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  1. 2013 hrf18 seats

    Thx u
  2. 2013 hrf18 seats

    Hey guys and gals any idea if I can order original seats directly from the factory ? Mine are worn out .
  3. Jackplate advice

    Thank you much . Happy New year !
  4. Jackplate advice

    Thanks that's a good amount of info. I do have a 4 blade prop . Why would u go with the action Jack vx what you have now . Just curious
  5. Jackplate advice

    Thanks any idea on the setback and average install price ?
  6. Jackplate advice

    Hello guys and gals . I have a 2013 rf18 with 115 Yamaha . For the past few months I've been using the trolling motor through the really shallow waters and was looking on some advice for Jack plates , buddy of mine adviced Bob's Jack plate . What do you guys recommend , what offset , and what is average install price ? Thanks ahead of time