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  1. Hey , Ryan I was born and raised in Hialeah and live there for 22 years .I knew Opa Locka very well, it's just north east of Hialeah . In mid 1960 we would hunted dove and fish the lakes there just South of Opa Locka Air port . Now Amelia Park . We would skip Jr. high school and climb on top of the old Blimp hangers . Most of my fishing and hunting buddies moved 30 plus miles north to Davie and Pembroke Pines area or south to the Redlands . As stated by Wanaflatsfish traffic is bad around the Miami area . I got marred at 22 , my wife's Cuban born and has live here since she was 8 years old, We've moved to Virginia Garden just north of MIA (airport) I'm a aviation mechanic turn NDT inspector for 35 years . We now live in southwest Kendall area for 20 years . At 4:00 pm adv drive time is 1 hr, to MIA and additional 30 mins to Opa Locka . The Virginia Gardens is still nice locations and they have their own Police Force. Severally my child hood friends still live there and there kids choose to buy there and raise there families there .It would take you 30 min to drive to Opa Locka airport from Virginia Gardens or Miami springs Airport noise level not bad since they built the wall on 36 st . My kids all graduated from public schools , And they got out of it , what they put in it ! All 5 have done very well for themselves . Now as for Opa locks , it wasn't the worse place to live or work in Miami but it was 1 of the top 3 worse . It's hasn't improved and still isn't a place to raise kids . But You can definitely commute ! The Kendall area is nice Schools ,Hospital Shopping . The, Redlands area located between Homestead and Kendall has larger yards and u can keep horses . Homestead is quite and has that Small town feeling . But will take you and extra 35 min , drive The Pines, Miramar and Davie is also nice also nicer layout of roads etc. but they have their less preferred areas as well,. Now for fishing it's great out of key Biscayne , Flamingo iEverglades National Park and the upper Fl. Keys is all close by. Best to try to rent and then you can make your best choice for you and your family .And you don't need to speak Spanish . I rarely do and enjoy this great diverse community .good luck Oh bring ur boots an ur S - -t Kicking Cowboy hat and your will fit right in.
  2. Florida Map Tracks compatible unit

    Tks Skinny running , Capt. DeWalt seems to be happy with his Elite Ti .The 9" price is affordable , and as Hurricane stated above , the button will make it easier to zoom when running . This will leave me enough to pick up the FMT and a fwd, casting platform of some type. I already have a 50qt yeti I use . But it's really perfect for getting up and down from the polling platform quick. Thank you for you imput , this is all new to me .
  3. Florida Map Tracks compatible unit

    Thank You Guy's so much , Truly appreciate all of you and your input . be safe an God bless
  4. Florida Map Tracks compatible unit

    Tks Capt DeWalt For the help ,I'll check them out.The 17 footer a great ride, she's been kept indoors and has a clean 130 Yamaha and 6" Jack plate.
  5. Florida Map Tracks compatible unit

    Sorry everyone I didn't realize that I posted in classified fourm instead of the General forum .
  6. Florida Map Tracks compatible unit

    Thanks Big Dave the EVO 3 9" and 12" is more than I can spend right now. More important family issues . That's why I'm looking at the GO 7 or 9 " or the Lawrence HDS 9 "thank you for help . Capt .DeWalt I have never had a gps /sonar before I always fishing from airboats with a compass as back up sense I was kid .So when you stated you can't spin the knob in or out while running ! Can you please clarify . This is my first flats boat shes a17' MA with a clean bottom and shallow water pickup ,that I don't want to tear up lol.
  7. Florida Map Tracks compatible unit

    Hello everyone it's been a while , family issues kept me busy and away . I'm looking to install a Simrad GO 7 or GO9 so I can use the FMT chip . will probably get the full state chart . I'm planning to retire next year and do some exploring , If wife permits!!! . I see several of you have the FMT chips , and I was wondering if your still happy with it. The Simrad GO 7 only has a single SD port and the Symrad GO 9 has Dual port . Other than screen size is the additional port needed . Sorry if it's a stupid question , I never used or needed a gps/sonar before , any advise from you guys would truly be appreciated thank you . jim
  8. Comic Relief during IRMA..

    That's a pretty good impression of some of our news reporters down here in Miami , all he needs is to be standing in ankle deep water and claim its 2 feet deep !!!!
  9. Checking in on our Florida Members

    Well thank GOD ,she wasn't a catagory 4 or 5 . I live in Kendall a stones throw from Homestead. I only had 3 downed trees and 150 ' of wooden fence. It was 15 years old , didn't expect.it to make it . Thankfully never lost elect, power . No signs of flooding anywhere here ,farm fields across the road didn't even have any standing water . There always an excessive amount of drama with news reporters , but sometimes that's what it seems to take to get some people motivated . And thank GOD a lot of keys residents listened. Here inland we only had 60 to 75 mph gust we were very fortunate this time.
  10. ground tie boat or not

    With all this rain we've been having and the additional flooding . It takes a much lower wind gust to topple those trees , with large top due to the saturated ground . Sorry failed to state that mine boat was a metal John boat , makes a big difference for sure .What about parking between house and car or two car , so long as the house dosen't have cement or clay roof tile . Hope all turns out well .
  11. Boat Covers Direct . com

    Great info Guy's I've been wanting to find one for my 1996 MA 17 ' . But since I kept her under a 12 X 20 portable car port. Other wanted upgrades for her were more important . Is it better to get one that covers the polling platform , or that leaves It exposed . Should I look for one with center supports and a venting system . I have several instrument fans I've used to air out the budge could use them . They should help circulation and assist in lowering over temp, And like CONOCEAN ask what color . Or Which seem to hide dirt or faded the least from your alls experance Tks again
  12. Loose Center Console

    Nice and quick fix, sometime their the best . Only other thing I can think of is seeing some pic's with fish have a great trip brother .
  13. ground tie boat or not

    It worked for me I tied them togeather then filled the boat 1/4 full of water .Only because it was so light after I removed the 25 hp didn't want to put to much water and damage the springs Don't think I would put that water inside a fiberglass hull . With all the foam core or honeycomb material
  14. Starting Battery

    Their certainly good batteries Drummer, mine was over 4 years old when I bought my boat sat over a year and still held a charge ,but knew it could go at any tine Went with Deka simply because others here recommended it an Yamaha dealer confirmed. Will be replaceing my two Optimas their no longer holding a charge after 5 years plus , would have never believed it
  15. Loose Center Console

    You could certainly glass it in ,from my experance the gel.coat on the deck would need to be sanded down to the glass prior to putting down glass to insure proper bonding then you should re gel coat the raw glass or at least prime and paint it with a quality epoxy paint. . ( Now by doing doing this I believe your creating a bigger problem. The next time you need to get in there , the bloody thing is now glassed in .The few center console floors I've helped my buddies with , had stringers under the outer edge to support the weight of the console, If you choose to use toggle bolts and their not stainless their going to rust very quickly especially if there is any moisture in that foam core stringer , not to forget salt that was carried there , by the capuluary action of the water .Did you try to speak to anyone from Hewes in their design Dept try to get Drawing with locations of pluming ,elect runs fuel lines fuel tank placement and its Dim's , before you go on your trip , drilling into un knowed flooring is very risky!!!!! I would temporary bond a few locations NOT WHERE THE HOLES ARE, and a small bead around the out side permeter ) and ( do not use the 5200 either ) go on that trip and catch as much as you can . Take some pic's and post them . Then come back and pull that sucker off . Check for soft or spongy spots in that area.If no reply from Hewes use a scribe or pick to dig out some material from inside all the wobbled out holes. Remember what you take out , you will have to replace . Check its concisity. Can you squeeze out water, does it smell sour or is it damp Try Squeeze between toilet paper will show moisture. Or is it dry. If Dry I would mix up a fiberglass surrie with very fine chopped glass and a little filler to make a wet soup mix may be 12 oz , then work with 2 oz at a time , do a practice mix adding just enough hardener to set it off but give you time to work a few holes at a time Remember OATs matters ( outside air temp) Don't Rush this trial run, do several until your happy with wix and working time. Then get a couple of large injection syreng to force the mix down into the holes and into the stringers core . Fill from deep inside to let the air escape , you might use a piece of stiff wire to work the mix into the stringers hole , don't gough gently work it in .May take a couple times each hole,. Keep checking holes level as you work from hole to hole.Add wet mix to wet mix . When finished let it set up a few days, when fully cured place console back in same location ( Use masking tape around permeter before removing console ) mark and drill correct holes for the stainless screws your installing back into the new glass holes . Clean all old sealant from floor , bottom and sides of console. Put console in place and line up drilled holes with drills in all the holes . Now duck tape forward edge of console to deck. Get help " Not drunk help " Verify all holes are still lined up.. Remove all drill bits . And with help holding front edge , raise back and gently roll forward enough to apply a slow setting adhesive base Two rows with holes in middle and a bead around each hole Try to work quick but don't rush and make a mess.slowly roll the console back into place and install screws in crisicross pattern Tighten evenly so there's no uneven gap and No sealant visible around outside permeter, I hope this helps .