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  1. Wdb1

    1986 Maverick Deluxe

    Ok. I had to find out progress of restro.... id say it’s gonna be a $15,000 boat after restro. Still working thru the restro it’s self. Sorry to be vague....things really up in the air. Let’s let it be. I’ll keep,it. A new 86 deluxe be good for my soul....:) thanks.
  2. Wdb1

    1986 Maverick Deluxe

    1986 Maverick Deluxe. Rolls trailer. 130 Yamaha. (1992). Bought to restore However. Have since bought trawler. ( retirement makes one do cray things) Maverik is in Charleston, SC at High and Dry Boat works. They do top notch restorations. Under way now See photos. I Have $5,000+ in boat and trailer. High and Dry estimates $4000-$5000 to complete (excluding electronics , trolling motor, etc) if interested give Call. 828-238-4562
  3. Wdb1

    1986 Maverick Deluxe

    Bought last year. 1986 Deluxe (see my postings). Change of plans. She’s at High and Dry Boat works in Charleston. Having gel coat and hull restored. Good 1992 Yamaha 130 HP. Runs great. On Rolls trailer. Am going to sell as I bought (as w cray boaters do) a Monk Trawler. So heading off into sunset and not needing cool flats boat. (Gonna tow my Gheenoe behind—-:)) Maverick be ready this spring. Color, electronics , etc still to be decided. This a good deal. Bill 828.238.4562
  4. Wdb1

    1986 Deluxe for sale

    I posted pics of 86 deluxe i bought last year.. hull in fair shape with 130 HP Yamaha. presently located at High and Dry boat works Charleston SC. hull being restored i have recently purchased a small live aboard trawler to enjoy during retirement my need for the maverick has changed if anyone has a desire to purchase boat give me a shout. final color, electronics, etc undecided as of yet easier to discuss phone than type all this stuff :-( 828-238-4562 bill thanks
  5. Wdb1

    1987 Deluxe

    Just acquired 87' Deluxe. Good bones but needing gel coat overhaul, teak and such. My 'retirement project'. Any advice welcome.