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  1. CorkDork

    How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    Hey Justfish, I plan on replacing the hummingbird on the Pathfinder this weekend. Do you think you could take a ride north ? I could use a demonstration on how to fit inside the console. I’d be more than happy to pass you all the beer you need.
  2. CorkDork

    Jacksonville ICW

    Made the most of some time off this week. Unfortunately the aftermath of Irma canceled a planned trip to Chokoloskee with @conocean. Beautiful couple of days both on and in the water here in Jacksonville. Lots of small trout and flounder. Ended up bringing this upper slot red home for dinner.
  3. CorkDork

    THIS is a sunrise

  4. CorkDork

    1900v for sale

    My daughter would kill me if we sold the boat. We are definitely enjoying her. I totally agree with justfish's opinion. I owe both him and conocean a big thanks for allowing me to land the elusive 19V. With that being said. If it was last summer, I'd be driving to Naples to check this boat out! Brian