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  1. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    I have 5 batteries in my hewes 21 redfisher. 3 for the 36v trolling motor and 2 in parallel for the motor and house. It's overkill, but it beats getting stranded down in the 10k islands. I didn't even notice any difference in my top speeds vs when I had a single battery.
  2. Hatch changed color - Question

    My 02 21 RF has discolored storage compartments as well. Nothing would remove it so I painted them with fusion rattle can paint that's made for bonding to plastic. I used a prep solvent and 320 grit sandpaper to help out with the bond. They look clean again and the paint is holding up fine.
  3. Bow mount trolling motor install on RF18

    Could the gasses from flooded batteries cause issues inside of the console? I bought AGM's just to be safe. I'm still wondering if I wasted my money?
  4. Xi5 motor guide or power pole????

    I use my spot lock on the trolling motor 90% of the time now. Sometimes it's nice to use both at the same time to get that perfect casting angle.
  5. F70 vs Tohatsu 90 2s vs 90 Etec

    I hear lots of good things about the Tohasu tldi motors.
  6. Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    That looks pretty nice. The other kinds require large holes to be cut through the deck. What's that 300hp VMAX run like? I almost bought one that had a Hydro tec phase 3 kit and I was concerned it was a ticking time bomb.
  7. 2006 21' Redfisher

    That 200hp of yours must be really healthy!
  8. Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    Just noticed you have the kevlar hull, Nice! My boat doesn't even shine anymore from sitting outside. It needs a paint job.
  9. Great weather and big Snook

    How close to the beach are we allowed to get while on the trolling motor?
  10. Hewes RF 21 seat backrest

    I have the swivel seats similar to Mangroovin. They work great for running but they do get in the way when running from front to back while fighting fish. I want a flip up butt cushion, but the wife disagrees.
  11. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    I finally pulled out my pump assembly to test everything out. The blue up wire was damaged where it goes into the housing allowing moisture inside of the motor. Both solenoids only work 60% of the time as well. The old motor was stuck on the pump body because of the rusted bolts. I had to grind off the heads and slide the motor off of the bolt studs. Turns out the solenoids are Mercury starter parts that can be bought on ebay for $13 a pop. They have a stainless steel back plate and I doubt the ones from the auto store are the same? I paid around $200 for a new motor before finding out all of this is nothing but Mercury parts that are dirt cheap on the used market. Live and learn.
  12. RF 21 floor cracking

    I will take some pics Sat.
  13. RF 21 floor cracking

    My boat is getting spider cracks where the floor sits on the stringers right by the step up to the rear deck. What's causing this and how should I fix it?
  14. 96 RF 18 Restoration

    I wonder how this turned out?
  15. Time to Re-power

    If that prop doesn't work out let me know. I might be interested in getting a 4 blade.