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  1. 2002 2200 v Shaft Length ?

    Thank you.
  2. Quick question for you guys. Picked up a 2002 2200 v that needs a repower. Does anyone know the correct shaft length for this boat ? Thanks Jamie
  3. Cushions - Hewes 97 20 LT

    Jem, Thanks for the kind words . I agree with you I absolutely hate red. I was thinking to spray it light grey or white this off season but the gel coat is in pretty good shape still. I've decided to put the effort into the wiring and systems on the boat first. For the deal I got this thing for I think ill end up spraying it next season. Jamie
  4. Cushions - Hewes 97 20 LT

    Good Morning, Picked up this 97 Hewes 20 LT last season up on Cape Cod from the original owner that fished the Brewster flats. I'm a guide in Buzzards Bay which is just south of the cape in the Northeast. I have had my eyes on these for a while as I do a lot of backwater and flats fly fishing / light tackle trips In the spring time. The boat has been nothing but a joy so far. Going through her this offseason with the addition of a power pole, new electronics and going through all the electrical on the boat. I'm looking to purchase some new cushions as well. Maverick mentioned Sorite Cushions down In Florida who would be the best for the old style cushions. This boat has the old style flip up back rest which I do not really care for so I would like to go with the new style cushions they are using on the 18 currently. The mentioned the best bet would be contacting a dealer to get pricing and purchase this. Living up in the Northeast its pretty thin with dealers. Does anyone have a good dealer that they have used for sourcing parts like this down south ? Appreciate any help. Tight Lines, Jamie