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  1. SkinnyWater79

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    This is exact setup as my boat or it’s that guys old boat . 98ma with 09 115 nonsho jack plate negative wedge . 19p trophy 4 blade ported pvs . My cruise and top end are great . Hole shot could be better. My friends action craft with a 115 opti had same prop as I have now and had same hole shot drag. He ended up switching to a power tech 17 4 blade and hole shot was a lot better but looses top end . Going to try his prop on my boat soon see how she does .
  2. SkinnyWater79


    What decent umbrella are u guys using for flats boats in rod holder? . Tired of buying crappy one seems like every year .
  3. SkinnyWater79

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    Look at 115 merc proxs with command thrust lower end. Awesome hole shot and performance . We just took a 135 merc off step dads 19 seapro . Went from top end 43 to 51 mph and the hole shot is awesome. Looking to may swing one on my 17ma
  4. SkinnyWater79

    Remove steering wheel 2001 pathfinder

    Wd40 nut overnight . Rent or borrow jaw puller I rented from Napa and will pop right off . I just did my master angler wheel
  5. SkinnyWater79

    2003 17 HPX-V For Sale

    I may have to trade my 98 17 ma with 09 115 yam 4 strk . We r looking to move into gated community so boat has to fit into standard garage . My ma is so wide and my trailer is sitting at 22 ft . So new trailer or diff boat .
  6. SkinnyWater79

    2003 17 HPX-V For Sale

    What type of boat are your looking to trade up into ?
  7. SkinnyWater79

    1990 Hewes Bonfisher (Whisper Grey)

    Where did u get that black gloss piece over the top of console . ? Starting to work on my console . Thanks good luck should sell quick looks super clean
  8. SkinnyWater79

    2016 Power Tech SCD4R 17” ported 5/16”

    Where r u located at this will work for my ma
  9. SkinnyWater79

    Transducer guard

    Has anyone used the transducer guards they sell to save from breaking off? Just got new 94sv garmin and trying to be pro active about mounting the transducer
  10. SkinnyWater79

    Is MHP having a Black Friday Sale???

    Black Friday gear would be awesome 👍
  11. Off my old boat 2004 21 redfisher console cushions white with dark blue piping probably would replace inner foaming but still good center console windshield. No cracks normal sun wear needs probably buffed 13 inch destroyer type wheel rubber coming off 2 spots if anyone interested let me know and what u think it’s worth located in Tampa Bay Area Cell 727-243-7310 Mike
  12. SkinnyWater79

    WTB Maverick Bench Seat

    I sent u a pm nag not sure if it went through . Definitely interested
  13. SkinnyWater79

    WTB Maverick Bench Seat

    Nag will they fit a 17ma ? I posted months ago about cushions but no one responded . I’ve been contemplating 3 temptress seats or cushions . I’m definitely looking for console cushions and would love the rear deck ones but I’ll take what I can get . Thanks in advance
  14. SkinnyWater79

    17ma rear deck cushions

    Looking for rear deck cushions for my new to me 17ma 1998 . Don't have to be in mint condition ,I will have refoamed if needed thanks
  15. SkinnyWater79

    2300 HPS / F300

    There's a guy out of tarpon springs has a 300 on a 23 and I heard boat runs close to 70. He as far as I heard changed lower unit . Maybe a guy named grant at quality t tops can help u there friends .
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