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  1. Prop and rpm

    Awesome thanks for the info! It's going in first week of Jan for the service so timing will be perfect
  2. Prop and rpm

    This is exactly why I was asking. I have no frame of reference but the motor seems to run solid and smooth so I can't imagine its losing power at the head.
  3. Prop and rpm

    Thanks I'm leaning that way. Here's the only markings on the prop
  4. Prop and rpm

    Marcus. you are spot on. Problem is he said I should be seeing higher rpm with what I have (5500ish) unless he's mistaken wonder if maybe mine has been reconditioned and same issue?
  5. Prop and rpm

    Definitely does and it seems like powertech does have a lot of experience with the pathfinder line. For my 200 manual states 200 hp @ 5500 . I'm turning probably 5k at 50mph with a 3 blade 14" 21p
  6. Prop and rpm

    Thanks for the info. This is my plan next weekend. I don't think I've trimmed it till blow out so just might not have pushed it hard enough yet. Was interested to see what others were seeing
  7. Prop and rpm

    Manual states 5-6k operating max power at 5500 Powertech said the 200 should have enough to spin a 21 at 55k
  8. Prop and rpm

    Yeah the powertech guy was surprised and said it should be able to push that 21. But the engine seems perfectly smooth so I was interested to hear what others have seen and I'll test as well
  9. Prop and rpm

    Hey guys, was talking to powertech today and it sounds like I am not seeing the Rpms I should on my vmax hpdi so I wanted to see what you guys are seeing and what could be the issues....maybe filters? 03 22v with 04 200 vmax hpdi powertech 3 blade 21p Loaded I am seeing 48-50 on the speedo turning 4900 Rpm tapped out i may not have really pushed it so I'm going to run it hard to see what my Max's are next weekend
  10. Livewell 1 filling issue

    Got it. Thanks for the info
  11. Livewell 1 filling issue

    question on turning the strainers. Mine are threaded at both ends, if I rotate back it will loosen, wont this cause a drip/leak?
  12. Livewell 1 filling issue

    Appreciate the info. Do you have the standard or the 90 degrees where the pump faces up? Seems like the 90s would be better for access and space but I dont know if they are more susceptible to air lock
  13. Livewell 1 filling issue

    Yeah I think the Tsunami just isn't cutting it. The other is a Rule 500 so I think I may just bite the bullet and change it
  14. Livewell 1 filling issue

    I am thinking this is probably going to be the plan.
  15. Livewell 1 filling issue

    Pulled the cartridge and everything looks ok. I ran it outside of the housing and the impeller spins so I guess its ok. Looking at it a bit closer, it seems like it is probably right at water level or maybe just a hair above but with the seacocks I dont see how it could be any lower.