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  1. I am looking to put a Bobs 4" set back hydraulic jack plate on the back of my 2008 Hewes RF 16. I have a yamaha F90 0n the boat and run a 4 blade solas amita (13d x 15p) i want to have engine power in the skinny water and not rely on the trolling motor to get me into deeper water. Has anyone put a Jack Plate on a 16 Red Fisher and what were the results ? Thanks :-)
  2. I own a 2008 16 redfisher with a 2008 yamaha F90 and just went though the ordeal of prop search for the boat. I spoke with the manufacture and went on line and yes the 3 blade - 16p x13.25d stainless is an awesome prop i was still having a steering pull to the right. I adjusted the steering trim tab on the motor lower end and that did help some but not completely. I changed the prop to a 4 blade aluminum - 15p x13d and what a difference - The hole shot jumped up, the steering pull almost totally disappeared, and the speed at WOT at 6,000 rpms was 2 mph less than the 3 blade stainless. The motor ran a lot smoother and quieter. i could not believe the difference the prop changed made. I called the tech guy at the shop and told him how happy I was with the new prop and he was not surprised, I am not sure if anyone else has had a similar experience.