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    Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    With respect to tree branches and torn away mangroves it was not clear how many if any would be removed after the Storm and if they were to be removed when that would happen. Lots of them were blown into deeper channels and up on flats along with all kinds of other debris and boats. Thus, before making permanent edits to our maps we elected to wait until now to decide how to handle it. Most of the boats and man made debris has been removed but lots of trees remain. Some larger wrecks remain including the paddle boat wreck in the middle of Niles Channel Based on our recent surveys in the lower keys, it appears likely many of these larger obstacles are likely to remain in their current positions possibly for years. These are mostly comprised of large mangroves torn away from adjacent keys and they have large root systems and very large branches. They surely would cause a lot of damage if your run into one. We have marked dozens of them between Summerland Key and East Bahia Honda key and many are as large as some boats and would require heavy equipment to remove or tow away. So, we have updated our map with all of those we have found and all new sales starting this week will have those updates included. They were all marked to the foot with Danger symbols. They could move a little bit but its unlikely they will move far unless another storm passes by. Existing customers who plan to travel the lower keys area can get their map updated if they like. FMT will remain in the Lower Keys location through June if you would like to update your map in person.
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    Florida Marine Tracks - Anyone Using On What

    FMT has been in they Keys for several weeks post Irma looking into it as we have our SFL home base at Ground Zero. Surprisingly, virtually all of the pre storm markers survived although many were leaning a bit. The larger markers with big signs took the most damage. All of the small posts and PVC stakes we ran all survived which when you think about make sense as there is virtually no resistance to wind with them. We saw a number of smaller buoys had been blown around and out thier regular place in a few areas but nothing substantive. We found Most of the new 4x4 posts in ENP survived and I found no changes from Jewfish Creek up into lower Biscayne Bay at Midnight Pass where we added some new tracks last week. A few 4x4 posts in ENP were missing and a few were leaning but it appeared more than 95% were there and most had no damage. We are still looking mbut so far it appears the runs through smaller cuts and short cuts etc. are all unchanged. We have found no adjustments needed so far to any previously drawn tracks. The shoreline is trashed in a lots of areas and all the green will take a while to return and there is plenty of floating debris and trash around but that is the lions share of the landscape change. In previous storms we found the changes at the inlets and passes along the coasts where there are sandbars and continuously moving sand. That is likely also the case again but these areas are all caveated on FMT Charts for caution due to the continuously moving sand. We have not looked at all of these bars yet to see what changes occurred if any and if track changes are required but I expect a few adjustments will be made in and around these passes. I expect little to no changes in the Keys in keeping with our recent findings and past storm experience. We will be running hard in the lower keys backcountry over the next two days during these negative tides to do a final check. If we find the cuts in and around Contents and Big Pine are unchanged, it is highly unlikely any other areas in the Keys back country would require adjustments either. If we find any substantive track changes are needed we send out emails to customers advising of the specifics.
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    SIMRAD GO7 deal at WM today only!

    Some people buy them with the discount and then resell them if they run up north away from FL. A couple of people who purchased multiple units for larger rigs up north and got free charts sold their chips for about $500 and they said they sold within a day. Works best on larger units as the discount is less on small units. FMT is selling as many units to northern boaters as FL boaters as they are looking for that "discount". It saves them hundreds on their purchase when compared to the other on line retailers selling the exact same thing. If you get free charts, its like a $500 discount on the equipment if you sell the charts. Pretty good deal and the chip buyers like it too as they save a little compared to buying direct from FMT.