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  1. Brand new boat-Live wells flooding

    The plugs where in. And I had bait in the back live wells but non in the front. I never heard of closing valves to prevent this. I owned a Key West Bay Reef before and never had to close a valve and I never had an instance where the live well flooded while running the boat. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Put my brand new 2200 TE in the water this weekend trout fishing. Riding from hole to hole I noticed my dad was getting soaked. The front and back live wells where filling with water and over flowing and putting water all over the boat. I double checked and none of the live wells/recirculating/bubbler were on. This only happened when I was running on plane. What would be causing this. I hope it’s something I’m doing wrong and not a malfunction. Anyone with experience with this please chime in. Thanks
  3. Grab rail

  4. Grab rail

    I have a 2200 TE on order. For planning purposes I'm trying to see if it will fit in my garage. I have seen online in some places that the grab rail is folding. But it doesn't show that in any pictures. Is this just the windshield that is folding or does the grab rail actually fold as well.