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  1. HemiHP19

    Maverick HPX 17 Boat Cover SOLD

    Dear Sir, the Maverick boat cover has been sold locally, thanks your interest
  2. HemiHP19

    Tibor Push Pole Caddy

    Sorry, no longer available, SOLD.
  3. HemiHP19

    2017 HPX V 17 price drop 40k

    Hope you sold your boat by now. If not here is a great guy that is in the market for a Maverick 17 as of yesterday. Try Bill Kreitner 305-903-3521
  4. HemiHP19

    2017 Maverick HPX-S (NEW)

    May I refer you to a great guy who is looking seriously for a Maverick 17. Call Bill Kreitner mobile 305-903-3521, ref. telecom with Bill Hess
  5. HemiHP19

    Maverick Seat Mount replacement

    Thanks for the tips. Never did succeed in removing the mounts, for fear of damaging the deck. End of story.
  6. Custom Fit Sunbrella Boat Cover for the Maverick HPX 17. Heavy duty Sunbrella material. Custom fit to Maverick with reinforced material added at Trolling Motor, Console, Poling Tower, and Power Pole locations. This cover is a perfect fit using the all around pull strap. Access zipper on port side, your boat lift side. One Support pole and Vent at cooler location. Fits great on your boat lift or Maverick Trailer. My cost when purchased new November 2017 $1200.00. Excellent condition, no wear, tear, or stains. This cover should serve you for many years as it was like new when removed from service May 2018. Not cheap @$799.00 but worth the cost for Sunbrella material.
  7. HemiHP19

    Loaded 2017 Mav HPX V17

    SOLD July 20, 2018 to a great guy from Ft Lauderdale
  8. HemiHP19

    Loaded 2017 Mav HPX V17

    Here is the link to Boats.com: http://www.boats.com/power-boats/2017-maverick-mirage-17-hpx-v-6702896/
  9. HemiHP19

    Loaded 2017 Mav HPX V17

    Here is one loaded 2017 Maverick with super low hours. A sliding Captains chair has been added with full conversion back to factory bench. See full description and photos posted on Boats.com. Please contact me there. Thanks for your interest.
  10. HemiHP19

    2017 HPX V 17 price drop 40k

    Price is way too low for a high end boat like this. I own similar and even NADA values these higher, and their number does not properly credit extras. Recommend find another way to offer you boat for sale . One way: Develop order for you new Pathfinder with nearby PF dealer. As part of deal, request dealer to consign your boat for sale. In this manner your boat receives maximum visibility and the dealer has incentive to help sell your boat. (Not a trade in). You can start with an asking price of $43 to $45k and take the first serious offer. This has worked for me in past with high end models. Recommendation No 2: Replace photos with new set where everything in the picture is aligned, picture perfect and without distraction of stuff on boat or in the background. The dealer will do this for you as well. Offered in good faith and good luck to you, Maverick Buyers are far and few between but it only takes one with the bug for a like new boat.
  11. Tibor Push Pole Caddy offered for sale. This a like new Tibor Pole Caddy, out of the box for 3 months and never used. Absolutely like new condition. Ready to serve the serious flats fisherman, Fits standard push poles. $110.00 firm plus shipping.
  12. HemiHP19

    Mav HPV17 Bench Seat with Backrest Issue

    Am planning to keep it to restore boat to factory condition when eventually offered for sale.
  13. HemiHP19

    Mav HPV17 Bench Seat with Backrest Issue

    Garelick offers three types of seat slides, I chose the Garelick Model 75080 due to the small footprint, about $95.00 from iboats.com. The Tempress seat is extremely comfortable, and supports my poor back, but pricey at $199.00. It is a Tempress Navistyle Probax Model number 68454. The seat mount installation requires underside reinforcement, which involves not only adding underside reinforcement but also filling the void space between underside of deck and upper ceiling of baitwell. Deck looks about 1/4 inch thick and cannot support this mount without reinforcement. So far my installation has not cracked nor creaked so trusting it will continue to work well.
  14. Need advice on replacing these Maverick 2017 seat mounts are stuck to the boat (having removed all 4 screws). Assume I am dealing with caulking that has hardened.Tried screwdriver with heat gun. Background: Maverick sent replacement aluminum backrest seat mounts to replace these factory coated versions that wore out within 4 months. Three types of wear: surface scratches, bubbling of coating, and cross threading of aluminum mount due to hardened steel factory screws. Cross threading makes one of the mounts non usable. Do not want to continue without specific advice to avoid risk of damage.
  15. HemiHP19

    Mav HPV17 Bench Seat with Backrest Issue

    For anyone interested in building a better Maverick seat to support your back, here is a Tempress style seat I installed on a Garelick Sliding seat support. Of course you must reinforce the underside area between deck and baitwell , which is accessible. Reduces number of persons on boat to two. Results are good, especially during rough seas.