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  1. My new 1977 18 maverick

    So I figured out a few things with my Boat speed. I put on a hydrofoil and greatly improved in getting on plane. Also my Boat had Bennett self adjusting trim tabs and when the were pinned in full up it felt like bow was buried still. I removed the trim tabs and it get on plane a lot faster and I get about 41mph top end. Still doing lots of things to it but finished my name for side:), new fuel hoses and water separators, new fuse panel, new wiring with dual batteries, all new switch panel, all new dash I made out of black starboard , new jl audio sound system, new shadow caster 10” underwater light, new led rgb cockpit lights, had trailer rebuilt, full engine service, resealed every screw and hatch and bolt on the boat, installing a bilge blower because for some reason the bilge and under front deck area stays humid. Still little touch ups here and there but almost done!
  2. 1987 18 6 Maverick Master Angler

    Crap just saw this was 2 years ago hahha
  3. 1987 18 6 Maverick Master Angler

    Looks like you been busy like me lol. Does that mean I have the oldest Boat on here lol. Mine is a 77. Just hard to believe it’s a couple years older than I lol
  4. 1985 Maverick

    Funny my 77 maverick I just picked up was a tender for a Hatteras as well!πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. More pics of my 77 berg maverick

    Yeah mine had fixed Bennett tabs. Was only getting 35 mph. Took them off and gained almost 6 mph. The baitwell extensions on transom to me act as trim tabs anyways. Am I wrong.
  6. More pics of my 77 berg maverick

    No only a 115 etec. Got 40 out of it. Still need to figure out props
  7. My 1977 berg/ maverick 18

    Thanks for the compliment!
  8. My new 1977 18 maverick

    Thanks for the info. My title says 18 foot 1977 maverick. I will try and reach out to him.
  9. My new 1977 18 maverick

    I'm running a 13-3/8 x 17 pitch 3 blade. Thanks for any help on this
  10. My 1977 berg/ maverick 18

    Thanks a lot!!!
  11. My 1977 berg/ maverick 18

    Here my boat I just picked up
  12. My new 1977 18 maverick

    Thanks man!!! I'm not sure yet what it weighs... I put on a hydrofoil to see if it helps.. I need to try props and check the motor height. Right now the cav plate is about an inch above the bottom.. the boat is in really good shape but still need love here and there. What is one of these boats worth. I'm new to the maverick scene
  13. My new 1977 18 maverick

    Thanks for the compliment! I heard that Scott deal owned this boat and this is one that made him buy the tooling and molds to make the mavericks. It is a healthy 115 etec I just serviced... runs about 36 mph at 5500 rpm. I thought it would be faster... I'm trying to figure out what this boat is valued at... I've wanted a maverick since I was a kid. And this was within reach so I snagged it up cheap. I need to look into props but not sure where to start
  14. My new 1977 18 maverick

    Just picked this boat up. Got a great deal. Very solid boat... let me know what you guys think. I'm new here... any info on this boat would be great... only issue I have it's takes very long to get on plane by myself and have to have passenger sit fwd to plane out