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  1. Gas Cap Mistake Please help

    I was already at the boat supply store and in a big hurry. I actually have a full o ring kit, but I didn't know if they would stand up to the fuel?
  2. SHO 200 Tilt Trim

    I bought a yamaha 50hp that sat for a long time and the trim wouldn't work. I cracked open the bleeder and it did something to get it working again. I'm assuming it had a valve stuck?
  3. Minn Kota Fortrex for 21 Redfisher

    My 62" motor guide head hangs out past the rub rail a little. I had to do it because the glassed in mounting plate didn't allow me to get it perfect. I have to be careful at the docks or I will damage the head.
  4. Gas Cap Mistake Please help

    I dropped my screw into my tank and it's no big deal. I didn't have a oring to seal my cap and water was getting in. I bought another cap from a different manufacture just for the o ring.
  5. New Master Angler???

    I agree.
  6. New Master Angler???

    It's a bummer the 21's are gone. Hopefully mine holds up for a very long time.
  7. blown hpdi head gasket

    Cylinder 1 is getting water and it's a little low on compression. I ran the motor @ 3500 rpm's for a few miles after it starting missing. Did I permanently damage my cylinder wall and piston? For now I pickled that cylinder with oil and turned it over many times to flush out the water until I can tear into it.
  8. Prop recommendation 18' Master Angler

    I've been reading up on the Solas/Rubex props and I'm finding that they are a good value and perform great. Most people claim they run stiff as in the pitch # being under rated. My boat probably needs a 23p , but a Solas 21p might be what I need.
  9. Trim Tab Inline Fuse?

    One of my trim tabs wasn't working even though it was getting 12v of power. The wiring was so shot that it wouldn't carry any amperage. It took me 15 minutes to run new wires through the rigging tube and the problem is fixed. Next week it will be something new LOL
  10. Power pole didn't stop my boat

    Who else has forgotten it's down while trying to run the motor? I might have done that before
  11. Fuel Dock in Big Pine?

    My parents are at the Big Pine lodge right now and they just told me the fuel dock is serving fuel as normal.
  12. Trolling Motor question

    Make sure you have a 3 blade prop because my xi5 is a dog with the factory 2 blade.
  13. New 505 lb Mercury V8 4 strokes

    Hopefully my old hpdi keeps running until the new mercury's have been proven. After a family member has had some issues with his newer yamaha 300's I'm thinking hard about a new Merc. Low hour motors shouldn't have heavy carbon buildup that causes low compression and rusted out hardware.
  14. Inboard Pathfinder???

    Poor boat.
  15. Jack Plates by Seastar, Who Woulda Thunk It!

    Looks pricey?