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  1. After discussions on the spitfire, I purchased an Evinrude Rogue 4 blade prop used prop from another forum group member. This is a 13" diameter, 19pitch prop very similar to the spitfire. Tested this morning on freshwater lake and it ran overall much better than the 3 blade 21Pitch pro series yamaha prop. It ran top speed of 48mph at 6000rpm. The boat planed flatter and overall the boat seemed to handle much better in turns and didn't lose grip even with motor trimmed to max rpm. Could stay on plane with trim tabs all the way down at 12mph as well. Much better midrange acceleration. Did not jack rabbit start due to hub needing breaking-in but I am assuming it will have much better holeshot as well.
  2. I would suspect you have a 21 pitch Yamaha pro series prop. You should try trimming up more to get to 6000rpm and closer to 50mph. That boat likes to be trimmed high to where you are throwing rooster tail and riding on the pad. Tabs must be all way up.
  3. Bear - Thanks for the additional input. Will be sure to have the conversation you mentioned with the prop shop before committing.
  4. Duracell AGMs??

    I have had good luck with the Sam's Duracells. Just make sure you check the date stamp and pick the newest ones. Most of them are current date due to volume they sale though. Had one go bad and I think it had an 18month warranty; they gave me a new one with no hassle. Bring them an old battery for the core or pay $15 extra.
  5. Many Thanks. It is too bad Merc doesn't offer exchanges similar to Powertech. Do you think a prop guy could adjust the pitch on an X7 just like any other prop or not? Can you recommend a good prop guy - maybe the guy you mentioned that labbed your prop?
  6. I think you are correct GEEVIAM with the RPM gap. I had a smaller flats skiff that I ran an X7 spitfire on and went from a 15pitch to a 13pitch and the diameter of the 13pitch was larger than the 15pitch so I think the Merc props change a lot among the various pitches. That spitfire I ran on the smaller skiff was the best prop ever(and I tried a bunch) so I agree that these props are the end all be all.
  7. Happy new year guys! New member here and have learned a lot from you reading the forum here. Just purchased a 2013 HPX-18 with standard F115 and it is an awesome performing boat. Currently running the stock yamaha K-21 prop and getting speeds of 46-48mph with motor mounted in lowest position. I am looking for a prop with better holeshot as the K-21 has alot of bow rise trying to plane and slow planing characteristics. I have seen very good feedback in the past on this forum regarding performance of the Merc Spitfire X7 prop on this HPX18 but it appears there are some that got the 21 pitch spitfire and needed to go back to the 19 pitch due to RPMs not maxing out. I am loaded usually with two average size peeps, trolling motor and 3 batteries. It feels like the 19pitch X7 may be the best choice but wanted your feedback before pulling the trigger. Also, if I go with the spitfire, do you recommend I raise the motor a hole or two? I am not running a jackplate. Many Thanks