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  1. Butt seat for my 2500

    it does not... many different bases. the 2500 takes a pin post which i got from swivel eeze
  2. Butt seat for my 2500

    seat is fantastic, super comfortable. Posted another thread on this with pic last week
  3. Bow seat post for pathfinder 2500

    Repair looks perfect. For anyone who fishes like me and likes a bow leaner this millennium seat is simply awesome.
  4. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    lots of pics of my 2500 on here. Mine is ice blue hull white topside and power coat grey t top hardware with an ice blue ttop underside and white top.
  5. Bow seat post for pathfinder 2500

    i fixed it myself Skip. if i brought it there i lose too many days. i turned around the repair in 2 days. My motto is dont own a boat if u cannot fix anything that they present u i just find this kind of thing frustrating. if the assembly folks tried to insert a seat pole they would have immediately seen the error.
  6. Bow seat post for pathfinder 2500

    Here's the issue. Factory drilled the hole off centered. This really pisses me off on a rig with this price tag
  7. I bought a swivel eeze pin post because i believed this was the correct post for my bow seat base. It goes in about 1/2 and inch and stopped hard. It doesnt go in deep enough for the fat part of the seat post to rest against the wider gas cap opening so its very wobbly Any ideas?
  8. 2500 Garmin transducer

    my 2500 thru hull loses contact above 52mph but my structure scan reads depth all the way to 64mph has to do with hull being out of the water at high speed with tabs up and max trim angles on the motor
  9. Butt seat for my 2500

    Just got this seat for my new 2500. I have used millennium tree stands for a few years now and love them. They make this seat that mounts to any seat base.
  10. Suzuki

    Suze is a real nice motor, i work on a handful of em, but parts and fact auth service is a real issue in the US. Yam, Merc and ETEC are much more manageable if you cant do everything yourself
  11. 2500 Transducer Placement

    the pic below shows my transducer in my 2500. This is right under the console. The transducer I have is Thru Hull transducer 20 degree Simrad SS175H-W 20D Tilt 130-210KHZ Stainless Steel Part# 000-13782-001
  12. Suzuki

    i dont think so. Merc or Yammy
  13. PF 2500 T-top speakers wiring

    if there isn't already a pull cord coming down the pipe to the t top into the console run a fish tape up the pipe from under the console and pull one down... this is pretty straight forward If its a stock top the wiring harness should already be there
  14. 2500 Dash Complete

    oh and for any of the other Simrad folks out there. If you have an F350, which doesnt come with a speed sensor, you will want to deliver speed via your MFD's GPS to the Yamaha 6YC digital display. You will need a video cable plugged in to the back of your MFD and you will connect the yellow wire on the video cable to the white wire on the back of the 6YC and the blue wire on the cable to the blue wire on the 6YC. See pic below. Once thats done it seems Simrad doesnt turn on nmea183 broadcast by default so u need to go to the network secton of the menu and under NMEA 183 enable. Wallla It works. You can also enable this via NMEA 2000 but u need to buy a 500 dollar module from yamaha to do so.... NMEA183 works fine for this, save ur money