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  1. Trailer Setup Advice

    Thanks guys! Sorry for the delayed response. I got Irma'd and just got power back
  2. Trailer Setup Advice

    Awesome guys, Thats what I thought. Ill give it a go. To be honest the boat floats all the way to the winch so I figured I was too deep
  3. Trailer Setup Advice

    Hey Guys, So I have new trailer that was setup by the dealer but I noticed (depending on how steep the ramp is) that I have to lift up on the bow to get it to go up and over the roller by the winch. Then the roller guides it up from the rub rail to the hook. Does that seem right or am I just pulling in too deep on the ramp? I have a continental trailer with the forward bunks. The one thing I noticed is the front roller for the keel does not make contact at any point. Is that because the forward bunks or does it still need to make contact and thats why I am having to lift it? Photos:
  4. Who's running vmax

    I have a 200 HPDI Vmax and see about 45ish at 4800. Prop needs to be changed out. Buddy runs a 175 zuk propped correctly runs about 43
  5. Speakers installation in 2200 TE

    I would assume the gunnels are a no no with the 8.8s. Maybe 7.7's? Anyone know the depth available?
  6. Sea star 5358 support rod removal

    Good call I'll have to order those! Thanks for confirming also I had my dad check his which was just serviced and he said he had about the same ill get this write up done and up on the site
  7. Sea star 5358 support rod removal

    Ok I got it in and done and like I said took pics to do a walk through. When at center I have about 1/8-1/4" play total (half that to a single side) when I push on the motor side to side but it appears there's no more air coming from bleeders or helm. Is that in spec? When at lock it's solid and won't budge
  8. Tarpon showing up

    Really appreciate all the info! This is exactly what I needed - will be my first go in the Port canaveral NSB area and want the wife to have a good time . I can sit all day however with her ..... well I am sure you know how that goes. Again thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. Tarpon showing up

    Off the beach I take it? I am new to the area and learning - if you dont mind me asking what baits and how far off?
  10. Sea star 5358 support rod removal

    Ahhhhhh Thanks for all the info. Ill take some pics and do a write up for the forum
  11. Sea star 5358 support rod removal

    Awesome! So the zerks don't actually do anything? seastar said if the zerks are there I will definitely have to remove the original support bar so I figured it did something.
  12. Sea star 5358 support rod removal

    Awesome! ill take some pictures along the way for a write up
  13. Sea star 5358 support rod removal

    Ok sounds good the rod in there just looks like it would be too long to come out when I eyeballed it. i assume any marine grease works? Where does the ground strap connect?
  14. Sea star 5358 support rod removal

    Hey guys, I tried this on another thread but In case someone missed it I wanted to start my own. so I need to replace my seastar cylinder on my 03 2200 and there is a new version that may require me to remove the old support rod. The motor is as low as it will go so the tolerances are tight - does anyone know if you can get the rod all the way out without dismounting the motor? i stole this photo from the other thread to show what I am talking about. To the original owner of this photo: sorry I stole this but it's pouring outside and I am hoping to start this project tomorrow.
  15. Pathfinder.. Which SeaStar Cylinder? SeaStar is So Confusing!!

    No it's a full replacement. The steering rod is pitted.