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  1. Post your MA pics here!

    My 1997 17’
  2. 1999 Maverick Master Angler 21

    Wanna trade for a 17?
  3. Master Angler Under Gunnel Carpet

    Castaway Customs is where I’ve been recommended the most for anything Seadek
  4. Master Angler Under Gunnel Carpet

    I am looking to fix up my under gunnel rod holders and remove the beat up carpet and either recarpet or seadek. My question is what do I do with the rod holder slots? And any other suggestions? Thanks 1997 17’ Master Angler
  5. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    I also heard around last week that the new MBG factory is only for their 23-25’+ boats and the current factory will just make the smaller boats. Wonder if that thought came into play deciding the size. I also wonder if our older Master Anglers will get even more demand
  6. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    Cant wait to see if they come out with some other sizes too. I agree a 22 or 23 would be awesome. Something that rides like a master angler inshore and can get offshore nicely as well .
  7. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    There's an ad on their Instagram they just posted. I would imagine it will be on their website soon
  8. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    So, Maverick just announced a 26' Master Angler being released Autumn 2018. What is everyones thoughts? Why so big? Why not 18' and 21'?
  9. 2003 Maverick Master Angler 17'

    Great looking MA. Should go fast, especially down here in South FL
  10. Anybody have an extra cushion for the rear deck for a 17' Master Angler? Thanks
  11. Trolling motor mounting

    17 Master Angler unfortunately I’m not equipped with a lot of tools at home to rig some stuff together
  12. Trolling motor mounting

    It’s a Terrova. I’m gonna give the stainless toggle bolts a try on the back 2 and use some 5200 on the front 2 that worked with the tapped mounting plate
  13. Trolling motor mounting

    I have no access to under the deck that far up
  14. Trolling motor mounting

    So... I installed my Minn Kota quick release bracket by using the factory mounting plate. I drilled, tapped, and then screwed it in as instructed in original manual. Today while barely moving with the trolling motor I hit bottom with the motor and it ripped up the back of the quick release plate. Luckily only 2 of 4 screws. Upon inspection it totally ripped the threads out of the factory mounting plate it seems. Any suggestions on how to re-mount it so it’s more secure? Thanks
  15. What did you do to your boat today?

    Took my "new to me" 1997 Master Angler in for new throttle cables and asked them to check the lower unit and they ended up doing all this. (4 HOURS) - remove throttle cable- remove shift cable- remove control binnacle- pull spark plugs and check- check where trim/tilt leak is coming from* the cap is broken.- remove lower unit- check water pump (7 HOURS) - drain lower gear oil* found contamination in oil- check shaft seals for damage- pull all oil seals on shaft- inspect oil seals on drive shaft.* found broken shim and a bad thrust bearing under the waterpump housing- drill and tap broken housing bolt- remove old top oil seal- flush lower of all water and metal debris- install new thrust bearing- install new volcano drive shaft seal- assemble water pump- install prop shaft seals- grease bearing in housing- fill with fluid and pressure test- install prop- install lower unit- run control cables- connect 14ft shift and throttle cables- snake 15 ft and 20 ft speaker wire- install new binnacle- run engine- check gears Then, I purchased a new Terrova I-Pilot to make myself feel better Can't stop putting money into a boat that I plan on keeping until the hull disintegrates.