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    WTB Flats Boat/Bay Boat

  2. Ryan Anderson

    WTB Flats Boat/Bay Boat

    Hey guys, I'm a 16 year old in high school looking for something to fish on for the summer and fall and beyond that if it's a decent enough boat. I'm looking for a boat no smaller than 15 ft and no bigger than 20 ft. Doesn't have to be a speed demon, but would like it to go at least 35-40 mph, preferably faster, but not particularly picky at this point. THe hardest part about this is that since I'm still in high school, I have small budget. I would like to keep it under 6k. Thanks in advance!
  3. Ryan Anderson

    1992 Hewes Bonefisher $7000obo

    Is this boat sill available?
  4. Ryan Anderson

    1973 Hewes Bonefisher

    Is this boat still available. I'm very interested in buying.
  5. Ryan Anderson

    1993 16' Hewes BayFisher $ 5,800

    Is this boat still available? What's the performance with the 125?