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    Yes, had the honor of meeting him several years ago at the shallow water expo in Orlando, quite a guy! Watched him load and cast a fly line over 80 feet from his knees using only half of the rod!
  2. 1900V w/f115 Yamaha-$17,000 OBO

    This price seems too good to be true. Any issues?
  3. 1900v and 1900t Brochure - Check this out HYD

    No, it was probably Capt. Mike Holliday. I believe he did most al the photo shoots back then. I just remember having those brochures and drooling over them for Maverick and Pathfinder
  4. 1900v and 1900t Brochure - Check this out HYD

    Thanks for posting this. It brings back memories from my past!
  5. My 2500 Build

    Congrats on your new PF. I had the pleasure of seeing my old TE 22 pop out of the mold like a new baby back in 2004. Best of all , I only live about 8 miles from the factory
  6. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Man, it looks like a real nice MA for that price, good luck
  7. Where can I find replacement parts for my 2000 1810V specifically the windshield and drop in console cup holders. I live near Ft Pierce and did not know if I can pick them up factory direct. Thanks in advance for any info
  8. Is this going to cut into my fishing time?

    Congrats man. The only thing better than fishing with your kids, is fishing with your grandchildren!
  9. 1995 Hewes Bayfisher w/ 90 ETEC

    Thanks, get back to you after Irma
  10. Super Clean 1998 Hewes Bayfisher "Lappy" 19 - $20,000

    Thanks, you as well. Maybe heading to Punta Gorda to ride this one out. Worse one I've seen in 43 years living in Florida
  11. Super Clean 1998 Hewes Bayfisher "Lappy" 19 - $20,000

    Very interested in your boat but need to get thru this Irma situation first. I am about 90% sure I have a buyer for my 22' Pathfinder TE. I will contact sometime next week when things get back to normal
  12. 2016 Pathfinder 23 HPS (Sold)

    That rig looks awesome. GLWS, it should sell quickly
  13. Super Clean 1998 Hewes Bayfisher "Lappy" 19 - $20,000

    Is your Bayfisher 19 still for sale?
  14. 1995 Hewes Bayfisher w/ 90 ETEC

    Is your Bayfisher still available?
  15. WTB Pathfinder 2200 Tournament

    Silver King, are you still interested in a trade as I am going in the opposite direction with my boating needs. I have a 2004 Pathfinder TE with 2004 200 Yamaha VMax with about 975 hours, with full annual maintenance. She has all the standard goodies that comes with the TE including jack plate and 3 live wells. This one has Bimini top that can be move forward or back to cover helm station, 3 bank battery charger, Lenco trolling tab motors (one motor seized and needs replacement), full Sunbrella boat cover, tandem axle trailer with all new bunks and hardware. I will send some pictures to your phone hopefully later this weekend. Located in Ft Pierce, I got to see this one come out of the mold at the factory. Been looking for either a 18.5 Master Angler or Silver King for some time now. Call Jeff at 772-763-5211 for more details