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  1. Cheese grater question

    Mine is the old plastic (or PVC) version. The areas around the screws had cracked through so it was about to rip off. I would actually think your pumps would run better at speed. Heck, if my valves were open mine would push water through with the pumps off. Does yours pump at low speed or off? Do you have the new style grater?
  2. Cheese grater question

    Yeah I was going to six10 the old ones which is a full epoxy resin.
  3. Cheese grater question

    Well plan went a little sideways. Decided to clean it up and prep - the center holes are so far off to the sides the hole for the screw would be half on the plate half off. i am thinking six10 the center holes and redrill. Thoughts? I wouldn’t need to gel over those since I’m bedding it right?
  4. Cheese grater question

    I noticed the new steel grate is thinner and the center holes don’t line up. What’s everyone doing? I was thinkg to redrill the holes he holes in the stainless to match then bed the entire edges in 4200 and wipe smooth to smooth the transition from the hull to the grater
  5. Cheese grater question

    Ok perfect that’s what i thought Thanks!
  6. Cheese grater question

    Dumb question but want to confirm. New stainless cheese grater - do extruded side of scoops face out or in? i assume in
  7. Trailer Tires

    Ehhh I’ll leave it to someone smarter than I ha!
  8. * UPDATE - STILL LEAKING* Sea chest is leaking

    Other thing - is it leaking with screw in or only when you remove it? thinking of my situation above you may have water getting in elsewhere and that’s just a low spot that drains when it’s not plugged like my ducer did
  9. Trailer Tires

    Believe it is Tire is what has the circumference meeting the road there for the rotational quantity. 30” tire on a 20” or 13” wheel still has the same circumference. same reason you can change your truck wheel size without issue but change the tire size and your speedo is off all your other points are 100% agreed. I’d venture to see the increase you saw is in better/different tires due to the larger wheel size
  10. Trailer Tires

    Why would the wheel size impact revolutions? Tire size would. Stiffer see walls (if the tire size stayed the same) etc. would potentially be at play however I dont think Rotations is one of them. Correct me if I'm wrong
  11. * UPDATE - STILL LEAKING* Sea chest is leaking

    If your not sure I'd take it out and then dry it off really well and watch where the water is coming from when it comes out - could be that through hull. In the top photo it does look like the middle screw hole is dripping. I have noticed on mine it seems like there are some open cavities you cant get to. One time I noticed one of the screw holes on my transducer draining water when I was rinsing out the anchor locker. Thats behind that step in the bilge- No clue how it was getting there but I know it was coming out HA! Id verify that and then if it was the hole I would dry it out, rough it up and fill it with some Six10 Epoxy. You can get one of the small plastic syringes for medicine then fill it from the mixing spout off the six10 and then get all up in there. I might be slapped for this but you could then run it with 5 out of the 6 screws and see if there is any difference. If no water you got it fixed and you can put the screw back in. You can pick six10 up at west marine for the same price as marine tex. find it online (I last got for about $20) then bring that into west marine. Its really awesome stuff, mixes the ratio in the nozzle and is sealable and re-usable. By the way just ordered the cheese grater myself. Do the screw holes line up?
  12. Mbggear discount codes

    Anyone know of any current codes?
  13. What color is my Pathfinder?

    Team - Do a little research on the color. I know when I was wet sanding and buffing my boat I was warned that my yellow fades over time and you will have big inconsistencies if you were to buff etc (mottling of the color). I can only imagine that could effect new gel coat as well - I was told the lighter colors are more vulnerable to this problem than others. Depending on the size/location of the scratch you may want to take that into account
  14. What color is my Pathfinder?

    I just ordered that patch kit. Is it just prep area with sanding/acetone then mix the gel with catalyst and go? Do I need to cover it from air?
  15. Propoising Question

    Awesome thats kind of what I thought. I usually cruise around 3200-3400 and thats where it will happen. Last time I used the tabs but was just wondering if it was a boat thing or something my eyes weren't picking up. I am thinking to go to the OFX4 anyways. I will say when I tabbed down I noticed it cut the pound down when crossing wake.