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  1. New MBG Plant Progress

    Maybe they'll enough room to start making the Master Angler line again!!!
  2. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    Good question. I often wondered that myself
  3. One of the nicest looking Redfishers I've ever seen. Just beautiful!
  4. Hull/Gunnel Detailing

    Here is the lowest price I could find for it https://www.ebay.com/itm/MaryKate-On-and-Off-Hull-and-Bottom-Cleaner-New-Free-Shipping/281585240276?epid=2254349755&hash=item418fc9c8d4:g:fZwAAOSw-W5UzrRd
  5. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    Boat is 10 years old with just 41 hours on engine? Wow!
  6. Tarpon April

    A lot depends on wind and water temps. You will need that golden temperature range of 76 to 80 degrees and hope that the wind isn't blowing 15 to 20 knots to insure any real success. I have had some good luck in April around the bridges in Islamorada that time of year. If the wind is calm, you'll find the first real push of tarpon ocean side that have not seen every fly or lure know to man thrown at them and they can be very eager to eat. Your choice of Cheeca is a good one. Good luck
  7. Prop Recommendations

    Need some prop recommendations for my 2000 Pathfinder 1810 with Yamaha C115. I currently have a Power Tech 13X16, 4 blade and am pushing @ 35 mph at 4800 rpm wot. This prop came with the boat and is good shape. Hole shot is ok and no cavitation but looking for higher end speed and higher rpm. Also have a spare prop, Apollo 13.25x 17, 3 blade that I have used which produces @ 41mph at 5200 rpm but does not seem to grip well and tends to cavitate. Any input would be appreciated.
  8. Stuck in Choko mud

    Certainly doable in someone else's skiff!
  9. The final boat accessory!

    For those people with more money than brains!
  10. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Thanks Conceptzj. Good luck I hope you sell it soon.
  11. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    So it looks like it's 16 degree pitch, what diameter and is it 3 or 4 blade? Thanks a bunch.
  12. Looking for a closer Fl. vacation

    Given the choice, I'd go to Islamorada too. It's my favorite place in the world.
  13. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Hey just curious? What are you running for a prop as you performance numbers seem very good?
  14. Pathfinder Hull Paint

    I know what you mean; my 3rd wife had to have blond hair or no go! Thank god she did!
  15. Looking for a closer Fl. vacation

    So sorry to hear about your loss. It's hard to beat anywhere along the Indian River Lagoon that time of year from Cocoa Beach down to Stuart. Huge gator trout, snook and redfish can be found just about anywhere along the IRL along with your choice of 3 very fishable inlets; Sebastian, Ft. Pierce and St Lucie. Where ever you decide to go, have fun!