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  1. I'm not seeing that on my older HDS9 gen2 touch? I bought my FMT chip a week before Xmas.
  2. J.N

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    My 02 21 RF doesn't have the fold up backrest and I sit on a seat.
  3. J.N

    Emoji's popping up??

    I thought my PC was hacked😲
  4. J.N

    2 cranking batteries, excessive?

    I have 2 in my 21 redfisher only because of the bait pumps.
  5. J.N

    Forum doing strange stuff

    I had the same problem.
  6. J.N

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    I wouldn't be happy with my HDS mounted behind the steering wheel. This works best for me and I love the FMT.
  7. I held off on buying the FMT for a long time because I couldn't see what my area looked like. I was expecting more tracks for the 10k islands, but I've got plenty as is. I find myself in the black tracks constantly LOL
  8. I just purchased FMT and I'm impressed with the image quality. I can actually see the oyster bars now. Navionics didn't show jack and it looked very dark in the day time.
  9. J.N


    I'm still happy with my old HDS9 gen2 touch. The Lowrance and Simrad units almost have the same menu system. I just added FMT and love it.
  10. I had no idea that hull would run that fast with a 250hp. Is it lighter than the Redfisher?
  11. J.N

    Repowering LT18?

    The 2.6 VMAX HPDI is a good motor and it sips fuel. I couldn't imagine going back to a crab motor with today's fuel prices.
  12. J.N

    20lt evinrude G2 prop testing

    Nothing wrong with 58 mph. I have a 200hp on my 21 rf and I'm getting 55 mph with my new PT OFX3 22P. My hull has a little bit of hook as well on the starboard lifting strake. It almost looks like it's by design?
  13. J.N

    Hatch Repair Redfi

    I'd stuff it full of glass because fillers always crack apart in the long run.