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  1. Malbrew

    New Bimini Top for 2200 TRS

    Don't mean to steal your thread, but I'm looking to put a bimini forward of the T-top for the family trips on a 2600. Has anyone have one? thanks for any info...
  2. Malbrew

    light bar install

    Thanks Kingfisher, that is exactly what I need. Lived in Destin in the 90's, worked in FWB for the Florida Marine Research Institute as a Biologist studying juvenile fish populations. Love fishing Choctwhatchee Bay, use to know that bay like the back of my hand. Trout on ultra light tackle over the clear grass beds was the best! And the deeper holes in the winter.... Planning on bring my boat there this summer....
  3. Malbrew

    light bar install

    10-4 Fin Addict, only needed when running in certain areas such as Lake Barre in South Louisiana and used sparingly. These areas are infested with objects that can tear a boat up. I trust my radar but in close quarters with multiple unlit targets, nothing beats a light. As far as being illegal, many mud boats in our area run with them. Where we fish at night, we rarely see another vessel and haven't seen another boat in the past two years. As the saying goes "there are captains that have hit something at night and those who have not hit something yet" I plan to be the "not yet" for as long as possible, using everthing necessary.
  4. Malbrew

    light bar install

    rigid is the brand name. wanting to use light for driving at night.. thinking of putting one on top of my hard T-top.
  5. Malbrew

    light bar install

    Has anyone installed a light bar above the T-top on a 2600 HPS? Looking for suggestions? Rigid?
  6. Malbrew

    Boat cover

    Thanks for the info...
  7. Malbrew

    26 hps with 350

    Thanks for your post! Just purchased the same set up, 2600 hps w/t-top and yam 350. Running a Yamaha saltwater series XL 15 1/2 X 19. Loving the ride, haven't concentrated on total performance as I've been having my young sons onboard but as soon as weather is clear will put her thru her paces.... and compare her performances # with yours...
  8. Looking for cover for 2600 HPS, with T top.