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  1. Pathfinder 22 - GPS Upgrade

    Hey GuysI recently purchased a 2012 Pathfinder 22 TRS and it currently has the following electronics layout. The 5" GPS screen is a too small for me thus I have been intending to upgrade for about a year. For Christmas my wife gifted me the Garmin 94SV with transducer(purchased Black Friday for $700 during WM promotion). Based on the current electronics layout I would definitely have to order a panel to fit the new unit along with rearranging the existing Fusion and VHF. I was looking at order a Carbon Fiber panel from New wire if I followed thru with this route. Another option I have been mulling over in order to avoid purchasing the panel is to return the 94SV and purchasing a 1040xs. Based on the current measurements, the 1040xs would fit perfectly in the area of the current GPS/Fusion Radio. I would in turn move the Fusion radio to the lower panel adjacent to the trim tab switches. One last crazy idea is ordering 2- 840XS's based on the great pricingand order a panel to fit these units. So three options I am considering:1. Stay with 94SV and order electronics panel2. Order 1040XS in lieu of 94SV(no electronic panel)3. 2 - 840XS with Electronic PanelAny opinions and recommendations would be great. Boat is mainly used for Charlotte Harbor and a few offshore trips a year into the gulf.Thanks and Happy New Year!
  2. I have a 2012 new to me 22 TRS and the boat currently has 2 speakers under the jump seats. I would like to add 2 more and need mounting location ideas if possible. In the forward rod lockers one has a pie plate for access but the starboard side does not for some reason. Any recommendations on the best place to mount 2 more speakers? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I recent;y purchased a new to me 2012 22 TRS and in the process of ordering a powerpole for it. I am contemplating the 8' or 10' pole, but I have heard from folks that the 10' pole gets in the way many times due to its height. Additionally, what are everyone's thoughts on the sportsman vs the pro series? Looks like the sportsman only comes in powder-coated black and 8'. My last question is it possible to install 2 powerpoles on the jackplate bracket with the swim ladder? Thanks and look forward to being a part of the pathfinder family.