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  1. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Alright Guy's... Little update, Fort Myers Marine checked out the boat this morning and did a great job going through the entire boat motor and trailer. They feel the boat is in fantastic condition and the items of concern are pretty minimal... Mostly maintenance items due to the boat not being used (stretched bungees in rod lockers etc.) They did say comp test came back solid and spark on all 6 cyl. The main things that are going to cost a little bit of money are 2 new hubs on the trailer and engine maintenance work like 100hr maintenance/ VST cleaning, injector cleaning, o2 sensor cleaning, and possibly replace the mechanical fuel pump. If I have them do everything including the misc. items, cost will be $1,200-$1,500. I was hoping to sea trial the boat this weekend but I can't because the Boat Place is backed up due to the Fort Myers Boat Show starting tomorrow through the weekend... Looks like I will sea trial on Tuesday:( I appreciate all of your help so far and hope the sea trial goes well so I can get back out there and fish already!!!
  2. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    Thanks for the info! Seems like it's about 50/50 decision on who's using JP's... I may use the boat a couple times to see if I feel like I need it.
  3. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    Hey guys, Do you recommend putting a jackplate on a 2001 18.5MA with a 150 yamaha ox66? Cost is $1400 installed so I'm just wondering if it is worth the cost or if this boat even needs it.
  4. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Hey Guy's, Just an update... The boat is getting dropped off at Fort Myers Marine (Our local MHP dealer that I trust) tomorrow morning for the inspection. I'm crossing my fingers that things go well! Just wondering what boat cover you guys are using for your 18.5MA... I'm looking fort something to cover the entire boat and motor and easy to put on while the boat is on a lift. Thanks!
  5. Post your MA pics here!

    I've been doing some research and thought they were tempress. Are the through bolted and if so how did you get access for the portside seat? Do you have any pics of the base without the seat?
  6. Post your MA pics here!

    Wow that looks really good! Did you have that custom made?
  7. Post your MA pics here!

    DO you have pics of the backrest?
  8. Post your MA pics here!

    Hey Whichwayisup, What seats are those on you 2000? They look really good and if all works out with the MA I have a deposit on then I'd like to add 3 seats like yours. Is it comfortable to sit three adults?
  9. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Hey guys sorry about the delay.... I've been working all morning. But I just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful information, I took a look at the MA yesterday and it is truly in pristine condition... I put a deposit down pending sea trial and having Fort Myers Marine (where I've purchased a 2200 Pathfinder before) take a full look through boat and motor. I will keep you guys in the loop moving forward!
  10. Please help! 2008 21ft Hewes Redfisher

    Thank you for the info. I did just put a deposit on a MA, but if it falls through I will let you know.
  11. Please help! 2008 21ft Hewes Redfisher

    Thanks for the info guys! Someone out in a full price offer yesterday... So it looks like I'm still on the hunt.
  12. Please help! 2008 21ft Hewes Redfisher

    Thanks for the reply. Not the same boat... The one I'm looking at has a red bull bit has been wrapped with a Yamaha f225 logo wrap blue and grey color scheme.
  13. Please help! 2008 21ft Hewes Redfisher

    Hey Guys, I'm in the market for a new boat since I recently lost my MA21 and I've stumbled across an 08 Redfisher 21 with an 08 Yamaha F225. The boat seems to be In great condition but the seller has mentioned that the motor was rebuilt late 2015/2016 with new heads and block and only has 20 hours on it since the rebuild (all done by a certified Yamaha tech)... She told me they had everything on the boat checked out, everything works properly and the compression on the motor is good. It is listed at $25,000, what are you opinions on this price? Do you think it's a good deal? should I be worried about the rebuilt motor? Any info/ opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Hey Guys, Since I lost my MA21 and there really aren't to many 21's on the market, I plan on going to take a look at the MA18.5 that this thread was posted about... This boat is in my town so I think it may be worth a look. Is there anything in particular that I should look for? Thanks!
  15. 2000 Maverick MA 21 haul crack

    Yeah I'm pretty down about it because I haven't had it for very long and man is it a great riding boat and the deck layout is amazing! I had a 22ft Pathfinder which was a great boat and I know it had a similar hull but the Maverick was just amazing all around! I am happy how the insurance company has handled things so far though. I will keep my eye out for another Maverick possibly the blue 18.5 with low hours that someone posted on here that is in Fort Myers (I'll at least take a look since it's about 15min away from my house) any bit difference in ride with the 18.5 compared to the 21?