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  1. Nice MA should sell quickly.
  2. 1998 MA 18.5 / 175 VMAX (photo share)

    Nice sled. Looks like you’re enjoying it
  3. New to me first maverick

    Congratulations, nice sled. You’re going to love the ride.
  4. Opening Day

  5. sea deck

    That’s awesome. I want to get my MA done, one day.
  6. That’s going to look nice.
  7. Newbie owner here 1987 18 Maverick

    Congratulations, nice sled. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.
  8. MA 21 Bimini top

    The main attachment point slides forward and aft so it can be adjusted. Oh and yes it will slag a toe.
  9. MA 21 Bimini top

    I have one for my 21 MA it is 90 inches wide and 70 inches tall. I don’t use it much unless we are just partying on the sandbars .
  10. My 21 MA

    Great on a plane in about a boat length. Even whit the jack plate all the way up
  11. My 21 MA

    Solas 14” 21p
  12. Hewes RF 21 Trolling Motor size??

    80 on my 21 MA worKs great
  13. Hewes sale via MBG

    Congratulations looks sweet
  14. My 21 MA

    Ran today with the new 21p prop, full fuel two live wells full, trolling motor, gear and two people 64 mph.