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  1. Nice I would love one eventually but just not in the budget right now. I’m thinking this Bimini will do the trick for me! And I’m going to try to get down there next weekend if that works for you. Could maybe pick it up Sunday on the 31st?
  2. Thats awesome man thank you very much! i will definitely get some use out of it! it may be a week or 2 until im able to get down that way. Is that okay?
  3. Im located in Tampa. But have family in Fort Lauderdale and wouldn't be opposed to a drive down there. How much would you like for it? and any pics?
  4. Hmm im looking more for navy/black/ or tan but if nothing else comes up i may be in contact with you. I grew up in Savannah so i never mind a quick trip there.
  5. Hey guys i have a 2002 pathfinder 2200v. And im thinking about a bimini top for the sandbar days. Still torn whether or not i want a t-top so i figured finding a cheaper used bimini to get the feel for it. Does anyone have one near the greater tampa area they may be wanting to sell? Not looking to spend too much because im just trying to figure out if this is the route im wanting to go. Thanks.
  6. Gray8188

    Free Pathfinder rear deck cushion

    I know this may be a long shot but is this still available?
  7. Sorry guys sold locally pretty much the day it was listed.
  8. I just bought this for my boat the beginning of October and decided to change the location of my batteries. So now I need a 4 bank charger. That is the only reason I’m selling so I can buy the same thing but 4 bank. It is brand new only opened for pictures.
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