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  1. calsmith1990

    2007 Maverick 17HPXV

    Wonderful. Thank you very much. Great boat BTW. Good luck
  2. calsmith1990

    2007 Maverick 17HPXV

    where did you buy the mesh for the hatches?
  3. calsmith1990

    Maverick Compartments - Keys

    thank you. I believe it is a Perko, but can't see a serial number
  4. calsmith1990

    WTB hpx tunnel

    just bought one in SC, check microskiff.com, got mine for $13k if that helps
  5. calsmith1990

    Maverick HPX-T Latch Keys

    Does anybody know what a 2004 model for the hatch keys would be? I just got mine used and the owner didn't have them. Thanks.
  6. calsmith1990

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    What would it be for a Maverick HPX - T from 2004? I don't see a number on the latch? Thank you.
  7. calsmith1990

    Simrad Go7 XSE $400 SOLD

    Still for sale?
  8. Hello, Does anyone know where to get the keys that lock the hatches? I seem to have lost mine. Thanks.
  9. calsmith1990

    2017 Maverick HPX - 18 For Sale

    Georgetown, SC?
  10. calsmith1990

    2004 MAVERICK 15 HPX $16,500

    Clean boat. GLWS
  11. calsmith1990

    2000 hpx-t —SOLD

    Where did you get all your work to refurb the Mav? Thinking about buying the exact same model.
  12. calsmith1990


    still available?
  13. calsmith1990


    Where is this boat located?
  14. calsmith1990

    2007 Maverick Mirage HPX

    Where are you in Beaufort? I might be interested in checking it out one day this week or next?
  15. calsmith1990

    1993 16' Hewes BayFisher $ 5,800

    what does she draft?
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