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  1. Pop-up Seats

    Hi All, I have two rear pop-up seats that I will give away for shipping costs (unless you are close to Houston and want to pick-up). These came from my 2007 2400TE, but I think they are universal. They have been stored indoors and never used. The upholstery is in great condition with no fading or tears. I had the bracket plates removed and gel coated over and installed a backrest and bench cushion in this space, so I have no use for them...just don't want to throw them away. I didn't think to take pictures but will be back at the bay this weekend so can do so if requested. Thanks, Jason 281-460-9378
  2. Console/GPS upgrade

    Just did the same thing. Not sure if our consoles are the same (mine is a 2007 24TE, but appears to be the same layout and probably the same size). I left the glove box and was able to get a Simrad Go9 flush mounted where your VHF is mounted. Most 9" screens won't fit, so I searched mostly by dimensions but am very happy with the Go9 unit so far (after adding the Navionics Platinum+ chip). I'm going without a VHF, but the prior owner had one mounted on the inside of the access door under the steering wheel. I'm toying with a new switch panel to modernize the look a bit, but will make that a winter project, if so. With the unit flush mounted, I had all the holes patched and gel coated. I removed and gel coated the anchor light port at the top of the console so it is a clean finish up there with just the compass. You could put some inset drink holders there, if you don't have space elsewhere and they would double as some non-slide storage for phones, etc. Mine has drink holders to the left of the steering wheel. I don't have an anchor light at the moment, but plan to either get a T-top and put one there or mount one to the top of the engine cowling where it is out of the way. I'll see if I have any good pics and will post if so. Congrats on the new engine and good luck with the project!
  3. 2400TE Trolling Motor

    In a similar "boat" as you with a new-to-me 2007 24TE, so not much experience yet to speak from, but I have a 36v trolling motor. My set-up is four batteries under the console (three TM and one cranking) with an added cranking/house battery installed in the back hatch with the livewell pumps, Perko switch, water separator, etc. I'm out of real estate under the console. I don't know if this vintage 24' came stock with just one cranking/house battery, but the old Perko would suggest that was the case. I added a new sound system with some thump and a larger GPS/sounder unit, so thought the extra battery would likely save me from having to jump the engine off the TM batteries on occasion (or worse).
  4. Hi All, New to the board after purchasing a 2007 2400TE this week. The boat needs a new sonar/GPS unit and has never been rigged with any sound system, so is a blank slate in both regards. If any of you are really happy with your depth finder/GPS unit, I'd appreciate suggestions. The prior unit was bracket-mounted, but I'd like to flush mount and it looks like a 9" screen will fit adjacent to the glove box. If anyone has had a bad experience with a newer unit, that feedback would also be appreciated. Same question regarding sound system set-up. For those with an amp -- do you think it is worth it? I'm thinking two speakers in the front step-up facing back and one on each side of the console. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Jason