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  1. Transom savers

    I use the "m-y wedge" motor support, but I was warned (depending on what motor you have) to look out for any grease zerk fittings that might be near the trim pistons. On my Yamaha, I use the m-y wedge on the left side to avoid damaging a fitting on the right side. Your motor may be different.
  2. 18HPXV - Tempest 24P vs 23P

    Now that you've run the 24, was it the right choice, or would you recommend the 23 to others? What kind of numbers are you seeing?
  3. 2016 HPX-V 18 F150 Prop

    Did any of you guys end up buying, and running a Tempest 23? Was it what you thought? I'm sorting out my prop and would appreciate your experiences.
  4. HPXV 17 Prop Help

    Thanks FL-Dave, this is good info.
  5. 15 HPXT Prop Suggestions

    I'm curious which Power Tech Prop you ordered, and how well it performed for you?
  6. It's my understanding that the more blade you have, the more bite the prop provides. I would call power tech if your biggest concern is top speed. They offer a 4, and even 5 blade prop for your engine. I'm running a OFX4R18, and I like all the characteristics of it's performance.
  7. Polliwog, You're spot on. I spoke with my dealer, and a gentleman at Maverick who both felt it would "disrupt the flow of water to the motor", as you mentioned. Thanks for your input. It looks like it's going to be the standard mounting location for me. I'll also look into the spray supresser you mentioned. I hadn't heard of that before. BeachBum
  8. Thanks Boomer, That's exactly how I've mounted mine in the past on other boats. The Maverick has an interesting step in the hull near the drain plug. My question is whether anyone on the forum has ever used this pocket in the hull to mount a transducer? I'm open to any suggestions or comments about whether this would be a good or bad location. Here's a picture of where I was considering mounting the transducer. BeachBum
  9. Where is the best location to mount a transom transducer on a 18 HPX, and is anyone using the pocket next to the drain plug?