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  1. Opinions on Hewes Tunnel

    Curious if you are talking about the blue MA in Jax? I looked at that boat when I was searching. The pics he sent me of the inside looked like it has been trashed and not well taken care of. I backed out quick
  2. Trim Motor Electrical Help

    Clicking usually means bad relay in my experience. That’s with any kind of electrical switch, not just trim/tilt
  3. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Pics don’t do this boat justice. I am very pleased. Can’t wait to fish her
  4. My New (to me) Hewes ‘93 Bonefisher

    Well I just got an incredible deal and could not be more thankful or excited about what just happened today. Just got her tucked into the garage and boy I am praying for some warmer weather here in the panhandle. 1993 Hewes Bonefisher 16 w/ 2013 Etec 90
  5. WTB Skiff under $10k

    I am happy to say that I just parked a PRISTINE 1993 Hewes Bonefisher w/ a 2013 Etec 90 in my garage tonight. Thanks everyone for the advice and tips. Even stayed under budget:-) to everyone looking out there, be patient and don’t be afraid to make offers. You never know what might happen.
  6. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Well I am supposed to be picking up a skiff tomorrow. Not in my garage yet, so anything could happen. I will post pics when/if I get her
  7. 1993 Bonefisher

    I have a lead on a 1993 Bonefisher with a 2013 Evinrude ETEC 90 w/ 200 hours. The price is right, the boat has had a new rewire as well as new switch panel and switches for all electronics, new live well and bilge pumps. Can anyone give me any reason i should not buy? I am going to be fishing in the panhandle of FL, mostly poling for reds on fly, but also fish live bait when pilchards are in. I do cross some open water in Apalachicola/St George area so something that could take chop decent would be nice. What should I expect to draft on this boat with 2 anglers? Everything on this boat and deal seems right, Im just trying to be thorough, as I have jumped into boats before and not been happy with the results. Thanks for any info you can provide!
  8. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Thanks for the helpful (and not so helpful) replies everyone. The shadowcast is definitely on my radar. I have seen plenty of Bonefishers and old MA’s sell in this price range. Just looking for the right one. Thanks again everyone and please shoot anything of interest my way! josh
  9. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Wow! Why haven’t I thought of that! Thank you for the amazing information!
  10. WTB Skiff under $10k

    I have, it’s going to draft a little much for where/how I fish. Looks like a hell of a deal though
  11. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Any idea on the draft/pole ability of the bay fisher?
  12. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Thanks for the info- that 18’ MA is gunna draft a little more than I’d like. I will check out Florida sportsman forum. Keep em coming guys!
  13. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Thanks for the info on the wood in the older hewes. I will keep that in mind for sure!
  14. WTB Skiff under $10k

    thanks for the reply, Hewesfan. If you see anything interesting, please shoot it my way. thanks!
  15. WTB Skiff under $10k

    I don’t think I’m out of line...? I’ve seen many boats here in this price range. Everyone who is posting their older Mavericks and hewes’ for $13k has to know they are going to settle for less than that. Not trying to offend anyone or turn anyone off, I’m just being realistic. I’m obviously not made of money, and if I can’t find a skiff for this, than I just won’t buy one right now. Just letting sellers know I have this cash in hand and am ready to buy. Thanks for the reply