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  1. Losing power

    OK so so results.Was still only able to hit 5k and 49mph before it blew out. Good news is YDC shows all cylinders firing. I did manage to find another issue but I don't know that it would effect my max RPM. To start his is a shortened read out as I cam through the RPMS:What I found when I removed the cowling and heard a pssst, psst, psst, psst sound was one of the low pressure pumps he did clearly had the gasket installed incorrectly. See photo:I guess question is:1) Could this gasket be causing my issue - It appears as though my fuel pressures are still in spec so I doubt it.2) There is definitely oil getting all over around this pump. I can't find an oil leak and it didn't do this before the work so I am thinking its bleeding from the case where the gasket isn't right?3) Based on the data and what you guys know where else could my issue be if its not that low pressure pump? Would it show cylinder firing IF an injector was plugged or is that simply a spark reading? I did notice the throttle position doesn't get past 73.5 degrees (YDC parameters are 0-90) is that where it should be or the full 90?
  2. Losing power

    Ok guys, so I got everything accomplished (Vst, mid pressure filter, and 2 mystery filters in my pump) and threw it on YDC. System shows all 6 cylinders firing (when in gear) 1,4,5,6 firing when in neutral and a low side pressure of 4.8 and high side pressure of 675 (within spec). Hopefully this fixed my issue - I am going to run her tomorrow morning and see if it did. For those of you using YDC - how do you get the 15 minute history? Is there anything else I should be looking at? I have no diagnostic codes and I was using the engine monitor. For those and everyone else - I have attached the snap shot of it running at idle as well as this photo of my VST filter.
  3. Losing power

  4. Losing power

    I think I have a game plan - 1) Vst/mid filters replace - test to see if power restored 2) if same symptom test fuel rail pressure - fuel rail pressure good bring back to guy to redo for his mess up not changing the filters 3) if rail pressure down do basket filters 4) if problem persists Yamaha master mechanic here I come Thoughts? Now to find Vst, mid filter, and gasket when all locals are closed until after jan 1. Anyone know simyamahas holiday hours
  5. Losing power

    Actually I just went out and checked. Single pump - so thats the one with the one filter in the pump block and then the other underneath kind of hidden right? See attached photo Also was recommended to get the YDS software and check these items myself. I am thinking to do that for $60 and see if I can see the pressure drop off. if its at the rail and after the VST I know where my issue is. I am thinking to go through these minimum steps before brining it to a mechanic. Keep in mind I JUST picked it up this week from having the above listed done to the tune of $1400. Needless to say it won't be going back to that guy - in fact wifes dad knows one of the local master mechanics. 1) Change VST and Mid pressure - as some have stated needs to be done and will be good for me to know and do anyways 2) Check pressure on rail and VST using YDS 3) If rail pressure is down then change the mystery filters, if rail pressure is up probably just take to the mechanic. I have some level of technical skill and really should learn to do these things to save my self some serious money long term. Outboards just tend to make me nervous as I haven't really ever worked on one - PLUS the high cost if you are wrong and get stuck on the water.
  6. Losing power

    Sounds good from what I’ve folllowed on other forums it seems like a straight forward job. Thinking to do them all then bring it to the master mechanic for pressure test and run through
  7. Losing power

    I know where one is i was hoping I could cross off a couple things to keep costs down and because I was going to go out this week.
  8. Losing power

    Dang. You would have had some business. Should probably just tackle the VST and HP mystery filters. There are only 2 in the 200 right?
  9. Losing power

    You aren’t in central Florida are you?
  10. Losing power

    Other question is if I do the VST and the problem persists showing it’s the mystery filters- would a mechanic then want to redo everything I already did like the VSt? Or would it then point specific knowing that everything except that has been changed? To add some clarity I do not see any surging or sudden drops its just like the motor won't go over the rpm like its maxed out or over propped.
  11. Losing power

    Yeah I’m starting to get the feeling they stumbled through this. I know the injectors were serviced by a third party with full flow reports so I would imagine that the injector filters were done i do know the Vst filters were not changed everything pre -vst was. Should I change Vst give it another rip to see how it goes or should I not move it until I have that answer and if they don’t know get it in another shop? Anything I can do to know if it’s running lean such as see if I get a temp alarm?
  12. Losing power

    it was definitely dropping due to the injector - flow report showed half output. Spark plugs were all changed on this last go as well. Also I doubt the HP mystery filters were changed Also I don’t know if this helps but the original issue stemmed from water in the fuel I Belive- not to say it couldn’t be trash or it’s probably not any better but at any rate there is no more water in the fuel
  13. Losing power

    Responses below
  14. Losing power

    Your lips to Gods ears. I can't take much more after just dropping $1400
  15. Losing power

    Awesome. I am really hoping thats it because it put a smile on my face when I powered up that first time. I mean I can't imagine I would already be a cylinder down again right? How would I test that if so? Also do you know torque specs for those 3 bolts?