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  1. Ready to go catch some reds this weekend
  2. CaptJake

    WTB Pathfinder 22 or 24 tournament

    I have a 2018 22 Tournament for sale... no tower
  3. CaptJake

    Simrad Go9xse

    Seems like a heck of a deal. does this unit support the same maps that Rennie runs in LA? Been thinking of going to something like this or the Lowrance HDS.
  4. Ive had a lot of interest but mostly from out if state. I imagine it will pick up soon with the warmer weather coming. Plus im willing to make a deal to sell it sooner so we will see.
  5. Nag Juice I officially leave in may
  6. CaptJake

    WTB 2300HPS

    I got a bad *** 2200 Tournament ready for you to come pick up!!!
  7. been getting requests for more pics
  8. I hear yah. So are you in Jacksonville? Im in the New River a good bit.
  9. That's with the trolling motor on front. Def would have got a little more if I had put it on the quick release in the aft.