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  1. Butt seat for my 2500

    Just got this seat for my new 2500. I have used millennium tree stands for a few years now and love them. They make this seat that mounts to any seat base.
  2. Suzuki

    Suze is a real nice motor, i work on a handful of em, but parts and fact auth service is a real issue in the US. Yam, Merc and ETEC are much more manageable if you cant do everything yourself
  3. 2500 Transducer Placement

    the pic below shows my transducer in my 2500. This is right under the console. The transducer I have is Thru Hull transducer 20 degree Simrad SS175H-W 20D Tilt 130-210KHZ Stainless Steel Part# 000-13782-001
  4. Suzuki

    i dont think so. Merc or Yammy
  5. PF 2500 T-top speakers wiring

    if there isn't already a pull cord coming down the pipe to the t top into the console run a fish tape up the pipe from under the console and pull one down... this is pretty straight forward If its a stock top the wiring harness should already be there
  6. 2500 Dash Complete

    oh and for any of the other Simrad folks out there. If you have an F350, which doesnt come with a speed sensor, you will want to deliver speed via your MFD's GPS to the Yamaha 6YC digital display. You will need a video cable plugged in to the back of your MFD and you will connect the yellow wire on the video cable to the white wire on the back of the 6YC and the blue wire on the cable to the blue wire on the 6YC. See pic below. Once thats done it seems Simrad doesnt turn on nmea183 broadcast by default so u need to go to the network secton of the menu and under NMEA 183 enable. Wallla It works. You can also enable this via NMEA 2000 but u need to buy a 500 dollar module from yamaha to do so.... NMEA183 works fine for this, save ur money
  7. 2500 Dash Complete

    photobucket stopped working.... uploaded a regular pic... although as much as i tried i couldnt rotate it.... turn ur monitor
  8. 2500 Dash Complete

    The balzout mounts are by far the best. They are absolutely rock solid. I have a lowrance hds10 mounted on one on my ranger 620. Running 60mph up on the great lakes and it doesn't budge. Worth the 200 buck price tag. I am also using one on the bow mfd on this boat as well
  9. 2500 Dash Complete

    I used plastic loom. I can open and close the hatch without ha ing to worry about pinching.
  10. 2500 Dash Complete

    Finally finished my electronics rigging for my new 2500. Hard to work up here in NJ this time of year... freezing my butt off out there under the shrink wrap. Simrad NSS12, RS20VHF and AP44 autopilot on the flat. Simrad NSS9 on a ballzout mount and Fusion stereo mounted in the forward t-top hatch.
  11. Transducer location LSS2

    its not my boat... i was inquiring for feedback and this is what i saw. I think that's just the perspective. I was actually glad to get this pic because this the exact location i have stenciled out on my transom to mount the plate my 3d scan will attach to. If this is how the factory does it I feel that validates my judgement Once it actually gets a little warmer up herein NJ i will mount mine and post some pics. Im only doing inside rigging right now becase the whole outside is shrink wrapped
  12. Transducer location LSS2

    pic of side scan on a 2500 stepped transom
  13. Pathfinder 2500 Tuna Tango

    its an awesome platform... i took delivery of mine in december, got to run it once being in NJ and now its too cold out... cant wait for spring... out there working in it every weekend under the shrink wrap rigging up eletronics
  14. Pathfinder 2500 Tuna Tango

    Awesome, and its so cool that you spend this kind of quality time with your daughter. You guys are great.
  15. We just lost our best friend and fishing partner Boone to cancer on 12/7/2017.... just 4 days earlier he was out with us hunting Muskie on the great lakes, then gone. We feel your pain and so sorry for your loss.