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  1. New steering wheel??

    Hey Guys, I have the stock Maverick steering wheel that came with my 01 18.5 Master Angler but I'm interested in upgrading to a three spoke with power knob... My question, Is it worth paying the price for an Edson Steering wheel ($450) or will this one be just fine... HOFFEN Stainless Steel 13-1/2" Dia Steering Wheel 3 Spokes With Turning Knob1/2" Nut Boat Marine for Teleflex Cable Helm Thank for the help!
  2. 2008 Hewes Redfisher 16 Yamaha F90

    Great looking little skiff! GLWS
  3. Great weather and big Snook

    Finally got a little stretch of nice weather and the water temp is back up around 70°, so I went exploring in an area that for some reason I always stayed away from... Sight casted this big girl sunning herself on dark mud bottom, she inhaled my rootbeer paddle tail and the fight was on! There were also a good amount of other snook on the same shoreline... So I think I'll take advantage of this nice weather and explore a little further tomorrow!
  4. 21 Master Angler

    I did and was wondering about that! If it's still available on Tuesday (my day off) I may check it out...
  5. 21 Master Angler

    Not mine but could be a crazy deal if everything checks out... It's in my town too! If a didn't have a crazy clean 18.5 then I'd be all over this. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1655922774621026/permalink/2001761300037170/?sale_post_id=2001761300037170
  6. Looking for an HPXS

    Awesome! Post some pictures of her!
  7. The final boat accessory!

    I found out who would buy one...
  8. Closet Clean -out

    Any chance you're heading down near Fort Myers anytime soon?
  9. Hydro Tec Marine Performance???

    Wow, Thanks for the info! What type of WOT speed are you seeing now?! Also where did you have the work done?!
  10. Dry boat bag or box for important items??

    Thank you for all the Info, It's much appreciated!
  11. Hey Guy's,Just curious as to what type of dry bag or box everyone is using to keep important papers (registration etc.) and cell phones dry, while on the boat. I have an 18.5 Maverick MA, it's a dry boat and I haven't had any problems with my stuff getting wet... yet and I'm just using a gallon ziplock but I feel like I should upgrade to something that will last more long term. Let me know what you guy's use!
  12. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    Congrats, You will love this boat!
  13. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Very nice, Now post some pictures and show her off:)
  14. Snook

    I Was out yesterday and today south Pine Island Sound and mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, average water temp was 59 and 61 degrees respectively and only saw one dead bonnethead on a flat and a large dead sail cat in a deep canal. I did see a ton of big Snook in groups... but couldn't get a single one to eat the DOA and Gulp shrimp I offered up. I may have had a better chance if I would've had a few nice medium to large live shrimp. All in all a good day on the water and had to stop to catch a couple trout to bend the rod.... Just happy to see our Snook down here still kicking!
  15. Hydro Tec Marine Performance???

    Thank you!