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  1. No plate. Motor is sitting as low as it can be mounted. I'm beginning to wonder If with this ptr3-18 I'm loosing bite before I reach maximum trim on the back pad? Last night by myself and no wind I hit 45mph at 6200RPMS. I had zero tabs and I was trimmed out till I started loosing bite.
  2. I'm here in NE FL. Tabs are up and trimmed up till I loose bite. I'm sure I could contact my dealer at Atlantic Coast Marine and get another PT prop to test.
  3. Thanks for your input sir. Went out again today with full load and 2 pax and WOT at 6100 I turned about 42.5mph. I'll try and post a photo of the prop my using.
  4. I'm running an PTR3R18 2 people today full load got to 6100RPMs before loosing bite at 43MPH
  5. Have an 18' HPX with an 115SHO. Prop is an PT 18P 3 blade. Top speed is 43MPH loaded with 3 people. RPM is 6300. Does this sound right?