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  1. Thanks for your reply. The recommendation is to install a separate battery only for the electronics which, of course, would be the best way to go. I just don't want to put a fourth battery in. With wiring off the cranking battery the manufacturer is worried about power surges and things like that when cranking the engine so they do not recommend that.
  2. Thank you so much for the replies. Got the wiring done, still attempting with the fishing. I guess patience is a virtue🙄
  3. Addendum to above question: I was recently informed by another owner that both nylon lines should lead into the center console and the ends should be visible. I do not see any. DOes anyone know if this is true? If so it must be that these ends were somehow pulled back into the rigging tubes.
  4. Hello all. I have recently purchased a 2015 Redfisher 16. It never had any Electronics installed and I'm about to do a new installation of a GPS/sonar unit. First question I have is what is the best way to hook up power to the unit? I have three batteries where one is used to crank the engine and the other two are used to power the 24 volt trolling motor. This year boat does not have a a fuse box where positive power could be hooked up. That is what I am used to doing but all the switches here are on breakers. It does however have a negative bus bar. Is there someplace I'm overlooking which I could connect the positive lead to or do I have to install it on a battery directly? Next question could be a little more involved. I am trying to fish the transducer into the center console from the aft bilge area through the engine rigging using a fish tape but no luck. There is a nylon string that is installed from the factory aft in the bilge that is stated in the manual is used as a fishing wire however this goes forward through the rigging tube and comes out at the anchor locker. Obviously, I need to get the transducer cable into the center console so the string will not work. Any hints? Thanks so much for taking a look at this.