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  1. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    wow Rocky! those r great numbers.
  2. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    i think so too. my cruise is 30mph on the yamaha tach at 4000rpm.
  3. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    NC, ye, forgot about the trolling motor and 5 battery setup. that would kill the mpg but i usually fish by myself so would think it would offset.
  4. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    Jem, thanks for responding. I'll give Marcus a call. When i ordered my boat, he recommended my current prop.
  5. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    Hi all, I have a 2017 pathy 2200trs with the vf200la sho engine. prop is a powertech ofx4 17p. at cruise of 30 mph i get 2.8 with full tank, 2 people. at wot im at 5400rpm and 46mph. it seems off. am i in the normal range as far as mpg? i searched many different forums amd see people commenting getting 4 -4.5mpg at about 30-33 mph with similar load. appreciate any suggestions and comments. tony
  6. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    are you talking about the mk plug that plugs to the boat? i mainly fish solo n some nearshore which is the reason i was thinking 72in.
  7. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    good info triplec. im having my fingers crossed on the ulterra ver2. i spoke with one installer in texas who has an ulterra on his 23 pathfinder but he said if he had to redo, he'd go with the terrova...less moving parts and has no problems from his customers.
  8. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    woohoo. looks like you sold me on the ulterra!😁 now since i plan on using my boat for nearshore/offshore, should i invest in a 72in or 60in TM?
  9. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    thanks everyone with the responses. now for the trolling motor. i was gung ho on the riptide ulterra but had some people say there are too many issues and go with a terrova. i like the ulterra because of the auto deploy. if there are issues with the ulterra, what TM size and brand would you look at. i was planning a 36v 72in.
  10. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    do you have any issues with the boat sitting low in the stern? i want to take my boat out near shore about 10 miles out and worried it might sit too low. i would only go out if its calm to max of 1-2 ft waves. also any issue with battery corrision sitting under the seats?
  11. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    so how did you get 5 batteries into your pathfinder? is it a 2200trs?
  12. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    Thanks Bernie. You're correct, its 2 livewells.
  13. Having 5 batteries in a 2017 2200trs

    The 4 battery option would be a good compromise. Would that be enough to run a hds9, 3 livewells, and the factory radio?
  14. Hi all,Long time lurker. I just bought a new pathy and want to add the Ulterra 36v trolling motor. I currently have 2 batteries and the shop that is installing it recommend moving the current batteries under the stern seats, one on each side. Then the 3 batteries for the TM will go in the console. Installer doesnt think he can get all 5 into the console. Any thoughts? I would think this will make the boat ride lower in the stern. Im putting in 3 optima 31s. Thanks.