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  1. LT20 repower 200 vs 150HP

    i have a 99 yamaha 150 2 stroke saltwater series. It does fine, 19p prop great hole shot, 28-32 cruise at about 3200 and 48mph at 5400 65gal fuel and 2 persons on a 21 maverick MA
  2. Ymaha F150

    sounds like a VST issue, either filter or pump. I know the early V6 four strokes, had a issue with the connector attached to the low speed fuel pump. during hot conditions the connector would cause a malfunction/ low voltage to the pump and cause the fuel starvation issues.
  3. Repower I4 vs v6

    Thanks, I've always been more partial to Yamaha but cost is a issue. The new 4stroke vmax would be the ideal motor in my mind. Thanks again everyone who replied!
  4. Repower I4 vs v6

    Thanks, my 150 does well, great hole shot and 48 mph full fuel and 2 persona and gear. Was that 150 Zuk a 4cyl? Or any of those motors you've used? I'm not a speed whore. I'm happy with the 40s I see. I want a great hole shot still and keep things light with the repower. Thanks again for the replies
  5. Repower I4 vs v6

    I'm tossing around the idea of repowering my 21 master angler. It has a 99 Yamaha 150 v6 (2stroke) and I am thinking about the Suzuki df200a p (4stroke) i4. I am worried about the low end torque and hole shot of the I4 compared to my v6 I would think the topend would be better with the extra 50 hp. I would Like to hear your thoughts on it. The early MA are only rated for a 225.
  6. Best prop for 21 master angler

    What don't you like about your current prop? I just picked up a solas Titan HR4 for my 21 master angler and love it. Easily runs with the jack plate all the way up, great hole shot. And only 250-300 for a SS 4 blade compared to powertech at 500-600.
  7. After a extensive online search for reviews regarding this company, I found little so here it goes. I have a 99 MA 21' with a 99 Yamaha 150 ocean series II. ( Carbed 2T) when I bought the boat it had a SS 3 blade with no identification and it ventilated badly at high jack plate settings and sharp maneuvers. I was unwilling to fork over 500-600 for a powertech or Mercury, they seem like the go to for flats and bay boats. I ended up with a SS Rubex HR4 19p ($298 shipped with hub). Exactly what I was looking for as far as grip and high jack plate performance. Excellent hole shot with little to no top end loss 48mph around 5500rpm. This matches the original 3 blade since I can't isolate tide and wind speeds factors. Pretty good considering it's only a 150 off the back, hole shot seems to plane in a little over the length of the boat. Regarding the Rubex hub, I do carry the 3 blade as a spare. The press in rubber hub has aluminum splines designed to shear in the event of a prop strike to save the rest of the drive train. It's only a matter of when out in the big bend, Crystal River area. Thanks for reading if you have any questions let me know.