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  1. Nick2400TRS

    2400 TRS F300 Prop

    I’m also interested in the ofx4 18
  2. Nick2400TRS

    Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade $200 shipped

    Any idea the performance on a 2400trs with f300?
  3. Nick2400TRS

    Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade $200 shipped

    What’s the diameter?
  4. Nick2400TRS

    Platinum+ Navionics 632P central and south Florida CF

    Is this still available?
  5. Nick2400TRS

    Pathfinder tournament radio replacement

    I have a polk audio I’d sell you that’s the same size. Message me
  6. Nick2400TRS

    2400 TRS F300 Prop

    Has anybody run a mercury tempest plus 3 blade 14.625” x 21P on their 2400?
  7. Nick2400TRS

    New 505 lb Mercury V8 4 strokes

    I’d love to find out the price on a 300 digital shift 25” white motor???? Anybody know how much?
  8. Nick2400TRS

    WTB prop for Sho 250

    I have a Yamaha HS4 21 I used on my F300. I had an inch taken out of it at a local prop shop and didn’t like the performance on my boat. I’d sell it for $200 if you’re interested.
  9. Nick2400TRS

    Simrad NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter - $2399

    I read that the biggest difference is the screen. Higher resolution and better viewing angle and with polarized glasses.
  10. Nick2400TRS

    Drill a hole in the bottom of the Yeti???

    What about something like this http://www.onmar.se/en/bimini-hardware/spannbeslag-1/swivel-locking-eye
  11. Nick2400TRS

    Simrad vs all the rest

    I have 2 navionics chips and don’t have issues. Maybe you have a lemon unit?? Have you called Simrad?
  12. Nick2400TRS

    Simrad vs all the rest

    Sounds like you need to adjust your transducer mounting location. I don’t have any of those problems
  13. Nick2400TRS

    Simrad vs all the rest

    I have a go9xse and am very pleased. I have the navionics plat+ chip and also had to buy the hotmaps for inshore and lake detail. It holds 2 chips so no problem there. The depth finder works fine for me except when I exceed 40-45mph I lose the bottom. I’ve never played with side scan so can’t help you there. It displays water temp and if you buy a cable for around $100 it will display very detailed engine info.
  14. Nick2400TRS

    Recommendations on wireless trolling motors

    My new MK ipilot auto stow is incredible so far. I love the auto deploy/stow feature, well worth the money in my opinion. Also the new version of spot lock works so much better than the 2016 models, I can’t belive the difference.
  15. Nick2400TRS

    Livewell bubbler/aerator question

    Never thought of that...thanks I may do that also, that’s one of the options I was considering