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  1. General disarray

    Fixing sandbar rash

    Thats always a fun day
  2. General disarray

    Fixing sandbar rash

    Got it - definitely makes me feel better that this wasn't from abuse. Ive done it once but layered just enough to cover the actual spot
  3. General disarray

    Fixing sandbar rash

    Wanted some quick input. The lower leading edge of my bow is starting to show some resin. Since the gel around it is perfectly smooth to the exposed resin my plan is to tape out an area 2 - 3" wider than the exposed resin, fill that will gel coat, then taper the edges. Is that the best way to fix this? We are only talking 2 .5-1" sections about 1/4" wide
  4. General disarray

    2001 Pathfinder 2200 Interior Finish??

    Just went through similar on my 03, on an angle it’s a mirror but if I get straight on and up close it has a haze to it almost like a texture under a clear coat. dont know what I could ever do to correct it if it’s not meant to be that way so owell
  5. General disarray

    2003 Pathfinder Logo

    Totally get that but its much easier to get the logo matched. To tell someone to strip everything off the colored areas of the boat and completely sand and refinish it is a bit of a stretch over handing over an eps file that you no longer use. Heck I am happy to pay them to run me a set If the eps file didn't exist thats another story but it does
  6. General disarray

    2003 Pathfinder Logo

  7. General disarray

    2003 Pathfinder Logo

    Anyone know where I can find an eps or old pathfinder logo? Dealer doesnt have it, called maverick they said they dont sell it and wouldn't give out the old eps (disheartening to say the least). The problem is the discoloration behind the old logo to go to the new. Pathfinders response was "wet sand and polish the entire boat to see if it would come out" (Excellent customer service LOL). I explained the problem is that its not just a refresh of faded color, the decal seems to have actually turned it a brownish color as well. Anyone have a solution? Looking for a option before I just have someone recreate it Thanks!
  8. General disarray

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    Buddy has a 175 on a 22v - He gets 54 with a 4 blade on it. I know you're looking at a 140 but that should give you some measure
  9. General disarray

    Continental trailer for PF 22T

    Wrong. The a2244 has two 3750 axles under it so that puts it at 7500 at the axles. Trailer is 980 so in theory you have 6500 minus 10% threshold puts you over 5k. 13” wheels would be the weak point and that still puts your rating around 4440 on the trailer per their spec. dont get me wrong more is better but your info is wrong. op I would go 14” wheels anyways nets you an additional 600 on the sticker plus peace of mind. I will probably upgrade mine. Why not?
  10. General disarray

    Continental trailer for PF 22T

    Just checked mine it’s an a2244 with the 13” wheels. I’ve never had an issue 2003 2200v. I have minimum 45 min to the ramp over various quality roads and speed. Never once felt like it’s not enough trailer. i was worried in what the dealer specd, called continental and they said that’s the right trailer for the boat fwiw. that said it was put under it before I bought it - if i were to do it I prob would go ameratrail if I had the cash. Ameratrail uses the exact same axles as the continental but the build quality is way better
  11. General disarray

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    On my 2003 2200V I couldn't imagine fitting it without either A) modifying the console to increase height or B) Mounting it on the gimbal on top of the dash
  12. General disarray

    Hatch seal dimensions

    How did you feed the backer rod in? Even using the 5/8" the 1/4" backer rod seems like it would be difficult to feed it through with only and guessed 1/16" play
  13. General disarray

    Replacement decals which color?

    Mines the fighting lady yellow and I heard it’s terrible and when you buff it mottles so you basically have to wet sand down and buff the entire side so I’ve been gun shy
  14. General disarray

    Replacement decals which color?

    What did the pathfinder logo run you? Also was there a difference in color on the hull?
  15. General disarray

    2200V position on trailer

    I would think for the entry level one. I would add stainless, front bunks, and spare tire.
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