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  1. Steering Cable REPLACE

    I have a 1998 Maverick Mirage, does anyone know if the outboard needs to be removed to replace the steering cable?
  2. 1998 17 HP

    Great to hear, thanks for the input. Also owned a skimmer skiff which was tippy but yes you get used to it. I also like the lay out of the deck sort of like my Master Angler. After I pick it up taking it to the Skiff Shop to get re-wired should look brand new when done.
  3. 1998 17 HP

    It's the 17 HP Mirage
  4. 1998 17 HP

    Can anyone give me any info on how an 1998 17 HP performs and how all the holes in the hatches drain water, I understand they only did that for one year in manufacturing? I'm thinking about buying one. I currently own the 21' Master Angler. Any input would be greatly appreciated.