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  1. J.N

    Bilge access 2002 Redfisher 18' and other stuff

    My center console is a mess as well and I'm not looking forward to dealing with it. Thankfully I have the 21' Redfisher that has a removable hatch for bilge access.
  2. J.N

    Never-ending Verado Issues...

    Sounds like bad wiring. I thought the Verado's were considered gems from all the positive feed back I've seen?
  3. My bow gets pretty high if I get on plane gently. I'd imagine the 16 RF is more sensitive VS my 21 RF.
  4. J.N

    Finally pulled the trigger

    A V guide is a must have.
  5. J.N

    My “new to me” sled

    I've always loved the lappy's
  6. Squat as in holeshot? My RF will porpoise a little if I run slow. The faster she goes the better the ride in my opinion.
  7. I do custom finishing for a living. That gel coat color took me 4 hours to perfect and the non skid isn't perfect, but good enough until I redo everything.
  8. I removed a few other goofy things that didn't belong on a flats boat.
  9. Glass with color matched gel coat.
  10. J.N

    West Sstems Epoxy on Hewes

    I've bonded gel coat to epoxy without any issues. I used 80 grit sand paper for a really good mechanical bond.
  11. J.N

    Looking for a 21' Hewes???

    Good price.
  12. J.N

    Transom flex 2000 2200v

    That patch job is a joke. I'd get that beefed up before it gets any worse. Congrats on the new motor.
  13. J.N

    Surprised at the Miami Boat Show

    That's really cool!
  14. J.N

    Boat Insurance

    I've been using Progressive for 5 years. I was really impressed when it was time to file a claim. I'm paying a little more than i'd like to. Maybe it's because I'm over insured for my equipment?
  15. I wonder how people would react if they made snook catch and release only? The areas I'm fishing every weekend are lacking snook big time😢
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