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  1. FLSnookhunter

    Cracks forming in my MA hull

    Maverick suggested someone to take it to. I haven't reached out to them yet. Hoping to call them this week and show it to them.
  2. FLSnookhunter

    Cracks forming in my MA hull

    I'm in Jupiter, FL. Know any good fiberglass/gelcoat repair guys around this area? I have some other minor things i'd like to get taken care of as well. Thanks
  3. FLSnookhunter

    Cracks forming in my MA hull

    They are about a foot in front of my console and about a foot above the keel if that helps
  4. FLSnookhunter

    Cracks forming in my MA hull

    Guys, I have a 98 17’ MA and got under it today and saw that there are some cracks forming on my hull. Are these something that I need to be concerned about? Also, unfortunately saw this nice chunk taken out.
  5. FLSnookhunter

    1997 17’ Master Angler whatcha thinkin?

    Had a lot of travel come up for work. Hopefully next week I’ll get started
  6. FLSnookhunter

    1997 17’ Master Angler whatcha thinkin?

    I've decided to keep it for now. I just bought an Ameratrail trailer for it and i just keep working on the boat to make it nicer. Only way I would consider selling is to upgrade into a 21 eventually.
  7. FLSnookhunter

    2007 18' Master Angler (not mine)

    https://ocala.craigslist.org/boa/d/morriston-2007-maverick-18-master-angler/6824554289.html Needs to be re-powered, what do you guys think? Makes me want to upgrade from my 97 17' MA
  8. FLSnookhunter

    Under Gunnel Carpet removal

    I had this same issue on my 97 Master Angler. Use spray oven cleaner. It will blow your mind how well it works, better than any other adhesive remover I ever used.
  9. Guys, just wanted to get some opinions on asking price if I did decide to list my 17’ MA this year It’s a 1997 with a 1998 Yamaha 115 with approx 600 hours Runs great, all maintenance up to date. Trailers in good shape
  10. FLSnookhunter

    18' Master Angler ( Not Mine but WOW)

    I think its really hit or miss with the fuel tanks. There's some pre 1990 Master Anglers whos fuel tanks are still going strong. I would get the boat inspected and if it checks out its a deal. Fuel tank replacement on these runs between 3 and 5k from what i've been quoted.
  11. FLSnookhunter

    18' Master Angler ( Not Mine but WOW)

    Thats what I was thinkin. Also, the outboard shop papers are from a place in Texas
  12. https://keys.craigslist.org/boa/d/must-see-19-maverick-master-angler/6775694518.html Just came across this and seems like if it checks out like the description says, then its a great deal. Its very tempting even though i already have a 97 MA
  13. FLSnookhunter

    Post your MA pics here!

    My 1997 17’
  14. FLSnookhunter

    1999 Maverick Master Angler 21

    Wanna trade for a 17?
  15. FLSnookhunter

    Master Angler Under Gunnel Carpet

    Castaway Customs is where I’ve been recommended the most for anything Seadek
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