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  1. My First Maverick 1989

    Decided it could use some paint. Not the best looking but better than before.
  2. My First Maverick 1989

    Previous owner built this wooden battery holder to keep the batteries from damaging the bottom of the compartment.
  3. First time on the water

    After a few days of touching up minor cosmetic blemishes and installing latches, etc. the 1989 has hit the water for the first time since being picked up two weeks ago. Lanier was crazy packed today and there were lots of big wakes but the Maverick handled it all well.
  4. What happen to the Redfish????

    Fished Englewood for about 16 years and never really caught that many regardless of red tide. I just don't think there are many in that area, I could be wrong of course though. I fish Boca Grande now and even there we don't catch but a few reds each year.
  5. My First Maverick 1989

    When we purchased the boat the owner was nice enough to throw in a spare prop. Had a four in there but now the three will be pushing the boat.
  6. My First Maverick 1989

    The giant poling platform's paint is complete and looks brand new
  7. My First Maverick 1989

    The front storage/cooler part of the console needed paint as well and so I will be doing a second coat on it today.
  8. My First Maverick 1989

    The poling platform's paint was getting flaky and so a new coat is going on every part of it. Will post another picture of it when it's finished and mounted. It will be painted Hatteras Off white to match the rest of the boat.
  9. My First Maverick 1989

  10. My First Maverick 1989

  11. My First Maverick 1989

    Motor is a 1999 and has around 500 hours. The motor was once on an Egret that stayed aboard a yacht and wasn't used much.
  12. My First Maverick 1989

  13. My First Maverick 1989

    Picked up this 1989 18' Master Angler last week. Boat is in very good condition except for a few very minor cosmetic blemishes here and there that should be easy to fix. Excited to start working on it soon and give updates or ask for advice on this forum.