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  1. wrhatt

    2200V Pathfinder weight gain

    The wife make me use the plugs 😄
  2. wrhatt

    2200V Pathfinder weight gain

    I was reading some of the topics and discussions and came across a posting of someone who had previously owned 2002 22 foot Pathfinder and now owned a 2008 22 footer. He said there was a weight difference between the 2 boats and that he needed more HP to push the 2008. Does anyone no what year the weight of the boat went up? Thank you.
  3. wrhatt

    Repower pathfinder 22 te

    Dave B, do you know what year between 2002 and 2008 that the weight of the 22' went up?
  4. wrhatt

    Aluminum boat trailer axle question

    My trailer manufacture EzLoader replied to my email and said they do not recommend altering the trailer in any way. I've seen another 22 foot pathfinder on a twin axle trailer down the road a piece. I think I'll go by his place and see if he'll let me measure his trailer and see if my trailer measure's up. I bought the boat and trailer used so this trailer may not even be the original trailer. Thank you all again for the replies.
  5. wrhatt

    Aluminum boat trailer axle question

    I've emailed my trailer manufacture EzLoader asking if a 2nd axle can even be added to this trailer. If they say no then that leaves me with one option.
  6. wrhatt

    Aluminum boat trailer axle question

    So I'm reading that I should not stay with a single 3500 lbs axle. So now I have to weigh the cost and benefits of a single 5000 lb axle verses 2- 3500 lb axles. I'm assuming that the torsion axles are the way to go. Thank you for the replies.
  7. Looking for suggestions. I have a 2000 Pathfinder 2200V with a 150 2-stroke Yamaha sitting on an aluminum trailer with a single 3500 lb axle. According to the truck stop scales, total weight is 3250 lbs when connected to my truck. It weighs 3500 lbs total on the scale alone not connected to the truck. My typical towing distance is 2 hours to the west coast of Florida or 7 hours to the Keys. Mostly on the Interstate. At some point in the future I plan on adding a larger 4-stroke motor which would increase the weight on the boat and trailer. Would you keep this single 3500 lb axle set up or would you go with a twin axle set up that I commonly see with other 2200 Pathfinders? I assume they are twin 3500 lb axles. Or, possibly, go with single 5000 lb axle? Thank you for your suggestions.
  8. wrhatt

    Pathfinder 2200v Prop washout

    I don't have a jack plate on my 2000 2200V and will lose bite in a sharp turn. I thought a jack plate would solve that but after reading these post's, apparently not. Learned something new.
  9. wrhatt

    Remove steering wheel 2001 pathfinder

    I used a pulley puller. No fuss no muss
  10. wrhatt

    Outboard prop loses it's bite in a turn

    Thank you. I spoke with Marcus and he gave me 2 recommendations depending on what I want the boat to do, one of which is the 4 bladed prop you are showing on your 2009 F 150.
  11. wrhatt

    Outboard prop loses it's bite in a turn

    Thank you for the suggestions. I had figured it was either the prop or the need for Jack Plate. I didn't know which direction to go. But it appears the prop is the suspect. When trimming the boat it does not porpoise, but the prop will lose bite first. I do not know when the prop was refreshed it came with my boat when I bought it last year. Thank you again.
  12. I have a 2000 Pathfinder 2200V with the pocket transom with a same year 150 Yamaha outboard two-stroke with a 3 bladed Power Tech prop. There are no markings telling me the pitch of the prop. It does not have a jack plate. Top speed with just 1 in the boat is 48mph, When on plane it takes very little movement of the motor before it over trims and the prop loses bite. Going in a straight line is no problem, but if you turn to the left or right more aggressively the prop loses bite. The motor is positioned as low as it can go on the transom. Any suggestions or our ideas on how to correct this (besides not turning)? Thank you
  13. wrhatt

    2000, 2200V Owners Manual

    I know this is an older post but did you ever find an owner's manual. I have the same year Pathfinder and would like to get a copy as well.
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