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  1. Speaker placement on 93 Bonefisher 16

    Figured there wouldn’t be any room. I don’t mind mounting them where you’ve done your’s, but I think we have slightly different setups. The area where you’ve mounted your speakers back there on my boat is actually two storage compartments. Was hoping to mount without sacrificing any of that space. Gotta do some thinking on this one. thanks for your feedback and thoughts on it.
  2. Speaker placement on 93 Bonefisher 16

    Anyone know if you can mount speakers in the area to the left of the "Hewes" logo pictured below? I have two 7.7 JL audio speakers that I'd like to mount there. The guy doing my restoration said they can't be mounted because the gas tank would be behind them and I'm guessing maybe space is limited. I know the tank is there, but do any of you have speakers mounted there on a similar model or know if there's any clearance back there? I feel like I've seen them there on other older Hewes models.
  3. 1993 Bonefisher 16 restore

    I did not replace the fuel tank. The owner before me never reported any leaks, the dealership that had the boat on consignment did all of the maintenance on that boat and also tested the tank before putting it on sale. They didn't find any leaks. I never smelled any gas in that area and never saw any signs of leaked gas either. The guy who is doing work on the boat also felt that the tank was in great shape. The appearance of the tank is also pretty *** good for a 25 year old boat. Super clean overall.
  4. 1993 Bonefisher 16 restore

    going in a different direction with the restore process, but there’s been a little progress since my last post. I’ll share pics when I have the boat back home at the end of the week. thanks for the interest!
  5. Lappy console door

    Thanks guys. I went on boatoutfitters.com and had a new custom door made. They did a great job and had it done and sent to my house within 3 days of ordering.
  6. Lappy console door

    Anyone know where I can get a new replacement for the console door (frame and door) for my 93 Bonefisher? Looking for the same size, but maybe with updated hardware on the handle that opens the door. thanks!
  7. 1993 Bonefisher 16 restore

    New to the forum and thought I'd share my pics and story while I go through the restoration of my 1993 Hewes Bonefisher 16. My first boat was a 1995 J14 Carolina skiff with a 25 hp Mercury tiller engine. The CS was a great starter boat and caught lots of fish over the 5 years I had her, but it was time to move on to something a little bigger and better. I've always loved the look of the classic lappy hulls and I finally got my hands on one back in September of 2017. I bought the boat from Three Rivers Marine in Crystal River when I saw it on a Craigslist ad. I came across this forum, which has been a wealth of information, and saw a post from a user with a similar boat (CaptCrunch). His post on the restoration of his 92 Bonefisher 16 inspired me to reach out to him for some further info. I live in St. Petersburg and decided to use the same boat builder for my restoration. Dropped the boat off to Deno Boatworks at the end of December. Too many new updates to list, but this boat will be fully updated and hopefully like new again in the coming weeks. I haven't taken too many pics of the progress so far, but I'll take some soon and post if anyone is interested. As you can see from the pics included, I decided to re-power with the brand new Yamaha VMAX 90 SHO engine. It's possible that I'm one of only a few on the Gulf Coast who own this engine, but I'm sure this is the only Lappy that I've seen with a 90 SHO engine on it. I'm excited to get it in the water and get some performance stats soon.
  8. Bonefisher 16 repower

    What size prop do you have on that Suzuki? I just re-powered my 93 Bonefisher 16 with the new Yamaha VF90 SHO. I got a Merc Spitfire X7 stainless 4 blade prop. 19 pitch with 12.7 diameter. The boat is still in the restoration process and will have the motor on next week. Should be in the water a week or two after that.
  9. 19 hewes bayfisher finished

    Wow, that paint looks awesome. What color is that on the sides? I'd like to do this on my 93 bonefisher.
  10. 1992 Hewes Bonefisher 16 Rehabilitation

    Any chance you can message me and give me a few details of your experience with the folks at Deno? My 93 bonefisher doesn’t need any fiberglass work (that I’m aware of) but I need wet sand and buffing, maybe some gel coat in different areas and I’m considering a new color. Any info you can provide would be very helpful.
  11. 1992 Hewes Bonefisher 16 Rehabilitation

    Beautiful boat! just purchased this same boat (1993 hull) up in crystal river. I think I’m gonna follow your lead and have Deno Boatworks help me restore my hull. just curious, how does that 70hp Yamaha run on that boat? What kind of speeds are you getting with it?