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  1. calsmith1990

    HPX-T Livewell Issue - Help ASAP

    wonderful. Thank y'all very much.
  2. calsmith1990

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    Hey, I am more of a fan of Jacksonville for fishing purposes, general area, and cost of living. My whole family is from there and loves it. Miami is a bit too big for me. My Aunt is a Realtor -Top Producer and lives in the Ortega part of town if you would like her opinion/contact information let me know. In terms of the 31 Contender, there are many homes off the St. John's River that have deep water access and docks. Went to Miami for my Bachelor Party and it was a blast for fishing, just pressured and a major metropolitan city. However, it's only a 6 hour drive from Jacksonville if I remember correctly. Fishing in Jacksonville is pretty darn good, Mayport Inlet is awesome, offshore is pretty good, there inshore is loaded with the usual species. Tarpon bite is good. Ponte Vedra is the best area for fishing purposes - direct access to the Ocean. In terms of schools, check out St. Mark's in Ortega or Bolles in Jacksonville. Episcopal I have been told is great also. Hope this helps. Ask the guys at Black Fly Outfitters about fishing or Strike-Zone.
  3. calsmith1990

    HPX-T Livewell Issue - Help ASAP

    Good Morning Everyone, I have a Maverick HPX-T from 2004. I have a Port side crustacean livewell, others have told me it is a "free flowing" livewell. Immediately, when the transom hits the water the livewell begins to fill up with water. I have a drain plug in the livewell that goes directly in the hull. There is another white colored faucet that I see the water comes in from. Is there a way to stop the water from automatically coming into my livewell? Valve I could turn off maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello All, Does anyone know where I can buy a cover for an HPX-T? 17 ft. Also, where I can buy the material for the rod gunnels? The mesh material seen in these pictures? Thanks.
  5. calsmith1990

    2005 Hewes Redfisher for sale

    North Inlet in the picture/Debordieu?
  6. calsmith1990

    2007 Maverick 17HPXV SOLD

    Wonderful. Thank you very much. Great boat BTW. Good luck
  7. calsmith1990

    2007 Maverick 17HPXV SOLD

    where did you buy the mesh for the hatches?
  8. calsmith1990

    Maverick Compartments - Keys

    thank you. I believe it is a Perko, but can't see a serial number
  9. calsmith1990

    WTB hpx tunnel

    just bought one in SC, check microskiff.com, got mine for $13k if that helps
  10. calsmith1990

    Maverick HPX-T Latch Keys

    Does anybody know what a 2004 model for the hatch keys would be? I just got mine used and the owner didn't have them. Thanks.
  11. calsmith1990

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    What would it be for a Maverick HPX - T from 2004? I don't see a number on the latch? Thank you.
  12. calsmith1990

    Simrad Go7 XSE $400 SOLD

    Still for sale?
  13. Hello, Does anyone know where to get the keys that lock the hatches? I seem to have lost mine. Thanks.
  14. calsmith1990

    2017 Maverick HPX - 18 For Sale

    Georgetown, SC?
  15. calsmith1990

    2004 MAVERICK 15 HPX $16,500

    Clean boat. GLWS
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