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  1. Repowering LT18?

    The 2.6 VMAX HPDI is a good motor and it sips fuel. I couldn't imagine going back to a crab motor with today's fuel prices.
  2. 20lt evinrude G2 prop testing

    Nothing wrong with 58 mph. I have a 200hp on my 21 rf and I'm getting 55 mph with my new PT OFX3 22P. My hull has a little bit of hook as well on the starboard lifting strake. It almost looks like it's by design?
  3. Hatch Repair Redfi

    I'd stuff it full of glass because fillers always crack apart in the long run.
  4. Bass Pro does the same thing.
  5. Center console compartment door

    If you get a rough looking used replacement it's possible to bring back the shine with a very fine polish.
  6. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Same here. I need this old motor to last until I can buy a new 250 pro sx 4 stroke or SHO
  7. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    I just re stocked up on Amsoil HP marine and I'm wondering if the ring free is even needed with a full synthetic?
  8. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    I think that's why ring free was pushed so hard. It cleaned up all that crud from the yamalube.
  9. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    It's the big block hpdi that has the bad reputation. Like others have said the 2.6 hpdi is a good motor and it's very easy on the fuel. I can get a little over 5 mpg if I run in the mid 30's .
  10. You just saved me from buying the wrong prop. I was thinking about trying the same solas prop on my 21 redfisher that's powered with a 200hp vmax.
  11. Can you gain any more rpm's/speed by trimming up higher?
  12. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Amsoil HP Marine doesn't smoke much vs the others and it's clean. Yamalube is dirty and it fouls up my plugs. So far I've been using Pennzoil XLF for almost 2 years. I had to replace one of my heads and the combustion chambers were spotless. I use ring free with the Pennzoil and it's working. Look at this replacement head from eBay. I wonder what oil caused this mess? The clean head is my old part.
  13. You don't want to turn anymore rpm's. I'm getting 54 in my 21 RF with a 200hp 21 pitch prop and that's on the slower side. I'd figure out what prop you have before anything else.
  14. Porpoising Redfisher

    Smart move. I know a few guys that run those Solas props and they have nothing bad to say about them. My last new Powertech had major issues. That's why I'm looking to try new brands.
  15. I glassed in some holes on my front casting deck and color matched the gel coat. Everything turned out great except for the non skid. I used a medium pumice and it's far from what the factory used. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.