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  1. I'm hoping know's the first year the 22 foot Pathfinder was rated to accept a 250hp outboard. I called the factory in Ft Pierce and they said 2006. The brochure posted in the sticky for this forum say's 2007. I'm looking at a 2200V built in 2005 being sold with a 250 2 stroke that the owner said came with the boat. Anyone know when? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the replies.
  3. I'm looking at purchasing a used in 2200 Pathfinder built in 2002. Looking at the rear deck, there are 3 hatches in a V configuration. There is a small hatch on the foredeck as well. I have seen on newer Pathfinders that the rear deck has seats or live wells where there is currently no access and there are multiple hatches on the foredeck. My question is can these areas be accessed to have these hatches and storage installed or will that weaken the structural integrity of the boat?