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  1. Dangles_Mcgee

    1994 Lappy, need help with under gunwals.

    Is that how the rod holders always looked or were they bulkier before? Mine has what looks like 4"x4"s coming up the sides with small cut outs for rods. I was hoping I could modify it to look like yours
  2. Dangles_Mcgee

    Steering cable length for 16

    Any idea if this is the same for a 1992 Bonefisher 16?
  3. Dangles_Mcgee

    Anyone know the steering cable length for a 16' Bayfisher?

    Why did the motor need to be pulled? I have removed my steering cable from my outboard and put it back with no issues. I have a 1992 Bonefisher, is my steering setup different from the redfisher? I have a 2006 yamaha 90 if that is important. I think my steering needs to be replaced as I am having the same issues as the OP.
  4. Dangles_Mcgee

    Is this bad?

    any idea how much a repair would cost? what all would need to be done?
  5. Dangles_Mcgee

    Is this bad?

    Hey All, I just bought my first boat, it is a 1992 Hewes Bonefisher and I couldn't be more excited. I have been saving and shopping around for about a year and finally pulled the trigger. That being said there are two issues I am somewhat worried about. In the pictures you can see these cracks that are on the transom and one of them has some glue or something all over it, the seller said it was nothing structural. I am worried that it might be something bad. Can you guys shed some light on what you think? I know the picture are kinda lousy I was in a hurry when I took them. I can take more next week if needed. Thanks for the help.
  6. Dangles_Mcgee

    16' BONEFISHER II (1985)

    Do you have anymore pictures of the inside of the boat?
  7. Does this seem overpriced to you guys? I would like to buy an older boat with no motor, but i have seen the same boat with a motor for the same price on here. I thought I would ask you all before I messaged the guy about it. Thanks
  8. Dangles_Mcgee

    1998 hewes bayfisher 16 lappy

    Awesome boat. I wish it was closer! Any chance you meant Florida when you typed Maine?
  9. Dangles_Mcgee

    1991 Bonefisher 16'

    Nice looking boat, where is it located in SC?