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  1. My 2500 Build

    its an incredible layout....
  2. My 2500 Build

    i saw one with a 350 vRod... i wont have any data until spring. I live in New Jersey and will be bringing her home next weekend. Will spend most of the winter rigging all my electronics, trolling motor, chargers, tracks and planer reels.
  3. My 2500 Build

    Here she is all Done and waiting to head North to New Jersey. Cant wait to see what that 350 will do with a 15.25x23" sds wheel
  4. Length of 2500 on Trailer?

    how high do the door openings need to be. Im building a garage this winter for my new comer
  5. My 2500 Build

    ooooh.... we have propulsion
  6. My 2500 Build

    2 weeks give or take, on day 6....
  7. My 2500 Build

    WOW 2 update mails from Skip today, this girl is looking sexy... shes now in one piece
  8. My 2500 Build

    Yes... i keep refreshing my email every few minutes each morning looking for these pictures... i dont know what im going to do when it actually leaves florida en route for NJ.... be a lot of anxiety then i will start pestering the dealer lol
  9. My 2500 Build

    I know its been said a 1000 times but i just cannot express how awesome Maverick is for doing this for their customers.... Here's a bunch of build pics of the first week's progress on my ice blue 2500 Thanks so Much Skip
  10. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    my buddies 2500 forward box hold water but i wouldnt say a lot... at least not for the size of it
  11. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    did you get the macerator pump option on the box? My buddy has a 2500 w/o the macerator and some water will remain in the forward box until he takes the boat out of the water. I ordered mine with the macerator, hopefully that will "actively" pull water out
  12. 2500 Electronics

    Picked up my electronics pack for our inbound 25.... cant wait to spend the winter rigging this baby up.
  13. Transducer setup for Riptide Ulterra

    this is what i do. NMEA 2000 to connect the 3d and thru hull 2d ducers to the bow mounted MFD. unless you're fishing in 5 feet of water or less this works perfectly
  14. 2500 on order

    Congrats... mine starts assembly in November but im in NJ so a factory tour is tough for me
  15. PF 2500 hybrid power option

    i ordered mine with the F350