I think they are 1.5" in diameter and they don't have to have threaded bases to use a threaded post. The seat and post will not come out of the hole. We were in some pretty heavy seas recently and those things do not come out. The height of the post is your preference but remember to measure the difference between the deck you stand on and the top of the seat base which is about 2 or 3 inches down in there and add that to the post because they don't fit flush on the walking surface like a bass boat.
  9. Vapor Trail

    2600 TRS help needed

    There is an innner liner inside the console and It’s hard to reach but if you remove the soft cover behind the electronics you can get your hand down to the back of the outer shell
  10. Vapor Trail

    Bass Seat Plate

    I have a thread on The Hull Truth to my boat showing part of what I did. The thread is titled "2019 Pathfinder 2600 TRS Arrives: Now the work begins". I found a company that makes stainless steel plates and ordered direct from them. For the post I sat on my dad's bass boat and checked how high I wanted it and then ordered one longer because the receiver is actually a few inches below the deck. For the seats I ordered custom from Llebroc that matches the material on the boat since they already make the helm chairs. There are not threads on the boats receiver but you can use threaded posts. I had one installed on the back deck during manufacture also.
  11. Vapor Trail

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    My 74 Gallons is plenty for me. Everything is a compromise. As soon as they put a 90 or 100 gallon tank in there people would start complaining about how the Pathfinders draft too much.
  12. Vapor Trail

    Reel Maintenance

    You need to use oil and grease. Oil is for bearings and grease is for gears and shafts. WD40 is useless for reel maintenance and so are maintenance ports. They need to be at least partially disassembled to do it right. I just did 15 Shimano spinning reels this winter and I could go through about two an hour completely taking them apart, replacing bad parts, cleaning, and doing the drag washers.
  13. Vapor Trail

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    I didn't see any at seven mile last week but plenty at long key. They only hit mullet there from my experience. There are plenty of people there in those tiny flats boats so I would think a Pathfinder would be comfortable compared to that. It's very difficult to keep mullet overnight so the best option is to get up at daybreak and throw a heavy cast net with a large opening so it sinks fast. I did ok in the canals but it's hard where the water is very deep. Caught two sharks in the net as well. I never saw any on the flats or looked there much.
  14. Vapor Trail

    Minn Kota Puck Placement

    You need to mount both parts of the plate on the trolling motor and then stand the shaft up. The manual says 1.5 inches of clearance between the shaft and the rub rail but I only used 5/8 and it works great. Also, this way you can make sure the head is inside the profile of the boat so when you are docked the trolling motor isn't hitting anything. The head of mine is about 3 or 4 inches inside the edge of the boat.
  15. Vapor Trail

    2500 PF Hybrid Speaker Location Between Feet Rest

    I thought about it but I didn't want people kicking them all the time and if you have the tackle station it's hard to get inside so I put mine on the side of the console behind the rod rack
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